Episode 406 – Let’s Bring a Little Culture

Biden makes a speech and it was a hell of an acting job.

And enough about Afghanistan. What’s happening here?


Biden’s Speech

One word: Terrible.

It looked like someone wrote his speech, gave him a shot of meth then pushed him toward the podium.

  • He was yelling. I think he was trying to show how strong he is but it could also be because he was trying to wake reporters up because he was a half hour late.
  • He said this whole thing was a success. Are you kidding?!
  • He inflated the numbers of people he got out of Afghanistan.
  • He said this was the greatest airlift is history, comparing it to the Berlin airlift. Looked more like the Saigon airlift.
  • He said it was a huge success but blamed Trump (twice), the Afghan government and the Afghan military and the people who are stuck in Afghanistan. But the buck stops with him. See the contradiction?
  • He threatened all those who are terrorists and planning terror attacks. Not sure what he’s going to do about it but whatever. It’s talk.
  • Finally, he talked abut his dead son. I’m sorry, but this is disgusting. His son died of brain cancer when he was 46. A twenty-year-old soldier dying from a terrorist attack while being stationed in a war zone that Old Joe crreated. This is a cynical, pathetic attempt to appear empathetic and gain some sympathy.
  • When he finished, he took no questions, turned and couldn’t find his way to the exit.

There was no mention:

  • Bribing the Taliban to get our people back.
  • The executions of the Taliban.
  • The military stuff the left behind.
  • The fact that the Taliban is flying the helicopters are being flown by the Taliban.
  • The fact they are hanging people from our helicopters.
  • Nothing about the dozens of military support dogs we left behind.

But it was Trump’s fault.

It was a bad speech. The stronger he tries to look, the weaker he looks.


F- Him

According to the Wall Street Journal, Joe Biden has decided to abandon an Afghan ally, a man widely embraced by the U.S. military. OK, so? Isn’t he doing that with a lot of people?

Yes, he is. But this guy saved Biden’s life while he was in Afghanistan in 2008.

Biden was in Afghanistan with two other Senators: John Kerry and Chuck Hagel. They were on a helicopter in an area of Afghanistan that wasn’t Taliban controlled but was still dangerous. They we hit by a snow storm and the helicopters had to land. They called a U.S. base and a man named Mohammod joined the soldiers to get them out. Mohammod, whose name was kept quiet because the Taliban is hunting for them, joined the soldiers on the two hour, twenty mile trip.

Now, this is a really trusted guy. He’s been on hundreds of trips with our military and was even given a weapon when they might get into a scrap. There are many soldiers that know the guy and are begging Biden to get him out.


Mohammod sent a message to Joe Biden. He’s is currently in hiding from the Taliban with his family.

He said:

“Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family. Don’t forget me here. I can’t leave my house. I’m very scared.”  

Biden has yet to comment about it. Jen Psaki said:

“We will get you out. We will honor your service.”

I won’t hold me breath.



Chipping Away

Texas passed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country earlier this year. Basically, the law states that an abortion would be illegal after a heartbeat can be detected. A baby’s heartbeat can be detected at about six weeks. If a doctor commits and abortion, he can be sued and given a $10,000 fine plus have to pay the legal fees of the plantive. There is no legal action against to woman who has the abortion.

A lower federal ruled the law was Constitutional and could move forward. An appeals court and the Supreme Court refused to listen to the case. Today, the law goes into affect.

Now, you know what I think about abortion. I’ll give you a review in case you missed the thirty podcasts I had talking about it: It’s murder. Morally it’s murder. Philosophically it’s murder. Scientifically it’s murder. Roe vs. Wade is a garbage ruling and should be overturned. I have debated this about a thousand times and have never lost the debate.

But that’s not what’s great about this law and what anti-abortion states need to do.

The problem with the other laws that might have issues with the appeallet courts is that they make abortion criminal. This law makes abortion civil which is why the courts wouldn’t hear it.

Abortion is not going to be eliminated in this country. That’s because it is too ingrained into society like slavery was. But it can be chipped away until it becomes the moral abomination that it is, just like slavery. Laws like these are how we’re going to do it.

The Left, of course is flipping out.

Nancy Pelosi said:

Here that? It’s a catastrophe that more kids are born.

Here’s Rashida Tlaib:




What? Again?

Need to wipe your butt? Use one less sheet.

We are now in a toilet paper and paper towel shortage. I thought this was a joke until I went to Walmart and Costco. Costco was out of paper towels and Walmart only allowed the purchase of two packs per family.

Now, I live alone. I have one pack of toilet paper and one pack of paper towels. I’m good for six months. Unless Josie comes over. She uses a lot of toilet paper.

Here’s what happened:

  • Before the pandemic, supply and demand was normal.
  • When the pandemic hit, people overbought paper towels and toilet paper because they thought the world was ending.
  • The manufaturers produced more and more to keep up with demand.
  • Eventually, people had their fill of toilet paper and stopped buying.
  • Companies, overbuying toilet paper, had huge inventories that weren’t moving.
  • Manufactuerers slowed production of toilet paper, below pre-pandemic levels because they didn’t want to have high inventories.
  • People began to run out of their stocks of toilet paper and the delta variant of the China virus popped back up.
  • Stores started running out and ordered more to keep up with demand.
  • Manufacterers now have to run 24/7 to keep up with demand.

Pretty neat how the free market works.

The reason I was interested in this story is because it shows the delicate balance between supply and demand. The manufacturers and stores have to be careful not to get stuck with huge inventories but that’s depended on the customers. The pandemic put supply and demand in chaos and, as we see in this story, it could be a couple of years before the toilet paper industry stablizes. I know that sounds stupid but, when you go to Costco and can only buy one bag, remember that’s why.

It also explains why our gas is going up. Remember, Biden didn’t want to produce oil in this country anymore (prices go up) but OPEC isn’t producing as much oil because of the pandemic and they don’t want to get stuck with a lot of inventory. When Joe Biden asks OPEC to produce more oil so he can keep prices stable, they say no. That’s because they have to keep that balance or oil prices will go sky high or crash.



Running is Racist

The Boston Athletics Assocoiation has had to apologize because they scheduled the Boston Marathon on October 10. That happens to be Indigeious People’s Day.

The directors said they would celebrate Indigenious Peoples Day with a bunch of ceremonies before the race. There’s no way they can cancel this race this close to race day.

Normally, the race is help on Patriot’s day, which this year is October 18th. I’m not sure why they changed the race date and it wasn’t mentioned in the article. Probably because the race directors for the Boston Marathon were all white and racist.

Let’s talk a little about Indigenious Peoples Day…it’s BS.

This was a holiday that was started in Berkley, Californiain 1992 by a bunch of politically correct college students that wanted to counter Columbus Day because they didn’t know anything about history and thought that Christopher Columbus was a racist colonizer that killed all the Indians. That’s BS and I think you’veheard me talk about the Indians in past podcasts. I’ll give you a little overview: The Indians were not peaceful, nature-loving vegetarians like the Left wants you to believe.

Indigenious People’s Day does not celebrate anything specific (Mexicans are sometimes called indigenious people) and it not a national holiday. It is celebrated by some states and a bunch of localities and cities have named it a holiday. Guess what though: People still have to go to work. It seems like it is like Kwanza. Some crap some people made up to make a holiday to counter Christmas which is racist.

That’s a real cynical reason to created a holiday. That’s why I piss on that holiday. The least the hippies at Berkley could have done is make it like Cinco de Mayo so we can drink. But I digress.

Boston, Massachusetts is not one of those cities that celebrates Indigenious Peoples Day. So what the hell are the apologizing about? And when is holding a marathon, one that is far older than this stupid “holiday”, an insult to the Indians?

It’s not. People just need something to bitch about. If I were the race director, I would have told these people to f- off.



Knew This Was Coming

The Leftists really want our kids to wear masks. Not for any particular scientific reason.

  • We know kids don’t catch it easily.
  • We know kids don’t spread it easily.
  • We know kids don’t get really sick much less die.
  • We know that cloth masks don’t work.

We do know, scientifically, the masks are actually bad for children:

  • Socialization is lessened by wearing a mask.
  • Speech patterns cannot be analyzed by children when they can’t see a teacher pronounce words.
  • CO2 levels in a child’s blood stream go up because the child is breathing in his own air. This causes:
    • Low oxygen levels.
    • Fatigue.
    • Attention deficit.

But the Left wants all to bend the knee.

Some states have banned mask mandates like Texas and Florida. Well, the Left has found a new way to attack the mask mandates: the American Disabilities Act.

Greg Abbott is now being sued. The lawsuit states that banning mask mandates violates the ADA because a child that pre-existing conditions is put in danger if no one is required to wear a mask. This is not the first lawsuit brought into the courts. I believe there is a couple in Florida suing for the same thing. Their child has pre-existing condition and this couple does want their school to implement a mask mandate.

This lawsuit is going to have some problems:

  • The science on masks it sketchy at best. There are a couple of studies that state masks are actually bad unless an N-95 or KN-95 masks are used and constantly changed out.
  • There was never a need for masks in schools befoer the China virus. The flu kills more children than COVID. Last year, 480 kids died of the flu while only 360 died of the China virus.
  • The above puts another point to it: Why should all children be subjected to masks when the disease affests so few?

These areguements in themselves should be enough to throw this out of court. But here’s the real arguement: The ADA means we have to add things to make it easier for those with disabilities. A ramp for folks in wheelchairs. Handicap parking spaces for those who have trouble walking. Wider bathroom stalls for those who need wheelchairs. It’s not meant to limit a person’s freedom. And I would say forcing my children to wear a face covering is limiting their freedom and my freedom to determine what is good for my children.

This lawsuit actually goes against the ADA. The ADA is meant to expand freedom of movement for a few, not limit movement for the majority to protect the few. I would say limiting my child’s ability to breath is restrictng her movement.

The other major problem with this lawsuit is basing things on what might happen not on the condition that already exists. What do I mean by this? A ramp is put in front of a business because someone is in a wheelchair. You want my kids to wear a mask because someone might catch the China virus and get really sick. That’s not a thing and not what is eant when the ADA was designed.

Here’s the reality: If you have a kid that has a pre-existing condition, you need to take care of your kid in whatever way you see fit without stepping on the rights of my kid and my right to take care of my kid they way I see fit. I don’t want kids to die but kids do die and it’s the parents’ job to protect their children. It’s not my job to protect all kids at the expense of my kid.


has https://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/south-texas-el-paso/news/2021/08/19/lawsuit-filed-on-behalf-of-14-children-claims-gov–abbott-s-mask-mandate-ban-violates-ada










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