The Gloves are Off!

Let’s take a look at last week’s Presidential debate.


The Debates

So the Presidential debate was on Tuesday and I had to see it twice. The first time I watched it was on the Louder with Crowder. I like the show because the debates are boring and Steven Crowder and his brood are funnier than all hell. The problem is they talk over the debates. So I watched it again on Wednesday and listen to a few podcasts to get the highlights because I think I fell asleep half way through it.

So I’m not going to play any sound bites from the debate. The big bites (and there weren’t many) have been played over and over and I have more stories for today. What I am going to talk about is the performance of all the actors: Biden, Trump and Chris Wallace, the moderator. Then I will give my opinion about who won.

Sleepy, Creepy Joe

Here are Biden’s highlights:

First look, Joe looked terrible. I don’t know if he was sick or tired or whatever but he actually didn’t look well. He was pale, slow and his eyes looked a bit glassy.

Joe’s mental acuity seemed pretty good. He did stumble several times and sometimes he ran on in several different directions. There were a few times one had no idea what the hell he was talking about.

Once again, Biden doesn’t seem to have much in the way of policies. He seems confused about the Green New Deal and the Biden Green Deal. He actually rejected the Green New Deal and then supported the Green New Deal within 35 seconds. That was weird and shows that he is compromised in some way. Either because his mind is going south or he is a puppet of the Left. I think it was a little bit of both.

He still did not condemn Antifa or BLM even when pressed on it. He said that Antifa is not a group but an idea. Well, if a bunch of people in uniforms, a flag and have U-Haul trucks with weapons from the leadership then that’s a group. I also want to point out out that these thugs are getting plane tickets so they can riot in other cities.

Whenever Biden was attacked and had no answers, he looked down or chuckled or looked in a different direction. Whenever someone has no answers, they begin to look at their notes or look away or just look down. They don’t look into the camera or look at their debate partner. Kamala Harris and Hilary Clinton do this.

Biden lied a ton, especially about COVID. He made it out that Trump botched the COVID response and was responsible for all 200,000 deaths. Believe it or not, this was Trump’s best moment. He put Biden in his place saying Biden would have screwed the whole thing up. He also pointed out that the estimates put the death toll at 1.5 to 2 million.

Biden said that he thinks that all the systems in the United States are systemically racist. This is an egregious statement. He said that the police are systemically racist but there are good cops. And it was a serious opportunity missed by Trump (though Wallace did help). If I were Trump, I would have asked three questions:

  • What systems are racist?
  • How can there be good police when the system is racist? Aren’t any new cops racist because the want to be cops?
  • Finally, if all the systems are racist, and you, Joe, have been part of the system for 47 years, doesn’t that make you a racist?


Another big mistake that Trump didn’t take advantage of: his taxes. The New York Times released a shitty report about how Trump “cheated” the government on taxes, “paying less than a nurse would pay.” This was another missed opportunity.

  • This is just a lie. And the release of his records is illegal. Trump paid millions the year the New York Times pointed out.
  • How many people has Joe Biden employed? Donald Trump has employed tens of thousands. Business is business.
  • I would have pointed out that Joe Biden used the tax laws to save himself $500,000 in federal income taxes.
  • Finally, who created the tax laws? Trump didn’t violate laws. Biden was a senator for 39 years and voted on laws.


No policies. Just orange man bad.

Biden was terrible. But Trump missed a ton of opportunities to bury him.

Trump Fucked it Up

Trump did not help himself.

He definitely had the better performance. He looked strong and confident and not as orange as he usually is. He showed the usual energy. That would be a problem. But he was like a honey badger. He attacked and attacked and attacked and never let Biden talk, which is what Biden didn’t want to do. The more Biden talks, the more people how doddering he is and how he has no policies.

Trump’s continued arguing was very annoying and made him look like a bully. I think he even pissed off the moderator, Chris Wallace.. We’ll have more on Wallace later. He did not do a great job and I like Chris Wallace.

Trump was not prepared for this debate. He did not have a lot of facts. Facts that would have buried Biden. There was not one question in the debate that Trump would not beat Biden on.

Trump should have gone after Hunter Biden right at the start. It would have thrown Biden off his game in the beginning. Pissed him off. But Trump waited until forty minutes into the debate to bring it up. By then, most people had already turned the thing off.

Trump is very clumsy with his words. Clumsy to the point that he does not get his answer across in the most absolute way. Then, the media jumps all over him. When he was asked if he would condemn white supremacy, the answer should have been, “absolutely” and story over. Then he could go after Biden about the violence by Antifa and BLM. I actually thought this was a crappy question.

Trump needed to let Biden talk. He needed to ask a question and let Biden answer. When he did this, Biden stumbled, Biden refused to answer or just looked in all directions. He would look really bad.

Moderator or Debater

Chris Wallace did not do a good job. I was surprised. I thought he was one of the best journalists on Fox News. He is hard hitting, he doesn’t care who he interviews, his questions are probing and he knows how to ask follow up questions. My dad told me that he did not like Chris Wallace. He thought he is a liberal. I called my dad on Wednesday and agreed whole-heartily. I hate having to admit I’m wrong.

Now, I am not going to flip out completely on Wallace. I think Trump’s interruptions and badgering probably angered Wallace and Wallace held it against him for the rest of the debate. But as a journalist and moderator, he needs to be bigger than that. Even the broadcasters on Fox News said that Wallace did not do a good job and appeared biased.

Biden never answered any questions. Wallace never followed up on them.

Wallace cut off Trump when Trump was scoring points on Biden. When Trump brought up Hunter and Antifa, Wallace cut the questioning, essentially bailing Biden out.

The white supremacy question was just idiotic. Trump has been condemning white supremacy for four years and his social life involves tons of minorities. Remember Hershel Walker? Remember Don King? Remember Mike Tyson? He had relationships with all those people. What was more insulting is he did not push Biden on condemning Antifa or BLM.

He didn’t do a great job.


It was a draw.

I like Trump and Biden didn’t seem too coherent so I think Trump won. But that because I like Trump’s policies and philosophy. I don’t think the United States is evil. I hate critical race theory. I don’t think we are systemically racist or the police are evil. I don’t like socialism. The think the Green New Deal is trash. I think Biden will resign in the first year and that he has dementia. I believe in the free market system. I believe Antifa and BLM are evil, terrorist groups. I don’t think we should defund the police.

I’m listening to an audio book now called America Crusade by Pete Hegseth. It really is an inspiring book. He says that most Americans are “squishy” Americans or 50% Americans. What that means is that we love to country, culture, history and philosophy of the United States. Why we are “squishy” or 50% American is because, when faced with people or groups who may not agree with us, we hold our beliefs back as not to insult someone. Here’s the problem: There is no middle ground anymore. We actually have to fight for this country now.

Per Hegsseth, civilizations last between 235 and 270 years before they collapse. The United States is 245 years old. People are beginning to forget. They are rejecting our Judeo-Christian moral purpose and Greek reason. People ignore, or don’t know, the history of a growing country. No one understands how capitalism works or what a democratic republic is. No one considers that socialism and communism has never worked in world history.

Well, I do. And I wear my Donald Trump mask. I will be a 100% American. That’s because this country is worth fighting for. That’s why I think Trump won. He’s fighting for what our founding fathers fought a war for. He believes in what they created. Biden just wants to overturn the country and apply policies that will affect my children and grandchildren. They may never know why this country is the greatest country in human history.

So, my advice to you: wear your MAGA hat. Slap that bumper sticker on your car. Put that “Trump 2020” mask on your face. Don’t be afraid. Be 100% American. By the way, I didn’t make that up. That was from Hegseth’s book too.


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