Episode 231 – He’s Back!

This haiku is going to be a little out there.

Trump has been Released.
In a message, he gave hope.
Critical race theory!


COVID Update

Donald Trump left the hospital on Monday. He looked and felt good and made a statement about having COVID-19. Listen:

This is a great message. It’s not going to get through to the Left. They just want to blame Trump for the virus like he went down in his basement and cooked up the thing. By the way, do you realize no one is even talking about China? I’m not going to call it COVID anymore. I will call it the Wuhan Flu or the China virus because we seem to have forgotten where the damn thing came from.

But I digress. This is a great message. It was not conveyed great but great none the less. We cannot be afraid of this thing. We must live our lives and take care of ourselves and the ones around us. The problem is we think the government should take care of everything like government has all the answers. This pandemic proved that they do not. No government in the world knew what to do. I know the Democrats and the media, but I repeat myself, think that this was all Trump’s fault, but it wasn’t. It just happened and we, as individuals, needed to take care of ourselves and others.

Does that mean wear a mask? Yeah. Does that mean stay away from people when one is sick? Yeah. Should we listen to doctors and scientists? Yeah. And we should open our economy, our schools and our business. Everyone, especially business, knows what we need to do to keep people safe. Keeping everything closed is effecting a lot in our lives. We are:

  • Losing our jobs.
  • Losing our businesses.
  • Our children are not being educated.
  • Our children are growing depressed.
  • Our relationships are suffering.
  • We can’t go to church or synagogue.
  • We have no release and grow frustrated to the point that we accept the riots that we are seeing on the streets right now.


All the President is saying is that all of this has to end. This disease isn’t going anywhere. We are going to have to deal with it. We are all going to get this. And people are going to die. That’s just how the cold or the flu or cancer works. It goes through a population and does what it does. All we can do is try to deal with it until we are all able to handle it and can’t spread it. That’s herd immunity.

Trump’s message: This thing is not worse than anything we face in day to day life. We have to deal with it. We can’t fear. We need to move on. That’s a great message.















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