Episode 403 – He’s Done

Afghanistan is a disaster and getting worse. This might be the end of the line for Old Joe and his last press conference might be the final straw.



What a mess.

Two suicide bomber attacked the Kabul airport on Thursday. The recent counts are 90 dead, 13 U.S. Marines dead and 15 Marines injured.

The number of Afghan casualties is iffy because the Taliban is not giving out statistics. The attack was implemented by ISIS-K, the new cell of ISIS fighters. The “K” stands for the Khorasan province of Afghanistan. This is a group that were Taliban fighters that didn’t think the Taliban was extreme enough. Go figure. There are only a few hundred fighters in the group but, like al Qaeda, they are sneaky and devious. In other words, they’re cowardly.

A translator for the United States Marines was interviewed by Fox News. He described the horrid event.

That guy is an f-ing hero.

The United States decided to close all entrances to the airport and warnings are going out stating that everyone needs to either stay away from the airport of evacuate. The Pentagon believes that the attacks will continue.

Don’t know about you but it looks like Americans and American allies are “stranded”. I wonder how Jen Psaki is going to spin this.



The Screw Ups Continue

Even with this mess, the Biden administration continues to make the same mistakes over and over.

  • On Wednesday, Biden held a speech five hours late. He took no questions. When the ten minute speech was mumbled through, he turned around and didn’t answer a single question.
  • On Tuesday, Biden was asked how he was going to get Americans out of Afghanistan if we pull out on Tuesday. He quipped, with a smile, “When I found out, you will be the first one I call.” (Play video). Jen Psaki got torn apart by Peter Doocey.
  • Biden refuses to extend the deadline.
  • Biden refused to extend the airport’s perimeter. Forget that Biden closed the Bagram air force base.
  • Biden blamed the Taliban and the Taliban blamed the U.S. troops.
  • That’s because, per the Pentagon, that the U.S. is depending on the Taliban for security.
  • The State Department is saying that people should not go to the airport. How are people suppose to get out?
  • Biden gave a list of green card holders and American citizens to the Taliban!
    • The Taliban has already said that Afghans cannot leave because they do not want to lose all their smart people.
    • The Taliban is already executing any Afghan green card holders that have worked with Americans.
    • The Taliban is taking papers away from Americans with American passports and then beating them up.
    • Now, the Taliban knows who to look for!
  • A watchdog group called Open Books found the total weapons that were left behind:
    • 75,000 vehicles.
    • 600,000 weapons.
    • 208 planes or helicopters.
    • $83 billion of equipment was left.
    • This includes $200 million in drone technology that will, probably, be bought by China and reversed engineered.
    • They also have access to biometric data which will allow them to identify Americans, green card holders and Afghan allies.
  • Then, there was the press conference he had on Thursday.




Biden’s Speech

Biden had a speech. Initially I thought the were going under a lid because the had cancelled all the press conferences that were normally held in the morning including Jen Psaki’s press conference. She ended holding it at 6PM Eastern Time. It was a horrid speech.

He spent the first 10 minutes praising the soldiers who were killed and remain in Afghanistan. Then he said something that I absolutely hated:

Did you catch it? Yes, he praised the troops and called them heroes. That’s fine. But there a couple things he did wrong:

  • He basically patted himself on the back for the airlifts. What?
    • The Berlin airlift was to bring support to East Berlin during the Russian occupation! 
    • It was the greatest military and humanitarian mission in world history. We were trying to save people.
    • Here, we are running away. Retreating.
    • And, after all this is done, we are going to be leaving, at least, 1500 Americans in Afghanistan and thousands of Afghans who helped the United States.
    • This is not comparable. If anything, it’s a complete failure.
  • The 100,000 people that were evacuated. Really?
    • How many Americans and green card holder are in that 100,000? That’s never discussed.
    • How many countries were involved in that? ow many people did the Americans pull out? We know France, Germany and Briton are also pulling people out but they are going after their citizens.

A lot of people thought this speech was OK. Not me. I thought he used a lot of political tricks like the last clip. Here is the most common political tricks that people always hear from a politicians especially during debates.

Few things:

  • This is a cheap political trick.
  • This is an attempt to create an emotional bond between himself and the people using emotion.
  • Usually this is used when one doesn’t want to answer the question that is on the table. As you will see in the rest of the speech, he never does answer the questions.
  • He’s the reality: I don’t care about your past experiences. His kids did not die in Afghanistan because of a crappy decision made by the President. My kid has also died but this had nothing to do with those 13 soldiers and 200 Afghans that died in this terrorist attacks.

I have a question: How are you planning to do that? You lost the air bases in Afghanistan and Pakistan. How is he going to take revenge.

This is another political trick. Act tough.

This made me sick.

  • He tries to make himself look sympathetic and empathetic. He’s not. He caused this because he doesn’t give a damn about anybody but his political standing.
  • It shows that he doesn’t understand the military. I know a bunch of Marines. They see this and they want revenge. I bet there are 10,000 Marines down the street, ay Camp Pendleton, who want to be on a plane and beat the crap out the terrorists there.
  • And him using the Bible passage from Isaiah is just disgusting. What he did was immoral. He’s shouldn’t just be kicked out of office but should burn in Hell for this debacle. He killed people. He has the blood on his hand then lies about it and won’t take responsibility.

Then Biden lets the cat out of the bag:

We’re leaving people behind. Period. He just admitted it.

I always said Joe Biden is not running things. He lets that cat out of the bag also:

Can you believe he actually said that? He’s the President of the United States. Who the hell is telling him what to do? Can you imagine Trump doing this?

He needed to just select people and answer questions off script. He looks weaker by the second but it gets worse.

Here, we see the media trying to twist this narrative as much as possible. This was a loaded question.


  • Powerful message about his son? Doesn’t this reporter mean, “irrelevant message about his son”?
  • See how’s he’s pushing that Biden was right about the attacks and wonders why we don’t leave earlier?
  • He’s not questioning how Biden ended up killing 13 soldiers and a couple of hundred Afghans by his piss poor decisions. He’s asking why we don’t turn tail and scurry away like scared mice faster.

This is a pretty disgusting answer to a question that he is surrendering to:

Few things:

  • He is not getting everyone out and he admits he can’t get everyone out.
  • The last part where he talks about the average Afghan citizen is disgusting because he is justifying not getting everyone out.

Let’s continue:

This is a lie. The military did not agree with just about everything he did during this pullout. Heck, the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense already have contradicted Biden on several of his unilateral plans.

Let’s hear the second part of this question:

This is disturbing. He can’t be certain? He can’t be sure? He’s the President of the United States, shouldn’t he know?

Finally, Peter Doocy gets a hold of him and this has to be the ugliest scene of the press conference. If there was any support for Biden, this battle has to end any doubts the Joe Biden is incompetent and not with us. This is the worst part of the press conference. Here, Biden shows his frustration, his surrender and his cowardice. He actually put his head on his on his binder, not looking into the camera or at Peter Doocy. He looked like a little kid crying because someone took his yo-yo:

This is another little political trick. Whenever someone says, “It’s my fault, but…” that means the listener should ignore everything before the “but”.

Biden is blaming this on Trump. This is all Trump’s fault and he shouldn’t be blamed, Trump should. There are a couple of problems with this:

  • Trump didn’t have anything to do with the pullout. That is all on Biden. His half-assed plan killed those troops. Trump he has already said a pullout goes in a certain order and should be done quietly:
    • Citizens are removed first.
    • Diplomats are removed second.
    • Equipment is moved or disabled third.
    • Finally the troops are removed.
  • Biden removed the troops first without any consideration for the prior three.
  • Also, Trump’s and Mike Pompeo’s plan was a conditioned based plan. I believe there were four conditions and the Taliban did not meet any of the conditions. Back in December and January, the Trump administration admitted the agreement was broken.

I do want to point something out: I think Trump negotiating with the Taliban was always going to go wrong.

How he says this, I don’t know:

Another meeting? For real?

  • There is nothing more important than addressing the people about this disaster. Cancel or postpone the other meeting.
  • Biden has been lying so much, he needs to convince the public and the media that he isn’t lying now. A really bad look.

Biden looked:

  • Old.
  • Tired.
  • Lost.
  • Frustrated.
  • And he lied like a rug.

He needs to be impeached (if any money was found to be given to the Talban), he needs to resign, or the 25th Amendment needs to be implemented (he’s obviously mentally compromised).



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