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Episode 582 – This is Going to Turn Out to be a Mistake

The Biden administration continues to militarize the bureaucracies.

Who knew the French had a sense of humor.

And everything is racist.


This Could Be the Start

The Department of Justice and the FBI are proving that we need to change the way our justice system works. And, with all the talk of revolution and civil war, these kind of things can lead to them.

Yesterday morning, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, cracked a safe and took out fifteen boxes of paperwork. The grabbed paperwork, indiscriminately which means they possibly grabbed private papers. This is unheard of. It has never happened in the history of the Presidency. Even when Bill and Hilary Clinton stole $28,000 of White House property did the FBI raid the home of a past President.

Hell, they never raided Hilary Clinton’s home when she created a secret, personal server that was holding classified material, giving her the time destroy the servers and zero out the data on the hard drives.

Apparently this raid had nothing to do with January 6th. Trump had some papers that the Presidential Archive wanted back. Nothing is illegal here. Presidents typically take paperwork from the White House if they feel it is not important to the national archive. But when the archive wants the papers back, typically this goes to court. The FBI, through orders of the DOJ, don’t raid the homes of former Presidents.

Trump released a statement:

There are two things we can learn from this.

  • Our bureaucracies are broken. They either need to be eliminated or fixed.
  • This is how revolutions and civil wars are started.

After the raid went public, crowds appeared outside the mansion protesting. People do not like this. It also will probably have the opposite effect. Trump seems more motivated to run than ever and hinted at that yesterday. This going to motivate people to start defying the government. To fight back. And it’s crap like this that got Trump elected in the first place. Combined with the failure of the Biden administration, this will get Trump elected again. It makes him look like a victim and is further proof there is an imbalance when it comes to justice which is what Trump has been saying for years.

Well, I will bet you a dollar that embarrassing stuff will be leaked by the FBI from the papers that they confiscated. The whole goal here is to harass and embarrass Trump so he doesn’t or can’t run in 2024. This stuff is going to be leaked in October before the elections so the Democratic candidates can talk about something and not the mess they have created through their crappy policies.



Of course, there are reactions that all are typical.


The Media

This pretty much sums it up from the media. This is Neal Katyal on MSNBC:


  • I quote Joe Pesci said in My Cousin Vinny: “Everything that guy said is bullshit.”
  • This is not the FBI and DOJ being non-partisan.
  • If they were being non-partisan, they would have done the same thing to Hilary.
  • The rule of law should be dealt out equally. It is not.
  • He seems to be thrilled about the militarization of the FBI. He doesn’t get that he is threatening us.

One reporter asked the main question: Does this mean that Trump can’t run in 2024. That’s what they are concerned with.


The Left

Surprisingly, the Leftist politicians have been rather quiet about this. Nothing from Ilhan Omar or AOC. Probably because they realize that this might not be a move that most Americans won’t agree to this not to mention they hate law enforcement.

But Rep. Pramila Jayapal, (D-Wash.), who is beyond stupid, had something to say. She tweeted:

“That’s what happens when you break the law, try to steal an election, and incite a deadly insurrection. Donald Trump should be in jail. I’m glad to see the FBI taking steps towards accountability.”

Mind you, this is a woman who wants to defund the police. She thinks the law is bad except when she can use it to get rid of her political enemies.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), who is a moderate Democrat, said on MSNBC:

“But look, the FBI doesn’t just go in unless a judge signs off on a search warrant. That means they have some probable evidence about possible wrongdoing. And it’s something that the whole country needs to pay attention to and shows that Justice Garland, Attorney General Garland is setting this up step by step.”

He’s actually right here. We should wait. But, we have seen in the past, the Biden administration and Merrick Garland have not been exactly transparent when it comes to what they do. We will have to see what  happens.



Republicans are screaming about this. They should. They should even make this a campaign issue and run on how dangerous these Leftist Democrats are.

Ron DeSantis tweeted:

“The raid of MAL is another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves. Now the Regime is getting another 87k IRS agents to wield against its adversaries? Banana Republic.”

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted:

“Attorney General Garland: preserve your documents and clear your calendar.”

This is going to happen.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem tweeted:

“The FBI raid on President Trump’s home is an unprecedented political weaponization of the Justice Department. They’ve been after President Trump as a candidate, as President, and now as a former President. Using the criminal justice system in this manner is un-American.”

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel tweeted:

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Countless times we have examples of Democrats flouting the law and abusing power with no recourse, including Hunter Biden. Democrats continually weaponize the bureaucracy against Republicans. This raid is outrageous.”

There is a stark difference between the reaction of Democrats and Republicans. I am surprised by the lack of response from Democrats. Probably because they know that the Republicans are right. They would be fools not to use this as a platform for the midterm elections in November.


Shut Up and Dribble

Everything is racist. Even a mountain.

Jalen Rose, a basketball analyst for ESPN, decided to say that Mount Rushmore is racist and triggering for him. Here he is:

Maybe Jalen should learn a little history before he starts talking crap.

  • The land was not “stolen” from the Native Americans”. It was either bought from them, like New York, or they were conquered. That’s how land is usually acquired.
  • The Indian tribe that owned that land had to conquer another Indian tribe to own that land. And another tribe conquered that tribe. Native Americans always warred. Usually, the ended up enslaving or eating those they conquered. Indians were not peaceful.
  • When you think of scalping, what civilization (and I use that term loosely) do you think of? Indians were brutal. They also didn’t give a damn about the environment. Examples of violence and destruction can be pointed to the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas.
  • Smaller Indian tribes actually joined up with the colonists to fight against the more vicious tribes.
  • Finally, people like this idiot always point to how 90% of the Indians were killed by the colonists. They fail to point out that the Indians killed over 30% of the colonists.

This is just some of the trivia about the barbarity of the Indians. I think Jalen should just shut up and dribble and stop talking about things he knows nothing about.


OK, This is Kind of Funny

This is just funny.

According to the New York Post:

Space may be closer than we think — perhaps even sitting on a charcuterie board.

A French scientist has had to apologize for his spicy space prank after he tweeted a picture of a slice of chorizo, claiming it was a distant star captured by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Étienne Klein — a physicist and director at France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission — shared the photo of the slice of cured meat on Twitter last week, gushing over the “level of detail” it provided.

“Picture of Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to the Sun, located 4.2 light years away from us. It was taken by the James Webb Space Telescope,” a translation of the tweet read. “This level of detail… A new world is unveiled everyday.”

He later tweeted an apology and a picture of the real galaxy. He tweeted:

“Well, when it’s cocktail hour, cognitive bias seem to find plenty to enjoy… Beware of it. According to contemporary cosmology, no object related to Spanish charcuterie exists anywhere else other than on Earth.

“In view of some comments, I feel compelled to clarify that this tweet showing an alleged snapshot of Proxima Centauri was a form of amusement,” he said in another tweet. “Let us learn to be wary of arguments from authority as much as of the spontaneous eloquence of certain images.”

I know he’s going to get into trouble, but I think this is funny.




Episode 581 – They Actually Did It

All Senate Democrats show they hate Americans. Thank God no Republicans bought it. Let’s talk about it because we are all screwed and it seems kind of important.



We talked about Nancy Pelosi and her trip to Taiwan last week. I said that, though I respected her for going, I was not sure what she was going for. It didn’t do anything accept make for a great photo shoot and piss off China.

When she got off the plane, she had this to say:

What the fuck is she talk

Listen, she talking about? Does she support Taiwan or feels connected to China?

Listen, she has always been hawkish with China and supportive of Taiwan. I don’t think she said this because she supports China. I think she said this because she’s old and her brains are mush. That’s why we shouldn’t have eighty -year-olds in important positions in government. By the way, I’m bipartisan about this. I don’t think Trump should run again because…well…he’s old.


Fuck You, America!

Well, the Democrats in the Senate flipped the American people the bird.

We talked about this last week, but we learned a little more about this over the weekend. It started with Chuck Schumer trying to breathe some life into Biden’s Build Back Better garbage but Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin were very much against it. So Chuckie decided to have a talk with Joe Manchin and they came up with a deal. Instead of the bill being $5 trillion, they dropped it to $800 billion.

Weird, that used to be a lot of money.

Anyway, one of the things Machin wanted was deficit reduction. So Schumer threw in a little tax increase that would look good on paper when it comes to lowering the deficit (more on that later). Though that was a big deal for Machin, we learned why he was holding out. Turns out he’s just another dirty politician. He made a deal with Schumer that would allow oil pipelines to remain open in West Virginia. That’s why he supported it. Of course, you can’t trust a politician. I think Manchin is going to find that he got duped because taxes are going to go up for everybody, this bill is going to raise inflation, the deficit is going to go up and people are not going to see any benefits but are going to get harassed by 86,000 more IRS agents (more on that later).

The only one left to convince was Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. She said she had to read the 725 page bill before committing to it which scared the hell out of the Democrats. Out of nowhere, on Saturday, she said she would support the bill.

Now, the Republicans were going to filibuster this which would require 60 votes. Democrats decided to use Reconciliation. That’s weird because this is not a budget bill but a spending bill. In fact, today, the bill is not called the Inflation Reduction Act. It is now referred to as a climate bill. The CBO scores were hidden from the public by Democrats because it was so bad.

So, Reconciliation goes through. The CBO basically calls the bill crap, saying it won’t lower inflation. That starts a vote-a-rama. That’s where everyone adds their own amendment to the bill and each amendment is voted on. This was a chance for Republicans to put some poison pills in the bill. And they did try. Fourteen hours Saturday night and Sunday morning, they worked to add poison pills to this bill. Each amendment failed.

After this was done, they voted and not one Republican voted for it. It was a 50-50 tie. Kamala Harris gets to vote as Vice President and she approves the bill and we are fucked.

I think Senator Chris Murphy really hit the nail on the head. He’s a Democrat from Connecticut and he asked how this bill is going to be helpful:

Some things:

  • Yeah, he doesn’t know. Shouldn’t he know? He’s a Senator that voted for it.
  • The pharma thing is a small portion of this bill and will actually encourage rationing and put a halt to a lot of research and development.
  • We are not in a climate crisis. It’s hot because it’s summer.
  • We are in an inflation crisis and an energy shortage. Shouldn’t we worry about that now?

This is all part of the Great Reset. This is part of the great transition. We have to suffer and it’s going to get worse.

Good news, Democrats are going to suffer for it.


What’s in the Bill

Just a reminder, here’s is what is in the bill:

  • The initial measure, according to numbers released by Senate Democrats, would raise a total of $739 billion in revenue, and spend a total of $433 billion. It would reduce the budget deficit by roughly $300 billion over a decade.
  • The CBO has estimated that elements of the deal that would increase tax enforcement at the Internal Revenue Service would raise an additional $204 billion in revenue over 10 years, but those effects aren’t included in its projections of how the package would affect the deficit.
  • The package would spend roughly $369 billion on climate and energy programs, including tax credits for buying electric and hydrogen vehicles and making energy-efficient home improvements.
  • The deal would dedicate $64 billion to extending for three years the Affordable Care Act subsidies that first kicked in under the 2021 American Rescue Plan. Nearly all of the 13 million people who get federal subsidies under the ACA would be spared from higher health-insurance premiums they would see next year without an extension.
  • It would also cap out-of-pocket drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries at $2,000 a year, beginning in 2025, and starting next year mandate that certain vaccines be free for Medicare enrollees. And it would impose a $35-a-month cap on insulin purchased through Medicare.
  • The proposal would implement a 15% corporate minimum tax, aimed at large companies that report significant profits but pay little or nothing in income taxes, such as Inc.
  • Democrats are also proposing a 1% excise tax on stock buybacks.



Again, not one Republican voted for this because it’s just a spending bill. So you can imagine there was a lot of reaction.

  • Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said: “Democrats will pay the price in November for raising taxes on families during a recession,”
    • News for you, though people think we are not in a recession because politicians changed the definition of what a recession is, they do say we are close to one.
  • In a statement, Ted Cruz said: “The Schumer-Manchin bill will drive up inflation and prices, hammer small businesses and American manufacturing, increase the price of gas, and sic the IRS on Americans, all while raising taxes on Americans in nearly every tax bracket including those who make less than $400,000 a year.”
    • He’s right.
    • If you raise taxes on a business that has a certain profit margin, where are they going to recover that money to meet that profit margin?

Marcia Blackburn tweeted:

Mitch McConnell tweeted:

But the best explanation comes from John Kennedy, Senator from Louisiana:

There is something that might save us. The American Rescue Plan, which spent $1.3 trillion and started inflation, not Republican voted for it. This bloated spending bill, not one Republican voted for it. Democrats completely own this.






Episode 580 – What Was the Point?

Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is done and there are some questions.

Americans seem surprised that terrorists are pissed off that we killed their leader.

And Kansas does what the Supreme Court said they should do.


A Tough Press Conference

Karin Jean Pierre was going to have a really rough time with the killing of this terrorist and Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan. So the administration decided to send out John Kirby. Of course Peter Doocy is in the press and he asks real questions. Mr. Kirby didn’t like this much.

Here is Doocy ripping Kirby on the terrorist killed in Afghanistan. Basically he was criticizing Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

Some things:

  • Afghanistan was not an independent country.
  • We did own Afghanistan.
  • The Taliban does support terrorists.
  • There are terrorists there and living well.
  • The case they proved by killing this terrorist is that there are terrorists in the country.


Why Did She Go?

So Nancy Pelosi is coming back from Taiwan after they made her a hero for showing up. The Biden administration, military and China were not thrilled about this. There really isn’t much to say about it. She met with the President and some other politicians but it really seemed to be nothing more than a photo shoot.

Here’s the questions I have, what was the point of going over there. Here’s the thing with foreign policy, and every policy, for that matter. It must have a purpose. Though I am glad we are showing some respect to Taiwan and I’m glad she went. In fact, I think Taiwan is the reason we should not be helping Ukraine. We should let the Europeans deal with Ukraine and they don’t seem to care much. Taiwan is more of a Democratic country than Ukraine, and far less corrupt. We should be supporting them.

Instead, Pelosi went over there, got her pictures and accomplished nothing except piss off China. I don’t mind the United States pissing off China, but it’s Taiwan that is going to have to deal with this. China is doing live-fire drills right off their coast.

So, good job, Nancy.


What Did They Think Would Happen

I don’t know what the big surprise here is.

According to the Daily Wire:

The U.S. State Department issued a “worldwide” caution alert for Americans Tuesday evening, warning that the likelihood that terrorists will strike U.S. interests has increased after the CIA killed Ayman Al Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s deputy and successor as leader of al-Qaeda.

“Following al-Zawahiri’s death, supporters of Al Qaeda, or its affiliated terrorist organizations, may seek to attack U.S. facilities, personnel, or citizens,” the alert said. “As terrorist attacks often occur without warning, U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to maintain a high level of vigilance and practice good situational awareness when traveling abroad.”

The State Department said that it has reason to believe that the threat level to U.S. citizens is now “higher” after the drone strike terminated Al Zawahiri.

Well, duh.

Biden is getting a lot of crap for the killing of this terrorist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled he pulled the trigger on this one and the guy is dead. But he said the Taliban would never help al Qaeda because it would be against the deal they did with them. And where does the leader of al Qaeda stay? At the home of a Taliban diplomat (or whatever you call them).

Here’s a shocker, the Taliban lied. They are housing terrorists. I know, hard to believe. Now that we know this, what Biden going to do about it.

Probably nothing. Doing doing something else would show strength.


Calm Down

The battle against abortion has begun.

Kansas had a primary that included a proposition that would remove the pro-abortion amendment from the state constitution and give it back to the legislatures. It lost, big. It was down by 17 points. So, the law will stay in the state constitution.

The Left is claiming this as a huge victory and think that this is going to be a platform that Democrats should run on in November. Yeah, calm down. This is not as big a defeat as they’re making out to be.

First off, this doesn’t show that everyone wants abortion up till the kid is sixteen. It shows hat the status quo is acceptable to people in Kansas. We already knew that.

Second, the ballot was not exactly idiot proof. If you selected no on the ballot, it meant, yes, I want the amendment removed from the state constitution. If you said no, it meant yes, I want the amendment to remain in the constitution. California does this crap all the time. I’m not saying people from Kansas are idiots but it is confusing and I have had to deal with this in California elections. California tried to skirt past Prop 13 with language like this.

Finally, does this end that argument about our democracy ending because of the white supremacist Supreme Court’s decision? People voted and abortion wasn’t banned in the state of Kansas. This is exactly what the Supreme Court said should have happened. Of course, when Alabama and Oklahoma actually ban abortion everyone will flip out again.

Democrats think this proves this is going to be something to run on in November. Good luck with that.


There is Sanity Out There

There is sanity out there and it appears to be coming from the courts.

According to the Daily Wire:

In a ruling released on Friday, a judge struck down a San Francisco city ordinance allowing non-citizens to vote in school board elections.

The ordinance, which allowed non-citizen parents of school-aged children to vote in school board elections, was approved in 2016 and took effect in 2018, and was extended indefinitely in 2021. The law was challenged by various groups, including the California Public Policy Foundation and the United States Justice Foundation.

“The State of California has a long-standing requirement that voters must be United States citizens,” the plaintiffs argued. “This requirement applies to every election in the state, even those conducted by charter cities, because determining voter qualifications is a matter of statewide concern where state law supersedes conflicting charter city ordinances.”

The court agreed.

This is an important ruling. What is the point of being a citizen and paying taxes if anyone can vote? Though this is only for the school board, don’t forget about the Give a Mouse a Cookie principle, how long is it going to be before illegal aliens vote for city council, mayor or even governor?

Josie doesn’t have her citizenship yet. She’s beginning to wonder what advantage she has to getting it if anyone can vote in California. She’s right.


It’s Sad But She Probably is Their Best Shot

The Democrats are giving up on Joe Biden for 2024 and are scrambling to find someone to put on a pedestal. The Republicans have at least five different people who they are building up including Donald Trump and Ron DeSatis. That January 6th Commission thing is not working out. Kamala Harris is a disaster and there just isn’t that much excitement over Pete Buttigieg.

The Hill has an idea. Why not Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? She’ll be 35 by 2024. They have an article titled  “AOC is the Democrats’ best shot against Trump in 2024”.

According to the article from the Hill:

When Barack Obama came out of nowhere to win his Senate seat in 2004, it almost felt preordained. As if he was the person we had been waiting for to breathe fresh air into the Democratic Party. 

Flash forward to 2018, and the meteoric rise of a 29-year-old bartender from Queens feels eerily similar. She has been unafraid, unapologetic and unwilling to bend to the will of Washington. She is a force to be reckoned with, and in 2024 Democrats are going to need her force to reckon with Republicans. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is less of a personality and more of a movement. Yes, the smart, photogenic congresswoman is the face of the rising progressive movement, but she is also the future of the Democratic Party. AOC has cultivated a following beyond politics. She’s an influencer in its purest form. Her ability to relate to her supporters and allow them a glimpse into her private life is a blueprint for Democrats trying to act less like mannequins and more like humans. 


Some things about this:

  • She’s stupid.
  • She’s a terrible speaker.
  • She can’t debate.
  • She’s a pure socialist. I’m talking the tyrannical type of socialist.

Here’s the problem Democrats have. People don’t like socialism. They don’t want the country transformed. That’s why Bernie Sanders will never be President. And AOC is to the Left of him. Even moderate Democrats do not like what the Left is doing. That’s why Andrew Yang is creating a third party called the Forward party that will be made up of moderate Democrats and Republicans. That party is probably not going to go anywhere as most third parties don’t, but just the fact that parties are being created to counter the insanity of the Left shows how chaotic the Democratic party is.

They are in trouble and not just this November.

AOC is the Democrats’ best shot against Trump in 2024


He Was A Jedi

These people just can’t leave good enough alone.

According to the Daily Wire:

Some fans are claiming that a new Star Wars book hints that one of its most iconic characters is bisexual.

“Padawan,” the latest Star Wars novel, features a teenage Obi-Wan Kenobi in a discussion that has been celebrated by some readers as showing that the Jedi might be interested in kissing both men and women.

The quest to make everything gay continues even if it has to be a character in a fantasy story. Can’t wait to see what Disney is going to do with this.

Here’s the passage in question:

“Not many choices around here. I don’t think love is in my future, either, and I’m fine with that,” a character named Casul says in the section. “As long as I have the Power to keep my family safe, that’s enough for me. Though I will admit I’ve been curious about kissing and why Audj and Zae-Brii enjoy it so much. So if you’re ever curious, too, let me know.”

“Obi-Wan blushed. ‘I will. Let you know, I mean. Not that I will do that, right now, with you. Or anyone.’”

“Would he ever get to a point where kissing someone felt like anything less than a betrayal of himself and the Jedi? And if he did get to that point, who would he want to kiss? The Lenahrans were confident and charismatic, which was attractive.”

“But he couldn’t imagine just … kissing any of them. Maybe he didn’t want to be with any of them but rather to be more like each of them. Or maybe he wanted to kiss all of them.”

I have a question, why is this even in the book? Obi-Wan is an asexual character. The Jedi are all asexual. In fact, all fantasy heroes, from Superman to Wonder Woman, are asexual. That’s done on purpose. It’s done to make the super hero more above humanity and give them the freedom to help humanity. There are philosophical articles about this.

But, het, whatever. Can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with Yoda.





Episode 578 – You Want Me to Drink What Now?

A big win for the Biden administration and America.

The DOJ is still going after Trump, but does Merrick Garland have anything?

And CNN has figured out what we should be eating again instead of anything from those farting cows. It’s disgusting but we will be saving the environment.



Here we go.

Here is Kamala talking at a climate summit:



A Big Hit

There has been so little that the Biden administration has done right. So little he has done for America. But, when he does something good, you have to give him props.

Here is Biden’s announcement.

According to Fox News:

President Biden announced Monday that the U.S. government killed the leader of al Qaeda, Ayman Al Zawahiri in a “successful” counterterrorism operation in Afghanistan that removes the terrorist from the battlefield “once and for all,” and degrades the terror network’s ability to operate.

The United States government, on July 30 at 9:48 p.m. ET, and 6:18 a.m. Kabul time, undertook a “precision counterterrorism operation,” killing Zawahiri, who served as Usama bin Laden’s deputy during the 9/11 attacks, and as his successor in 2011, following bin Laden’s death.

This was a bad dude. He was involved in every terrorist attack, including 9/11, for the last thirty years. He took over for bin Laden when he was killed in 2011 and has ordered that all al Qaeda to do anything to attack the United States.

Here are some things:

  • He was on the FBI’s most wanted list.
  • There was a $25 million reward for him.
  • He wasn’t hiding. He was in Kabul.
  • The drone hit him while he was standing on his balcony.
  • Nobody else was injured or killed according to reports (not sure I buy that).

This is going to send al Qaeda into a frenzy. They have basically lost all their leadership. They were hurting when they lost Bin Laden because of his financial support but they had leadership. Now, nothing. I would not be too surprised if there is a lot of chatter on the Internet. There will be a big push

There is a bit of a problem here. There is no way to verify it is him. I am going to trust the CIA until I hear differently. National security and terrorist experts are saying the celebration needs to be tempered until we have confirmation of his death.



They just can’t leave Trump alone and he hasn’t been President for a year and a half.

According to the Washington Post:

The Justice Department is investigating President Donald Trump’s actions as part of its criminal probe of efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, according to four people familiar with the matter.

Prosecutors who are questioning witnesses before a grand jury — including two top aides to Vice President Mike Pence — have asked in recent days about conversations with Trump, his lawyers, and others in his inner circle who sought to substitute Trump allies for certified electors from some states Joe Biden won, according to two people familiar with the matter. Both spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

The prosecutors have asked hours of detailed questions about meetings Trump led in December 2020 and January 2021; his pressure campaign on Pence to overturn the election; and what instructions Trump gave his lawyers and advisers about fake electors and sending electors back to the states, the people said. Some of the questions focused directly on the extent of Trump’s involvement in the fake-elector effort led by his outside lawyers,including John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani, these people said.

In addition, Justice Department investigators in April received phone records of key officials and aides in the Trump administration, including his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, according to two people familiar with the matter. That effort is another indicator of how expansive the Jan. 6 probe had become, well before the high-profile, televised House hearings in June and July on the subject.

I kind of feel bad for Merrick Garland. Well, I don’t. He’s dumb and an a-hole, but he is caught between a rock and a hard place. The Left wants charges for January 6th so that they can prevent him from running in 2024. The problem is he really doesn’t have any evidence that Trump did anything but behave badly. What’s worse, he needs to proven that Trump had intent and a plan. That’s just not a thing. Trump has never had a plan in his life and this “insurrection” happened with no one being armed.

Sounds like a riot to me.

It’s going to be really hard to take this to trial. Sure, they can get an indictment from a grand jury but any lawyer will tell you that you can indict a ham sandwich. How do I know nothing is going to come of this? They have been looking into this for two years and nothing has happened. The January 6th commission, which is partisan, has come up with nothing new.

This whole thing is going nowhere and is just looks like a partisan witch hunt.


Are You Serious?

Biden just does stupid crap and this has to be one of his dumber moves if it’s true.

According to the Daily Wire:

Democrat President Joe Biden has reportedly offered to exchange notorious Russian weapons trafficker Viktor Bout in exchange for the release of WBNA player Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan.

CNN reported that several sources inside the administration said that the proposal received Biden’s “backing” after he was briefed on the matter.

“We communicated a substantial offer that we believe could be successful based on a history of conversations with the Russians,” a senior administration official told CNN. “We communicated that a number of weeks ago, in June.”

I have no problem with getting Paul Whelan. He was a Marine that was accused of spying by Russia in 2018 and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. But Brittany Griner is another story. She hates America, refused to stand for the National Anthem before games and wanted the WNBA eliminate the singing of the National Anthem all together. Now she wants the United States to bail her out.

Now, a little bit about Viktor Bout:

Does this sound like a guy you want to give back to Russia (who really want him) for an anti-American basketball player? She hates the United States. LeBron James said she shouldn’t even want to come back. She we trade a guy who wants to harm the United States for a gal who hates the United States.

I say, “no”.


Really? Spam?

I was trying to buy socks at Walmart the other day. I gave up because all of the socks were behind glass and I knew it would take twenty minutes to get someone over to open the case. I knew this because I had to get them to open a case for razors. All this because of the crime problem. People are stealing crap, getting arrested, getting released and stealing again.

Well, New York is far worse than San Diego.

According to the New York Post:

It’s the nation’s crises in a can. 

Inflation and crime have gotten so bad in Gotham that even cheap meat like Spam has to be locked up.

At Duane Reade’s store in the Port Authority bus depot, the shelf-stable product — only $3.99 a can — is now being stocked in plastic, anti-theft cases.

“I’ve never seen that before!” one cashier laughed while using a magnet to remove a can of Spam from its cage. 

OK, just to be clear: Spam, sardines and canned ham and putting the individual cans

Yeah, there’s no crime problem.


They’re Trying to Change Us

Over the last couple of years, there has been a push by the media to change our diet. We should stop eating beef, chicken and fish because of the environment. You know, cows fart and that puts CO2 into the air. Of course, they never tell us what they are going to do with all the cows if we decide to stop eating them, but whatever.

So, anyway, we should get our protein from other sources like nut and bugs. On media outlet that has really been pushing this is CNN. Remember, last year, when the cicadas were out, CNN anchors tested eating cicadas and were pushing it as a new type of food we should be eating.

Well, CNN has come up with a new source of protein. According to CNN:

A little cockroach milk with those cookies? Chock full of protein, the insect milk may someday be transformed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption, new research indicates.

Scientists have found that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its bug babies a formula which is remarkably rich in protein, fat and sugar.

Don’t expect to find it next to the regular milk in the dairy section, however, at least not for now.

“Any liquid harvested from a cockroach is not true milk. At least not as we think of it,” said Becky Facer, director of school and educator programs at Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta.

Most people would agree. After all, the insect liquid takes the form of protein crystals in the guts of baby cockroaches.

“The protein crystals are milk for the cockroach infant. It is important for its growth and development,” said Leonard Chavas, one of the scientists behind the research. He explained the crystals have a whopping three times the energy of an equivalent mass of buffalo milk, about four times the equivalent of cow’s milk.

Yeah, that’s an actual article. These people really want us to stop eating animals.

I have no problem with eating alternative sources of protein, but really?






Episode 573 – He Ate It All Up!

Joe Biden has the China virus. So much for getting rid of the virus.

Monkey pox is here just in time for the elections.

And Pete Buttigieg doesn’t know much about electric cars.



So, we have a few Kamalaisms today. I think it’s important to go over these because she’s going to be President after the election and talking to all the world leaders to improve our standing in the world. Which is to say we are screwed.

Here she is talking about abortion of course. She decides to talk about the crisis of pregnancy that is plaguing the country:

I do want to point out that our country is on a trajectory to actually lose population. Our population is shrinking. That’s an indication of a society on the decline but she’s too stupid to understand that.

I don’t even know where this next video came nor do I know what the hell she is trying to say.

There’s no context here. I have no idea what he was talking about but, worse, I have no idea what she was saying. If you have any idea, please translate.

So, Joe Biden has the China virus. So much for defeating the virus and the twenty shots he’s taken. He’s now being quarantined. The White House COVID coordinator said he’s doing well. Listen:

Wittle Joey ate all his breafast. Good for him.

By the way, some conspiracy theorists believe Joe is faking it so he doesn’t have to appear in front of the press. I’ve become a conspiracy theorist because, most of the time, it’s true. The timing is a little odd, too, because the press was bitching about the President not taking any questions just the day before. This will give the White House another seven to ten days not to roll old Joe out to screw up press conferences.

But that wasn’t the dumbest thing said. A woke doctor named Kimberly Sue decided to tweet:

“POTUS working while having COVID infection epitomizes white supremacy urgency in the workplace. Sets a bad example for everyone that he cannot rest. COVID infection is serious, symptoms debilitating for many, and ppl should take time off without working through it.”

Got that? Working is white supremacy because, you know, blacks don’t work. Do these people actually hear themselves when the say or tweet something? By the way, this is the President of the United States. Is he suppose to take off twelve days so he can get over a cold? Is China, Iran and Russia going to stop being a-holes because Biden has the siffles? Is inflation going to go away because Biden has a cough? Are gas prices going to go down to $2.30 for the next seven days because Biden has a headache?

Whatever. Everything is racist.


Of Course It Is

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The World Health Organization has declared that monkeypox is a public-health emergency of international concern, despite divisions among members of the committee of experts who advise the agency, as global case numbers surpass 16,000.

This is the first time the WHO has declared a global health emergency since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in January 2020. In an unusual move, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, went against the majority view of the emergency committee in making the declaration.

Yeah, and it won’t be the last time. The globalists at the UN and WHO are really worried that the United States will put an American-first Congress in place in November. I also want to point out that Tedros went against the majority. A bunch of real doctors said this wasn’t a big deal but he wants to make it a big deal.

Now, 16,000 cases world wide might sound like a lot but there are 7 billion people in the world. That means that only .00023% of the population has this thing and it’s not killing anyone. Does that sund like an emergency.

The article continues:

Monkeypox—rarely detected outside Africa before now—has in recent weeks spread to thousands of people across dozens of countries, mainly among men who have sex with men. No deaths have been reported among the cases outside of Africa, but three people have died in Nigeria and two in the Central African Republic since the start of the year. Epidemiologists say the virus, which requires close contact to spread, is likely exploiting close-knit social and sexual networks among men who have sex with men.

Yeah, there’s that.

So, if you don’t want to catch monkey pox, don’t have butt-sex with strange men. Got it! In the United States, it’s being seen as a sexually transmitted disease and even officials in the Biden administration said this is not an emergency.



It started with global cooling causing food shortages. Then global warming about ten years later because things were getting warmer. Then, it started cooling again and it change to climate change. People never thought much of it and it became a climate emergency. Finally, it is way beyond an emergency and now it is a climate crisis.

Joe Biden has announced that he is going to declare a public emergency over the climate crisis or whatever they are calling it this week. Not sure what he can do through executive order. Here’s Karin Jean-Pierre announcing this possible executive action in a press conference:

Some things:

  • First things first, it’s not extreme heat. It’s weather. It’s summer. It’s like this every year. Some summers are hotter than others. There is nothing weird about a really hot summer in Europe or the United States.
  • In fact, go to Texas or Arizona. It is 120 degrees. It is always 120 degrees. It’s expected there. Because it is not 130 degrees, doesn’t that prove that climate change isn’t a thing?
  • It’s mid-70s in California.

All this because Joe Machin, concerned about inflation and the national debt, refuses to support Biden’s spending and tax package that is meant to tackle climate change. Machin has thrown a wrench into many of Biden’s policies including Build Back Better, tax increases and removing illegal immigration restrictions. Don’t forget, Machin is from South Carolina, a very Conservative state and Biden is very unpopular. If Manchin wants to stay in office, going with Joe Biden would be a bad idea.

He was interviewed and he gave a synopsis of a conversation he had with Chuck Schumer:

“I said, ‘Chuck until we see the July inflation figures, until we see the July, basically Federal Reserve rates, interest rates, then let’s wait till that comes out so we know that we’re going down a path that won’t be inflammatory, to add more to inflation. He says, ‘Are you telling me you won’t do the other right now?’ I said, ‘Chuck, it’s wrong, it’s not prudent to do the other right now.’”

Joe Biden became angry when he found out Machin wouldn’t support him. He said:

“Let me be clear: if the Senate will not move to tackle the climate crisis and strengthen our domestic clean energy industry, I will take strong executive action to meet this moment. My actions will create jobs, improve our energy security, bolster domestic manufacturing and supply chains, protect us from oil and gas price hikes in the future, and address climate change. I will not back down: the opportunity to create jobs and build a clean energy future is too important to relent.”

Bernie Sanders also had some choice words for Manchin:

He is such an off-putting old man. How this guy keeps getting elected amazes me.

Of course Bernie is mad. All these policies are his policies. He appears to be running the country. This is one of the reasons everything seems to be done through executive orders. Bernie thinks that’s how this country should be run.

What these idiots don’t get. Joe Manchin is probably saving the Democrats. If any of these policies are implemented, we can expect higher inflation, higher deficits, higher energy and gas prices, less innovation and less production. This does not spell votes at the ballot box.


Speaking of Out of Touch

I have told you there is one goal by the Left and that’s to get you to buy an electric car or don’t drive. After all, this does not affect any of them. They can afford gas or an electric car. That’s why gas prices are so high.

Here’s Pete Buttigieg saying that the high gas prices are great because everyone is now being forced to buy electric cars:

There are a few problems with this statement:

  • The average price of an electric car is $65K. The cheapest electric car is still in the mid-$30K range.
  • We are in the middle of a supply chain crisis which includes parts to make electric cars hard to come by.
    • Computer chips are so short, car companies are skimping on safety features.
    • Teslas are a year behind in orders.
  • Electric cars are not good for the environment.
  • Electric cars are not convenient.

I left one thing out about electric cars and it is probably the most important detail. I left it out because Rep. Thomas Massie hits the nail on the head so well when questioning Pete Butt-gig.


This is the thing Dems never bring up. They seem to conveniently forget that. The other thing they are forgetting is states like California and Michigan are facing black and brown outs because because they don’t have enough electricity. Why? Mostly because they use a lot of wind and solar and those energy sources are only 40% efficient. Some states are thinking of creating laws banning the charging of electric cars during certain times of the day.

But it’s not just Pete Butt-gig that is bitching about the sun monster, it is also Prince Harry. Here he is, speaking at the United Nations. Apparently, only he and the janitor were there. You know why? No one gives a damn what Prince Harry has to say. Hell, people in England don’t give a damn what he has to say. Listen:

Some things:

  • Didn’t we beat the crap out of England during the war so we wouldn’t have to listen to this dumbass?
  • What does he know about democracy? He’s a prince. England was a monarchy, now it’s a parliament. England was never a democracy.
  • What, exactly, makes this guy and expert on climate?
  • Final point, why is he ripping on the United States, the country that allowed him in? What about China? You know, the country that is the largest producer of carbon emissions and actually has concentration camps. No word about them?




Episode 572 – Three Cheers for AOC!

AOC is undermining the January 6th Commission.

The Uvalde report is released along with a leaked video and it ain’t good.

And protestors get a surprise while protesting an officer involved shooting of a black man in Minnesota and they did not know how to respond.


Bad Trip

Joe Biden just got back from the Middle East and it didn’t go well. It started well enough but ended in disaster.

  • Israel started good.
  • He moderated. He supported a two state solution.
  • He did not want to move the embassy out of the Jerusalem.
  • He made gaffs and got a lot of crap.
  • He was caught shaking hand with someone who wasn’t there. He didn’t know what to do When he got off Air Force One.
  • When he got to Saudi Arabia, his fist- bumped the prince, tried to negotiate For more oil and was turned down.
  • He lied about asking about Jamaal Kashoggi.

While he was gone, the White House was visited by Gavin Newsom. Interesting, huh? Add that his approval ratings have cratered, he can’t put a sentence together and he’s yelling at people for asking questions tells me Biden is on his way out. Oh, I forgot. The economy is dying, Ukraine is losing a war we are supporting them in, crime is high, and interest rates are about to go up.

You know what I think is going to happen? Joe Biden is done. His cabinet is looking at implementing the 25th Amendment. Gavin Newson was at the White House being interviewed to become Vice President when Kamala become President.

I’m calling it.


AOC’s Idiocy Undermines Her Own Party

AOC continues to be a cancer for her own party. She is so stupid she doesn’t realize she’s pushing the Rights narratives which is another way of saying “the truth”.

Here’s the story. She was walking into Congress to vote on something when she was harassed by a professional comedian and troll. Here is the video:

Deck him? Really? If you watch the video, she walked over to him and gave him the peace sigh. She wasn’t threatened and had no intention to engage him. Also, in the video, her fiancé is with her. He just walks past the heckler and doesn’t say a word. What a manly man but that’s just how AOC likes them.

OK, it’s tacky and I wouldn’t say those things, but I’m going to take a stance that is a little different from what a lot of Conservative pundits are taking. I wouldn’t say it because I wouldn’t have the balls to say it. Not because they are bad things to say or they are sexist or racist. Let’s face it, he’s Conservative so they are going to call him that anyway.

AOC is a terrible person and she thinks exactly the same thing. She thinks she’s hot, she thinks she has a great body and she shows it off. Screw her. He’s basically telling her what she thinks so I don’t think those thing he’s saying are terrible. He’s making fun of her and just pointing it out. Good for him. Make her uncomfortable.

Of course, AOC cannot skip the opportunity to gain attention and make herself into a victim. All she had to do was ignore this guy and none of this would have mattered. So she retweeted the video and made several comments.

Like I said, all she had to do was ignore it. But she loves the attention. She actually called the Capital Police on the guy. Of course, what were they going to do about it? Arrest him for liking her butt?

She called this a threat. She said she felt in danger. I do want to point out that this is a woman who was good with protests in front of Brett Kavanaugh’s house. This is a woman who voted against extra protection for the Supreme Court justices even though one justice had an assassination attempt. She gets told she has a nice ass and he wants that guy arrested.

Then it got worse.

Later that evening, she rips the Capitol Police and said how dangerous it is at the Capitol Building. Listen:

She just blew it and it’s going to really piss off Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats, especially the ones on the January 6th Commission. She basically admits that there was a security lapse with the Capitol Police. Who’s fault is that? Nancy Pelosi.

She is also confirming what Conservatives have been saying for a year and a half. That this wasn’t an insurrection, this was a rcot by a couple of hundred people that lasted two hours and was spurred on by the Capitol Police.

So thank you AOC. Thank you troll. Thank you Twitter. Thank you Instagram. All of you together have disproved the ” insurrection” of January 6th.


BLM Has a New Hero

Black Lives Matter found a new martyr. In a suburb of Minneapolis, an unarmed black man was shot and killed causing protests in front of where he was killed. According to the family, he had a mental break. You might be saying to yourself that this might not be the entire story and you would be right.

Here’s the story:

  • The man’s name was Andrew ‘Tekle’ Sundberg, age 20.
  • He was not a sweet, innocent. His social media shoes him sporting guns and drugs, gangster style.
  • On Wednesday night, he started shooting into another apartment where a woman and her children were eating dinner. The woman called the police.
  • The police came and Sundberg started shooting at the police.
  • SWAT and MPD Crisis Team negotiators responded.
  • The negotiated with him including letting his father try to talk him down.
  • There was a six hour standoff.
  • Finally, a sniper got him and sight and shot him.

Sundberg was adopted from Ethiopia. His mother came up with the same old narrative. He said:

“Everyone knows had it been a white person in that building they would have talked him out, they would have waited.”

Needless to say, BLM came to protest which was attended by Sundberg’s parents. But they had a little problem when they started whining about his death. The woman in the next apartment, that was shot at, came out and expressed her opinion that Sundberg was not a good guy and what about the trauma she and her kids went through?

Her name is Arabella Foss-Yarbrough and she got caught in the protests as she was leaving her house because of the shooting. Listen:

Some things:

  • The leader of the protest was sympathetic.
  • Sundberg’s father was also there and apologized. By the way, he’s white.
  • But listen to all of the protestors.
    • She wasn’t dead.
    • She wasn’t shot.
    • One even walked up and got in her face.

There is going to be more to this story. None of it is out yet. Apparently, this kid had problems for a while and was known to cause trouble in the apartment complex though, outside of loud music and showing off his guns on social media, we can’t be sure what he did. We will find out in the coming days, I’m sure.


What a Disaster

Texas lawmakers released a 77-page report about the efforts, or lack thereof, by police in Uvalde, Texas during last months mass shooting at Robb Elementary school that led to the deaths of 19 kids and two teachers. The found that officers “failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety.”

One of the biggest problems is that there was no leadership or an incident commander. There were 376 officers at the school and they ended standing around for an hour and a half while the shooter was executing kids. None of them took charge.

Following the release of the report, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said that Lt. Mariano Pargas, who was acting police chief that day, was placed on administrative leave. The city is using an independent investigator to weigh whether Mr. Pargas should have taken command the day of the shooting, or made any effort to do so, the mayor said.

The committee found that law enforcement “did not remain focused on the task of ‘stopping the killing’ as instructed by active shooter training.” Though Mr. Arredondo was consumed with finding a key to the door of the classroom the shooter entered, no one ever checked if it was locked.

It likely wasn’t, the report found. No one called the school principal, who had a master key to all classrooms.

The House committee concluded that any number of other officers, including nearly 100 state police troopers and 149 Border Patrol agents, could and perhaps should have taken control of the scene. Instead, inexperienced school police were left to figure it out.

In addition to law enforcement failures, the committee found that school officials had violated security procedures by not locking three exterior doors.

Principal Mandy Gutierrez told the committee she struggled to send a lockdown alert because of a bad Wi-Fi signal and didn’t attempt to put a call over the school intercom. She told the custodian to check that doors were locked and locked down her own office, according to the report.

The shooter fired about 142 rounds in the attack, likely firing about 100 shots before any officers arrived about three minutes after the attack began, the report found. One teacher, Eva Mireles, was alive and calling her husband throughout the siege.

This whole thing is nothing more than cowardice. Everyone there should be disciplined and probably fired. A few should face prison time as far as I’m concerned. This was their job and 21 people died because of their incompetence.








Episode 571 – Let It Rip!

A very dark, murky story remains rather dark and murky but we need to talk about it.

Mass resignations are happening in Virginia because the governor wants people to work.

And if you have to fart, I suggest you let it rip.



She’s back!

She is so bad at this. People are now talking about implementing the 25th Amendment because old Joe is so gone. Can you imagine her having to negotiate with the Iranians? She just gets a couple or words in her head and then starts repeating them. This happens every time.


A Terrible Story

This is an awful story in every way. One of the reasons I didn’t bring it up is because there was so much mystery surrounding it. There still is and I’m sure I’m going to have to talk about this again later as more news comes out. But what makes this story so terrible, besides what happens, is how the President, the media and activists used an apparent tragedy involving a child as a political talking point.

What’s worse, it turns out it is Biden’s own policies that may have created this tragedy.

Here’s the story:

  • The Supreme Court overruled Roe versus Wade.
  • A doctor said to the Indianapolis Star that there is a story of a 10-year-old girl who was raped in Ohio but had to go to Indiana to get an abortion. She used this as a reason why overturning Roe versus Wade is such a bad thing.
  • President Biden, in a speech, used the story as an example of why Roe versus Wade should not have been overturned.

There were some real problems with the story. Enter Fox News. They went after it to find out what happened. One of the first things they found out is that no one in Ohio or Indiana knew anything about it.

  • It is required by law that violence against a child be reported to law enforcement (including by the doctor who gave out the story).
  • The doctor knew too much about the child’s condition. She said the child was three days past the cutoff for an abortion in Ohio. How would she know that?
  • By the way, abortion laws are not that strict in Ohio. They have a heartbeat bill not a ban after a set amount of time.
  • Law enforcement in both states said nothing has been reported.
  • The doctor is apparently very popular on cable news, appearing on CNN and MSNBC.
  • The doctor is also a rabid proabortion activist.

I was going to talk about this on Tuesday, but I knew there had to be more to this story. Well, there is but things are still really fuzzy.

  • An illegal immigrant in Ohio has allegedly confessed to the rape of a young girl in a case that bears similarities to a widely reported claim about a pregnant child who traveled to Indiana for an abortion.
  • Gershon Fuentes, 27, of Columbus, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with first-degree rape.
  • He confessed to raping the child at least twice.
  • The outlet noted that police were informed of the girl’s pregnancy after her mother reported it to Franklin County Children Services on June 22.
  • It is still unclear whether Ohio law forced the girl to cross state lines to obtain an abortion, since the pregnancy likely would have caused a health risk to the girl and thus would be covered under Buckeye State law.
  • Fox News’ Aishah Hasnie, citing a “source,” questioned whether the girl was “simply referred to an expert in a different state.”
  • The doctor is now under investigation for a HIPAA violation.

Not a good look for the Biden administration to run with this story without knowing all the details. More so that we have 250,000 illegals crossing the border on a monthly basis. They just gave Peter Doocy a ton of questions for Karin Jean Pierre. I can’t wait to hear them.


Good Riddance

People just don’t want to go to work anymore.

According to the Daily Wire:

Over 300 Virginia bureaucrats have quit since Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin announced in May that state employees must show up to their jobs following more than two years of remote work since the onset of the COVID pandemic. 

Employees from five different state agencies resigned after Youngkin’s new work policy, some specifically citing “telework options” as their reason for leaving, ABC 8 News reported

Good. When costs end up to high and they go through all the money in their savings accounts that they got from the government, let’s see how all those people get through life.

  • The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) lost 183.
  • Virginia Department of Health lost 78 employees.
  • Virginia Employment Commission had 38 workers quit.
  • The Department of Housing and Community Development and the Department of Emergency Management lost 13 workers.

Virginia Governmental Employees Association (VGEA) lobbyist Dylan Bishop said:

“We had anticipated that the shift in policy would result in an exodus of workers, which is really concerning because of the state’s recruitment and retention issues.”

This is why there should not be any public sector unions. What this guy should have said to his constituents is, “Get back to work because the boss wants you there.”

Listen, we have high inflation, high energy prices, housing is costing more and, very soon, interest rates are going to soar to control inflation which is going to raise unemployment and the ability to get a job. I think the worst thing someone can do is quit simply because they are told they have to go to work.


Could This Be True?

According to the New York Post:

A Brazilian influencer had to be wheeled through a Portuguese airport after she experienced “horrible pain” from holding in her farts.

Viih Tube, whose real name is Vitória De Felice Moraes, 21, was at the Rock in Rio Lisboa 2022 music festival in Portugal with her boyfriend Eliezer, when she began experiencing pain.

Moraes was too embarrassed to pass gas in front of her significant other, according to The Sun.

Moraes posted a video to her Instagram stories of her being pushed in a wheelchair and tagged Brazilian singer Pocah, who had been hospitalized with trapped gas earlier this year.

Apparently this is a common problem for Brazilian women. Apparently, a gal named Viviane de Queiroz Pereira had to be hospitalized because she held her farts in because her relationship with her boyfriend was not yet on “farting terms”.

I didn’t know this was even a thing but apparently it is.


Parent of the Year

Here is an example of what good parenting is.

According to the New York Post:

A mom went viral for making her 18-year-old daughter sign a lease to stay at home and then experienced a wave of negative comments.

The Oklahoma mother of six posted a video of her daughter signing the document to TikTok. She called it a “teaching moment” as the song “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from the musical “Annie” played in the background.

The video has since received more than 1.6 million views, almost 130,000 likes and over 4,000 comments.

But despite framing this decision as a way to set up her daughter for success, not everyone is on board with making her child pay for room and board.

Multiple commenters talked about their own life, and how they aren’t on speaking terms with their parents after they made the same decision.

She got a lot of crap from the TikTok community which usually means that you’re doing something right. The detractors are complaining that mom would be helping her more by teaching her how to save money.

She is charging her daughter $100 a month and points out, because she signed a lease, she now is creating a renter history. She believes she is teaching her daughter how to be independent.

This is being a good parent.


Episode 570 – It’s Called a Woman

Josh Hawley is a stud and makes a college professor look crazy.

The World Health Organization decides to follow the science, whatever that means.

And LeBron James is an A-hole.



Kamala had a Kamalaism. Jill Biden had a Kamalaism. Why not Joe Biden?


Up, Up and Away

The new Consumer Price Index for June is out and it’s bad. Worse than I’ve ever seen it and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon.

  • Inflation spiked to 9.1%.
  • Forecasters saw this going to 8.8%.
  • Prices jumped 1.3% in the one-month period from May.
  • Core prices, which exclude more volatile measurements of food and energy, climbed 5.9% from the previous year.
  • Energy prices rose 7.5% in June from the previous month, and are up 41.6% from last year.
  • The food index, meanwhile, climbed 1% in June.
  • Rent costs also surged in June, jumping 0.8% over the month.

That might not even be the worst news for the economy this week. Businesses are suppose to release their profit reports and they are not expected to be great. Looking at what some of the tech companies are doing, we could be in for some rocky days.

Biden keeps touting the jobs report which has been pretty decent over the last year. But that could change sooner than we think. Tesla is laying off workers. Google is in a hiring freeze and Amazon’s profits are way down so expect them to freeze hiring.

Here’s what we can expect:

  • Interest rates are going to have to go up again and go up a lot.
  • With interest up, homes and cars are going to become very expensive.
  • Investment within business is going to go down which means:
    • The stock market will go through a correction again.
    • There will be layoffs.

And this administration is doing absolutely nothing about it.


Just Crazy

The Senate held a hearing yesterday about abortion rights. These people, I mean, my God, they are so insane. Here is some abortion activist in her opening statement that had the audacity to call abortion and act of love. This is Dr. Colleen McNicholas:

Well, I guess you could call it love. Self-love. Selfishness. Egotism. Self-absorption. Self-interested. Self-serving. What else could you call it. One is killing a baby to avoid the consequence of irresponsibility. You can’t sit there and say it is a procedure of love for the baby. But that’s a problem these people have. They use words that cannot be applied to any of their arguments and just believe it’s so.

But in a more moronic argument comes from University of California at Berkeley Law professor Khiara Bridges. She started bringing up the fact that women weren’t the only ones who can get pregnant. Senator Josh Hawley looked like he was in rare form and very interested in making Bridges look like an idiot. He succeeded.

You know what I learned in this whole exchange? I learned it wasn’t a bad idea I didn’t go to UC Berkley.

This is what Leftists do when they are backed into a corner. She can’t say that a man can get pregnant because then it begs the question of why. If a trans-man gets pregnant, doesn’t that just prove she is a woman even if she identifies as a man? Of course and they used to get caught in that trap. Now, they just erase man and woman all together and call the questioner a bigot. They also re-ask the question to the questioner. She did this with Hawley and he just answered her and requested she answer the question and requested her to answer which, of course, she didn’t.


Speaking of the Above

This great. All our scientific and medical organization are giving the Left what it wants: Science has proven…

According to Fox News:

The World Health Organization will update its gender guidance to reflect its belief that gender goes “beyond non-binary,” the organization has announced.

The WHO has an existing “gender mainstreaming manual” which argues that there are many genders existing on a spectrum from male to female. The organization now says that does not go far enough, however.

The updated guidance will focus on “highlighting and expanding on the concept of intersectionality, which looks at how gender power dynamics interact with other hierarchies of privilege or disadvantage, resulting in inequality and differential health outcomes for different people,” the WHO website reads at the time of reporting.

The update will also emphasize “going beyond non-binary approaches to gender and health to recognize gender and sexual diversity, or the concepts that gender identity exists on a continuum and that sex is not limited to male or female.”

So if I have prostate cancer but I identify as a woman, what is the WHO’s recommendation? Yeah, it’s BS. I’ll even go so far as to say this is a Chinese plan. Don’t forget, the UN and the WHO are in the pockets of China. The WHO lied about the China virus coming from China and promoted all the lies China was spitting out about the China virus. I can see China pushing this crap (by the way, China is trying to create a more masculine military) and then, while we’re arguing about pronouns, they just take over the United States.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala. thinks like I do. He released a statement about this:

“The Charter of the United Nations states the U.N.’s mission to ‘reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small. However, Michelle Bachelet, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, has proven herself to be nothing more than a puppet for the Chinese Communist Party – aiding the CCP in playing down the very real and horrifying genocide being carried out against Uyghurs.”

Yep, he pretty much hit it on the head.

The Church of England is getting into the game too.

According to the Telegraph:

The Church of England has said that there is “no official definition” of a woman.

In a written reply to a question submitted to General Synod, a senior Bishop said that although the meaning of the word woman was previously “thought to be self-evident”, “additional care” was now needed.

Aren’t you glad we rebelled against those people?


Just Go!

LeBron James continues to try to be an ambassador for the NBA.

He was talking about the guilty plea by Brittany Griner in Russia because she decided to travel with hashish oil through an airport. She pled guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

Now I already said this broad wanted to kneel during the National Anthem and wanted the National Anthem not played at all before WNBA games. She was also carrying a substance that is illegal in Russia so screw her. Let her rot in a Russian prison.

James said this on the show:

“Now, how can she feel like America has her back? I would be feeling like, ‘Do I even want to go back to America?’”

He’s half right. She never had America’s back and why should this country give a damn about her because she’s tall and can bounce a ball for a league that no one watches. We shouldn’t have her back.

I’ll go a step further. LeBron should go live in Russia when he retires. He’s made a lot of money in this country and all he does is trash. LeBron made his money here. get the f-out.

LeBron James tried to smooth out this mess, tweeting:

“My comments on ‘The Shop’ regarding Brittney Griner wasn’t knocking our beautiful country. I was simply saying how she’s probably feeling emotionally along with so many other emotions, thoughts, etc inside that cage she’s been in for over 100+ days! Long story short #BringHerHome.”




Episode 569 – Learn From This

Xavier Becerra warns us of what we know is going to be an emergency before the elections.

Michael Moore has a plan for saving “democracy”.

And a stark warning comes from one who knows all about it.



It’s not just Kamala that says stupid things.

Here’s Dr. Jill Biden talking at LatinX IncluXion and she makes a comparison that might be problematic. Listen:

Just an FYI, the Hispanic community doesn’t like being called Latinx because that’s not a word and they probably don’t like being compared to breakfast tacos. By the way, there are no breakfast tacos, there are breakfast burritos and they are all made the same way so there is not a lot of diversity when it comes to breakfast burritos.

And it’s bodega, not what she said.

This is why Biden is in the 30s in polling with Hispanics. This administration has completely overlooked them, made some huge assumptions about them and their policies are hurting them.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists released a statement about this because everything is racist:

“Using breakfast tacos to try to demonstrate the uniqueness of Latinos in San Antonio demonstrates a lack of cultural knowledge and sensitivity to the diversity of Latinos in the region.

“NAHJ encourages Dr. Biden and her speech writing team to take the time in the future to better understand the complexities of our people and communities. We are not tacos.

“Our heritage as Latinos is shaped by a variety of diasporas, cultures and food traditions, and should not be reduced to a stereotype.”

So, there you have it.


Does the Timing Seem Kind of Coincidental?

It’s coming. Trust me, September of early October at the latest. The Biden administration is going to try to shut down the country again before the election.

Here is Xavier Becerra, the Health and Human Services Secretary, who has no experience in health or human services, saying that COVID is going to come back. Listen:

We already talked yesterday that monkey pox isn’t going to be a thing unless you’re a gay or bisexual man who goes to bath houses. But you wait, they’re going to do something so that they have to change the election laws again, making it easier for them to cheat. Yes, I said it! They cheated in the last election!

So just remember this. I’ll feel like an ass if I’m wrong but I bet I’m not.


Good Luck with That

So Michael Moore, who did some movies 20 years ago has decided he’s going to write the 28th Amendment which would over turn the 2nd Amendment. I know this is all bullshit and no such thing is going to happen. If we lose the 2nd Amendment, it will just be taken away. I also want to point out that Michael Moore hates the Constitution so I thought this would be entertaining.

The first thing to take note of is the amendment has eight sections. In other words, he made it long and complicated. That is one of the things the Founding Fathers didn’t want to do. That’s why the Bill of Rights can be read in fifteen minutes.

So let’s take a look at this piece of fairy tale.

Section 1

The inalienable right of a free people to be kept safe from gun violence and the fear thereof must not be infringed and shall be protected by the Congress and the States. This Amendment thus repeals and replaces the Second Amendment.

Fear. That’s the key word here. Understand something, to be free means one cannot fear to free. Freedom must be fought for and that takes bravery.

What Moore also misses here is if we were allowed to carry guns, we would not have to fear criminals. Criminals would think twice robbing anyone if they thought the law abiding citizen could protect himself.

I also want to point out the Second Amendment is made to protect us from the government. Moore just wants to give the government all the control and protect us instead of us relying on ourselves. We already see how this worked out.

Section 2

Congress shall create a mandatory system of firearm registration and licensing for the following limited purposes: (a) licensed hunters of game; (b) licensed ranges for the sport of target shooting; and (c) for the few who can demonstrate a special need for personal protection. 

All who seek a firearm will undergo a strict vetting process with a thorough background check, including the written and confidential approval of family members, spouses and ex-spouses and/or partners and ex-partners, co-workers and neighbors. A mental health check will also be required. There will be a waiting period of one month to complete the full background check. 

Yeah, no problems here. I would love to get a personality check from my ex-wife. The mental health check is another thing. Psychiatrists are witch doctors as far as I’m concerned.

Firearms registration is unconstitutional because of the 2nd Amendment (thank God). It’s none of the government’s business what I own.

By the way, none of this matters. You’ll find out why later.

Section 3

Those who meet all the requirements for the restricted gun owners groups and successfully pass the background check must take a firearms safety class and pass a written test on an annual basis. 

Just making it hard to have guns. I’m surprised he didn’t put in that one must have gun owner’s insurance.

Section 4

The minimum age for the restricted groups who can own a firearm is 25 years old. Renewal and review of the firearms license will occur on an annual basis. 

Who does the review? The government? And what matrix do they use?

Section 5

Congress will stipulate and continually update the limited list of approved firearms for civilian use, including weapons in the future that are not yet invented. The following firearms are heretofore banned:  

 • All automatic and semi-automatic weapons and all devices which can enable a single-shot gun to fire automatically or semi-automatically;    

• Any weapon that can hold more than six bullets or rounds at a time or any magazine that holds more than six bullets;    

• All guns made of plastic or any homemade equipment and machinery or a 3D printer that can make a gun or weapon that can take a human life.

Weapons that have not been invented?

He wants to ban all guns. With his description, revolvers can be considered semi-auto.

Section 6

Congress shall regulate all ammunition, capacity of ammunition, the storage of guns, gun locks, gun sights, body armor and the sale and distribution of such items. No weapons of any kind whose sole intention is the premeditated elimination of human life are considered legal. Congress may create future restrictions as this amendment specifically does not grant any American the “right” to own any weapon.

Regulate body armor? Why?

Congress can create future restrictions as long as they don’t grant a “right” to own a firearm? I’m pretty sure this is contrary to what the Founding Fathers believed when they wrote the Constitution.

Section 7

Police who are trained and vetted to use firearms shall be subject to comprehensive and continuous monitoring and shall be dismissed if found to exhibit any racist or violent behavior.

Of course, that needed to be added.

Section 8

Persons already owning any of the above banned firearms, and who do not fall into the legal groups of restricted firearms owners, will have one month from the ratification of this Amendment to turn in their firearms for destruction by local law enforcement. These local authorities may organize a gun buy-back program to assist in this effort.

And if I don’t turn in my legally owned weapon? You going to throw a law-abiding citizen in prison?

As much as Michael Moore likes calling Conservatives Nazis, this is Nazi crap. How do we know? Because this is what the Nazis did.

Can’t Michael Moore just move to Russia or China where they do all his tyrannical shit and leave us alone?


Sound Advice

We talk about this a lot, but it is still uncommon to have someone who has been through the process and explains he/she has gone through gender transition only to regret it. It is becoming more common though it is being suppressed by the media, the psychology profession and educators.

Enter this story.

According to the Daily Wire:

Seventeen-year-old Chloe Cole, who de-transitioned after chemical and surgical treatments in a fruitless effort to become male, said Florida officials. The radical gender theory sweeping the nation can have dangerous and even deadly consequences on kids.

Chloe, who at age 13 took puberty blockers and two years later had a double mastectomy, which “irreversibly and painfully” damaged her body, said she now is unlikely to ever be a mother and faces a heightened risk of cancer. Her testimony came during a public hearing on whether Florida should reimburse people for what advocates call “gender-affirming care.”

Listen for yourself:

Absolutely heartbreaking. She’s a beautiful girl too, but her life is ruined because of decisions she made at 13. Decisions that psychiatrists and schools are promoting and hiding from parents. That’s affirmation care. If she says she is a boy, they feel the need to transition her.

States are pushing this. California bill SB-107 sponsored by that pervert, Scott Weiner, says the state can take a child away if parents refuse to transition a kid. Do you think they’re not coming for your kids?



AOC and Ted Lieu are really pissed off at the overturning of Roe versus Wade. So they have asked Chuck Schumer, the majority leader of the Senate to use the “liar, liar, pants on fire” condemnation in the Senate.

In a letter, they wrote to Schumer:

“We request that the Senate make its position clear on whether Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch lied under oath during their confirmation hearings. We must call out their actions for what they were before the moment passes so that we can prevent such a mendacious denigration of our fundamental rights and the rule of law from ever happening again.” 

Here’s the thing, the Justices never lied.

The Daily Wire explains it best:

Both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh stated during their confirmation hearings that they considered Roe — along with its successor, Planned Parenthood v. Casey — to be settled precedent in the eyes of the court. Many took those statements to mean that they would never vote to overturn the two landmark abortion cases — which they did in late June. But stating that those cases were “precedent” did not mean that either justice was lying — nor did it necessarily constitute a promise to never overturn said precedent.

The fact that both Roe and Casey were “precedent” did not mean that they were necessarily constitutional or that they were not simply bad law, however. Plessy v. Ferguson — which allowed for segregation under the banner of “separate but equal” — was also precedent once, until Brown v. Board of Education reversed that. Korematsu v. United States — which allowed for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II — was also considered precedent until it wasn’t.

What the Justices did, and that includes Amy Coney Barret, that Roe was precedent. That’s it. They never said it was a super precedent like Brown versus the Board of Education. When they were asked how they would rule if the case turned up in front of them, they applied the Ginsberg Rule: They didn’t answer. They never lied.

And if they didn’t lie but threw a curve at the Senators, whose fault is that? They’re confirmed for life. Game over.

As usual, Chuck Schumer is a lot of bark and no bite. He won’t do anything because this is stupid and just looks like sour grapes.




Episode 568 – How Low Can He Go?

The White House continues to support violence against the Supreme Court members.

Biden approvals craters and the media is trying to figure out how to avoid the red wave that’s coming in November.

And justice appears to be non-existent in New York City.



Poor Kamala can’t seem to get through one interview without making an ass out of herself.

Here, she is being asked if the Biden administration missed the boat with trying to codify Roe versus Wade even though they knew that it was going to be overturned a month before the ruling was released thanks to the leak which has yet to be discovered (I wonder why). She gives the type of answer we have grown accustomed to:

Wow, I have nothing to say. I just hopes she keeps doing these interviews because I am highly entertained.


It’s On Them

So, last week, Justice Kavanaugh was having dinner with his wift at Morton’s Steakhouse (a very good but over-rated restaurant). While there, protestors gathered out front and started getting loud. Kavanaugh decided to leave the restaurant thought the back to escape the crowd.

Many online thought it was a rather cowardly act but let’s not forget he was with his family and someone did try to assassinate him only a couple of months ago. Karin Jean Pierre was asked about this and her response was as tone-deaf as usual:

This is big talk from her because no one on the right does this crap. No one is forcing her to leave a restaurant because they’ve assembled in fron. No one has tries to assassinate her or her family.

But it wasn’t just her.

Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten, released a tweet

“Sounds like he just wanted some privacy to make his own dining decisions.”

Again approving of the protests that are affecting every moment of his live and approving os the potential violence against Kavanaugh and his family. Again, nobody is protesting him and no one attempted to assissinate him. Of course, he was ravaged online.

But Pete was asked about this. Again, these people just don’t give a damn even though all this protesting is illegal! Listen:

He just contradicted himself. He said they should be free from harassment and intimidation but the people have a right to protest. If they are “protesting” at his house or while he’s eating at a restaurant isn’t this harassment and intimidation? Of course, Pete’s opinion would be different if he was protested while he was at a restaurant or at home. I’m sure he would have a different opinion if someone had attempted to assassinate him or his family.

Anything that happens is now on the Democrats hands. If one hair on any of these justices heads is harmed, it will be on them. But I’m sure they don’t care. I have said it before and I’ll say it again that I think they want someone to assassinate a justice or two so Joe Biden can pick a couple of Leftist justices and change the balance of the court. That’s a cynical opinion but someone is going to have to show me evidence that changes my mind.


Here We Go Again

Joe Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted in a couple of polls this weekend.

The Civiqs Poll’s daily tracking survey of registered voters found that his approval is at 30% while his disapproval is at 57%. All age groups and special interest groups had him under 40%. The worst group was ages 18-34 which had it at 21%.

In a separate poll, Interactive Polls, has him down to 29%. Biden’s approval rating is historically low. According to Gallup, five presidents have sunk into the 20s. Those presidents include Harry Truman (22 percent), Richard Nixon (24 percent), Jimmy Carter (28 percent), George H.W. Bush (29 percent), George W. Bush (25 percent).

The New York Times ran a poll that says more than two-thirds (69%) of independents disapprove of Biden’s job performance — with nearly half (48%) disapproving “strongly.” Only 26% want Biden to run again in 2024. It found 77% thought the country was in trouble with 13% thinking the country is on the right track.

Here’s the thing, Biden doesn’t have a floor. His approval rating could be in the teens. His base (which is the Left) is tired of him and you see it in the newspapers. Moderate Democrats, Independents and minorities are struggling the worst and see nothing is getting better. He has a 36% approvals from Hispanics and a 56% with blacks (down from 88%). With Democrats, he’s down to 58% from 92% when he was elected. So expect this to be in the teens when the news comes out that we are in a recession, which is coming.

Biden is not helping himself here. This weekend, he released a tweet (well, his intern did) that got a lot of flack:

He got skewered over this tweet.

This is coming from a guy who said the buck will stop with him when he became President but all he’s been doing is blaming everybody. He’s blamed Russia. He’s blamed Trump. He’s blamed Republicans. He’s blamed big business. He’s blamed small business. He’s blamed the people.

This obviously is not sitting well with the public looking at his polls. People know Democrats run the Presidency, Senate and House but nothing is getting done.

And, of course, he’s being mocked because he went to Delaware again this weekend.

Abortion is not working. In a few polls, abortion is shown to be tenth on the list of important issues at 5% of people are concerned about it.

So with all this happening and an election approaching and nothing to run on, what are they going to do? How about start another pandemic?

The media is really pushing monkey pox but this one doesn’t seem to be going really well. Apparently it’s only spread by sex between gay and bisexual men. That’s means most of the country is not going to have too much of an issue with this.

Omicron now has a fifth variant that the media is pushing will be much worse than any variant. China is even shutting down again (remember, they said they only had 5000 deaths). Well, they’re pushing it and no one seems to care.

Everything Democrats keep pushing is going nowhere. If Biden wants to save the party in November, and he’s running out of time, he’s going to have to change his policies.


This is Justice?

In an absolutely horrid story last week. A bodega owner in New York City defended himself from a career criminal and is now facing second degree murder charges. Here’s the story:

  • A 61-year-old bodega employee, Jose Alba, who is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic and a naturalized citizen with three children was working late one night.
  • A woman came into the store to by chips but her EBT card (yep, she is on food stamps) didn’t have the funds to buy the chips.
  • The two got into an argument and the woman left to get her boyfriend who turns out to be an unemployed ex-con.
  • The man was Austin Simon, 35, who had served prison time for assaulting an officer.
  • Simon goes behind the counter and starts assaulting Alba with Simon’s girlfriend cheering him on.
  • Alba grabs a knife and stabs Simon three times, killing him.
  • All this was caught on camera. The video was made public.
  • Alba was arrested, put in Riker’s Island and given a $250,000 bail.
  • The Left-wing DA, Alvin Bragg, wants to charge him with 2nd degree murder.
  • A judge did lower the bail to $50,000 and Alba was able to make bail but he did have to spend time in Riker’s Island.

With crime being what it is and criminals being released without bail, this seems incredible to me especially since it is so obviously self-defense from a human being that probably should have never been on the streets because of DAs like Bragg.

This is not being taken well:

  • The bipartisan group of City Council members said the DA’s controversial, progressive approach to law enforcement was “rewarding the guilty and punishing the innocent.”
  • Mayor Eric Adams also condemned the arrest, stating: “My heart goes out for this hard-working, honest New Yorker that was doing his job in his place of business, where a person came in and went behind the counter and attacked him.”
  • United Bodegas of America officials announced Saturday they would meet with the prosecutor on Tuesday to discuss Jose Alba’s case.
  • United Bodegas of America posted his bail since Alba couldn’t afford it.

The DA is still investigating the incident but the pushback is so hard, I doubt he will be prosecuted.