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Episode 729 – Right Idea, Wrong Reason

Dylan Mulvaney has decided to be a man for the wrong reason.

The debt ceiling negotiation. There are winners and losers but I don’t think it is going to stop the inevitable.

And I am back from Mexico and there were a lot of hot takes over the weekend.


This is Insane

Let’s start with a little insanity.

Here is Dylan Mulvaney, the guy who started the Budvestite craze, saying he is now interested in women. Now, that would just make him a straight guy, right?



He is going to date a woman because he wants to get pregnant. Ugh!


Deal Is Done!

The debt ceiling has been raised after the negotiations. There is a huge argument from establishment Republicans and Conservatives as to whether it was a good deal.

Here are some of the benefits:

It cuts spending year-over-year, including a rollback of nondefense discretionary spending to FY22 levels – while fully funding the Veterans Administration’s medical programs.

This is a win but this should never have been on the table in the first place.

It limits topline federal spending to 1% annual growth for the next six years – a huge cut from the Biden budget proposal.

Problem here is the budget is in the trillions of dollars. This does not seem like much of a win.

It will help lift millions out of poverty by enacting work requirements for food stamps and welfare benefits. The 1996 welfare reform bill made virtually the same changes. This will mean more Americans will be working and paying taxes, and fewer Americans will depend on the government. This has big, long-term government and human benefits.

This is great but, again, should have been required a long time ago.

It claws back tens of billions in unspent COVID-19 funds, including $400 million from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Global Health Fund” that would have sent taxpayer money to China.

Common sense.

Billions more will be cut other programs, making this the largest total rescissions package in history.

I’d like a little more detail here. Reality is more cuts are going to be necessary. Good start though.

The deal puts in place the first-ever statutory administrative pay-as-you-go rule to hold President Biden accountable for the full cost of executive rules and regulations. This should save taxpayers trillions of dollars.

Again, a start. Old Joe’s executive orders and bureaucratic rules should be challenged in court. We may need an amendment to the Constitution to really fix the over extension by the bureaucracies.

It cuts red tape and streamlines important infrastructure and energy projects – and cuts costs with the first significant reform to environmental policy since 1982.

Need more information on this. Seems to me this could be overridden by Biden himself.

It slashes funding for Biden’s new IRS agents and eliminates the total fiscal year 2023 staffing funding request for new agents.

Good but still need more information. I like DeSantis’ plan to apply a consumption tax and abolish the IRS.

It restarts student loan repayments and requires borrowers to be responsible for paying off their student loan debts, saving taxpayers an estimated $5 billion per month.

This was never going to happen because of inflation and it is unconstitutional. This is not a victory.

It has a bold requirement to “Make Congress Work Again” by compelling a functioning appropriations process and imposing a temporary 99% continuing resolution level cap until all 12 appropriations bills are passed and become law.

I love this idea. It is meant to keep focus. I don’t know what will happen when bills don’t get passed. Can you say, “executive order”?

It protects senior citizens, veterans and our national security by fully funding critical veterans’ programs and defense priorities, while preserving Social Security and Medicare.

This isn’t much of a win because Democrats would have passed this anyway. Too much controversy and Democrats don’t mind spending.

It blocks Democrat demands for new taxes and reject all $5 trillion of Biden’s proposed tax increases.

That’s great but is a benefit for Biden. His tax plan is extremely unpopular and I’m sure he was hoping Republicans would block it.

Conservatives like Bill Lee and Ted cruise are less than thrilled for the bill because it doesn’t stop $4 trillion on spending (that’s where the limits has been raised too).

Lindsey Graham, who is no Conservative, doesn’t like the cap in military spending and wants continued spending for Ukraine, which could be in jeopardy. .

The big loser in this whole thing is Joe Biden.

  • He said he wouldn’t negotiate and ended up doing it.
  • He gave into the job requirements for social benefits.
  • He refunded defense.
  • He will lose that $400 million from the COVID payments and he was depending on that for some of his green new deal crap.

Biden got his ass kicked even if Conservatives did not get all they wanted.




Episode 728 – They Can’t Give It Away!

Ron DeSatis launches his campaign and it does go great. What did go great was his message.

Bud Light can’t give their crap away.

And the surgeon general makes a declaration that we have all known for the last half decade.



Here is some news:

  • Target is panicking. Their continued embrace of mutilating children and supporting satanism has cost them $9 billion last week! Keep it up folks!
    • We’ll get more into Bud Light in a minute.
  • Tina Turner, iconic R&B singer, has died at the age of 83.
  • The Supreme Court ruled in favor Thursday of a 94-year-old Minnesota grandmother who claimed that the state violated her constitutional rights when they seized her condo over an unpaid tax debt, then sold the property and kept all the sale proceeds — which were far above what she actually owed.
    • Geraldine Tyler owned a condo which Hennepin County seized as payment for approximately $15,000 in outstanding property taxes, penalties, interest and costs. The home was then sold for $40,000. Under the state’s forfeiture laws, the county kept the surplus proceeds – in this case to the tune of $25,000.
    • Tyler argued that the government violated the Fifth Amendment’s “Takings Clause” by confiscating property worth more than the debt owed by the owner. Lower courts ruled against her and dismissed her case, but the Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously sided with her arguments and held that she brought a valid claim under the Takings Clause.
    • “The taxpayer must render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but no more,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the court’s opinion.



Rod DeSantis

According to Fox News:

It was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for Twitter CEO Elon Musk.  

Musk’s highly anticipated announcement on Twitter’s “Spaces” feature that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would formally enter the GOP presidential race turned into a debacle for the Tesla mogul on Wednesday. 

Twitter’s mobile app repeatedly crashed, and users complained they were unable to hear the broadcast. The issues came after a lengthy delay as it appeared the platform was completely overwhelmed for arguably the biggest Twitter event since Musk purchased the social media platform last year. 

Musk has a staggering 140.8 million Twitter followers but fewer than 300,000 managed to tune in for the DeSantis chat. The Twitter Space had 900,000 concurrent viewers at one point, according to screenshots of the space, but more than two-thirds bailed or were unable to listen because of the tech issues by the time DeSantis was able to begin.

Of course, Trump responded:

“‘Rob,’ My Red Button is bigger, better, stronger, and is working (TRUTH!), yours does not! (per my conversation with Kim Jung Un, of North Korea, soon to become my friend!).”

OK, so what.

Some things that were not mentioned by anybody. Twitter spaces has never held this many people and is still in development and this was a unique way to announce. This issues were not surprising to people who use Twitter Spaces.

By the way, none of this is DeSantis’ fault.

What’s also forgotten is the message of Ron DeSantis. Let’s take a look at his message because it was pretty awesome. Here he is announcing and talking about the issues of today and how we can fix this mess:

Here he is, pointing out all of the problems in the country, ripping Joe Biden.

Finally, he goes after Trump and makes probably his biggest and most important point.

He says this because people are complaining that DeSatis isn’t a likeable guy. Of course, many say that’s not true but that doesn’t matter. He’s saying he’s there to fix the country and not be a comedian during his rallies.

Pretty strong message here.


Still Don’t Drink the Crap

Bud light is doing just about anything to get themselves out of the mess they’re in. Nothing seems to be working. A huge beer drinking weekend, Memorial Day, is approaching and the beer company is reeling.

They have decided to go in a different direction.

According to Fox News:

Some Budweiser products are being sold for free in some stores thanks to a new promotional rebate from the Anheuser-Busch company, following weeks of Bud Light backlash.

Ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, Bud Light revealed a new promotion called the US Budweiser Family Memorial Day Rebate online for customers from eligible states. The rebate promises an amount “equivalent to the purchase price of one (1) 15-pack or larger, up to $15” of Bud Light, Budweiser, Budweiser Select or Budweiser Select 55 paid via Anheuser-Busch Digital Prepaid Mastercard. Based on recent prices for Bud Light products, however, in some cases this would be giving packs of beer away for free.

Online searches of local beer retailers find many offers under $15 for 15-packs or larger of these Budweiser products, making the products free after rebate, excluding sales tax or any state restrictions.

Here’s the deal, we should not stop. Pay for your beer. Don’t be lured by free piss water. We need to make Bud Light APOLOGIZE AND PROMISE NOT TO DO THIS AGAIN!


Well, Duh!

Here is news that shouldn’t shock anyone yet it does and no one changes their behavior. Then we get another report a year later and it becomes big news, yet no one does anything then either.

According to the Daily Wire:

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issued an advisory on Tuesday warning that social media use among minors can severely damage mental health.

The advisory, which noted that social media use is “nearly universal” for young people, noted that there has never been a robust safety analysis for the technology among minors, a reality which comes as mental health declines considerably among the demographic. Murthy prompted lawmakers, technology companies, and families to take action.

Here’s where things are wrong. It is up to parents to take care of this. For the government, it’s about control. For the tech companies, it’s about money. Only parents give a damn about their kids.

Murthy said in a statement:

“The most common question parents ask me is, ‘is social media safe for my kids.’ The answer is that we don’t have enough evidence to say it’s safe, and in fact, there is growing evidence that social media use is associated with harm to young people’s mental health. Children are exposed to harmful content on social media, ranging from violent and sexual content, to bullying and harassment. And for too many children, social media use is compromising their sleep and valuable in-person time with family and friends.”

The article pointed out:

Some 95% of minors between 13 years old and 17 years old report using social media, while 40% of children between 8 years old and 12 years old said the same despite the minimum age requirements for the platforms. The advisory added that frequent use of the technology is associated with changes in the development of the amygdala, the region of the brain responsible for emotional learning and behavior, as well as the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for impulse control and the moderation of social behavior.

In a hundred years, we are going to find out the worst thing for Ge Z and Gen Alpha will be the Internet and the cell phone.


Did Anyone Really Think This Was an Option?

Businesses are always looking for a more efficient and cheaper way to get your shipped packages to you. One of the ways to do this is by using drone technology.

According to Fox News:

You may start seeing more drones soaring through the air, and don’t worry, it’s not going to be from any secret spies trying to look into your home. These drones are going to be sent out for deliveries from major companies like Amazon, Walmart, Google, UPS, FedEx, Uber and DHL.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has been experimenting with drone delivery as part of its Project Wing initiative, which aims to create a fleet of unmanned aircraft that can deliver items from food to medical supplies. 

Walmart has also been testing drones to deliver groceries and household essentials in select markets since 2015. On the other hand, UPS and FedEx have been trying out drone deliveries since 2016, using them to make deliveries to remote areas. Meanwhile, Uber has been testing drone deliveries as part of its Uber Eats food delivery service, with trials taking place in California.

We already use drones for a ton of purposes. I have drones and I love them. I’m thinking I might get my commercial license. But the article also points out there are some major issues when trying to use this technology.

  • These things make a lot of noise. To carry packages, they have to be pretty big.
  • There are liability issues. These things to crash. I know that through experience.
  • Dropping packages could be an issue. Houses are one thing but what about small spaced areas like apartment buildings.

There are also other issues that the article brings out:

  • Efficiency. Right now, only one package can be delivered at a time.
  • Whose going to fly these things?
  • Distance can be an issue. These things have flight limitations as far as distance goes. Especially with cargo.

I don’t think we are near replacing those Amazon drivers.


Those Damn Corporations

When crime in blue cities go up, politicians have to find someone to blame. The easiest targets are white supremacists or corporations. When car theft goes up, it is best to blame corporations.

According to The Blaze:

Baltimore is suing Kia and Hyundai, claiming their cars are too easy to steal, joining other U.S. cities such as St. Louis and Seattle, according to the office of Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott.

I’ll let you figure out what St. Louis, Seattle and Baltimore have in common.

The city of Baltimore filed the suit Thursday against the automakers “for failing to equip their vehicles with industry-standard vehicle immobilization technology,” officials said.

The mayor’s office said without the vehicle immobilization technology, cars can be started without a key, adding that it’s “a flaw that has been the subject of numerous TikTok videos demonstrating the ease with which these cars can be stolen.”

Do you know why they don’t include that feature? It will increase the value of the car by thousands of dollars and-shocker- these cities are poor.

Officials said it’s resulted in a “rash of thefts of these vehicles not only in Baltimore City but nationwide. Five hundred seventy-seven Kias and Hyundais have been stolen in Baltimore so far this year, a pace that will likely result in a year-end total that more than doubles that of 2022.”

Scott said “these cost-cutting measures” by the automakers come “at the expense of public safety” and are “unacceptable.”

Later in the article:

Commissioner Michael Harrison added that Baltimore police have “tracked the striking increase of auto thefts of Kia and Hyundai vehicles throughout the city. Year-to-date, auto thefts are up 95%, with Kia and Hyundais representing 41% of all stolen vehicles.”

Maybe they should not make car theft a misdomeanor and throw some of the felons in prison. Why is it cities like Dallas, Nashville and Miami don’t have these problems?


Episode 727 – He’s In!

DeSantis is finally going to go all in, running for President. The news media is wigging out over how he’s going to do it.

Target is virtue signaling and it’s not working out. Worse yet, the are allying with some very iffy personalities.

And an alligator is Florida proves that Charles Darwin was right.


He’s In

According to the Daily Wire:

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is officially entering the 2024 presidential race this week during a special event with Twitter owner Elon Musk.

The conversation between DeSantis and Musk will take place on Twitter at 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday, according to multiple reports. The conversation will be moderated by Republican donor David Sacks, who is supporter of DeSantis and a close ally of Musk.

The Daily Wire can confirm that the reports are accurate.

Along with the announcement, a video was released. Here it is:

With DeSantis actually declaring, we can expect to see the gloves drop.


We Are Winning

According to Fox News:

Some southern Target stores were forced by the corporation to move LGBTQ Pride merchandise away from the front of their locations after customer “outrage” to avoid a “Bud Light situation.”

Many Target locations across the country feature massive June Pride month displays on an annual basis, with items this year ranging from “tuck friendly” bathing suits for transgender people to mugs that say “gender fluid.” But the retail juggernaut has been criticized by some conservatives for the displays, with children’s items particularly irking many customers. 

A Target insider told Fox News Digital that many locations, mostly in rural areas of the South, have relocated Pride sections to avoid the kind of backlash Bud Light has received in recent weeks after using a transgender influencer in a promotional campaign. 

It was worse than the article starts off. It continues:

A Target insider said there were “emergency” calls on Friday and that some managers and district senior directors were told to tamp down the Pride sections immediately.

“We were given 36 hours, told to take all of our Pride stuff, the entire section, and move it into a section that’s a third the size. From the front of the store to the back of the store, you can’t have anything on mannequins and no large signage,” the Target insider said.

“We call our customers ‘guests,’ there is outrage on their part. This year, it is just exponentially more than any other year,” the Target insider continued. “I think given the current situation with Bud Light, the company is terrified of a Bud Light situation.”

This is called winning.

But it gets worse for Target. According to Fox News:

Target has found itself in hot water again over its gay pride collection, this time because of its partnership with a controversial designer.

The major retailer partnered with U.K.-based brand Abprallen to sell merchandise with pro-LGBTQ messages to celebrate Pride month. A search on Target’s website finds some of the items. 

While the company was already under a microscope over its “tuck-friendly” swimsuits, some social media users were angered to discover that Abprallen’s designer Eric Carnell is also an outspoken Satanist whose brand features occult imagery and messages like “Satan respects pronouns” on brand apparel.

I love this.


Darwin Wins

This story is just funny and I love the way the Blaze tells it.

According to the Blaze:

A man in Florida fell into a pond behind a bar and later awakened to find out that his arm had been bitten off by an alligator.

23-year-old Jordan Rivera told WBBH-TV that the bathrooms were full at the Banditos bar in Port Charlotte early Sunday morning, so he decided to go out back to relieve himself.

“I just saw a little lake and just went over there and just, you know, take a little pee, what not,” Rivera explained. “Something happened where I either tripped or the ground below me just went down.”

He said he went into the water, and the next thing he remembered is that he awoke in the hospital without his right arm.

“Confusion, I was like ‘Whoa,’ because I just woke up and I was just sitting here. And I looked over and I saw my arm the way it was and I was like, ‘Whoa,’” Rivera continued. “It kind of feels like my arm is just there but not there.”

Hmm, wonder why the ground suddenly fell from below his feet behind the bar? I love that the guy was wasted but that never comes up in the story.

There was a video and guess what? He looked wasted.

Later in the article, initial theories as to how he lost the arm were debunked.

Although his story has captivated many in Florida, some have spread rumors that Rivera was feeding the alligator when he lost his arm. He vehemently denies the rumor.

“That is completely not true,” Rivera added. “They don’t even serve food at that bar, so I couldn’t have even served the gator food.”

Florida officials said they captured the alligator and euthanized the animal, adding that it was measured at ten and a half feet long.

Darwin lost this one. This guy can still breed.




Episode 726 – More Proof of Nazis in the United States

A terrorist attack at the White House happened last night. Looks like the Nazis are at it again.

Crime is going insane and the criminals are those that are doing something about it.

And natural gas for us but not for you.



Here is some news:

  • Authorities announced early Tuesday that the driver arrested in Lafayette Square Monday night is also facing charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, destruction of federal property and trespassing.
    • The driver was identified as Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, of Chesterfield, Missouri.
    • Other footage broadcast by WUSA9 showed a police officer folding up what appeared to be a Nazi flag that was laid down on the sidewalk next to the U-Haul. The station reported that it was removed from the vehicle.
  • The Dodgers have coward out and reversed themselves again when it comes to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
    • First they invited them and were going to give them an award.
    • Then they disinvited them.
    • Now they invited them again.
    • They released a statement:

“After much thoughtful feedback from our diverse communities, honest conversations within the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and generous discussions with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Los Angeles Dodgers would like to offer our sincerest apologies to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, members of the LGBTQ+ community and their friends and families.

“We have asked the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to take their place on the field at our 10th annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night on June 16th. We are pleased to share that they have agreed to receive the gratitude of our collective communities for the lifesaving work that they have done tirelessly for decades.

“In the weeks ahead, we will continue to work with our LGBTQ+ partners to better educate ourselves, find ways to strengthen the ties that bind and use our platform to support all of our fans who make up the diversity of the Dodgers family.”

    • I find it amazing that the Dodgers decide to invite a group with the name of a sin right in the name and a group that mocks Christian nuns, priests, the pope and Jesus Christ.
    • I do want to see the presentation but they have lost me as a fan.
  • Jeffrey Epstein discovered that Bill Gates had an affair with a Russian bridge player and later appeared to use his knowledge to threaten one of the world’s richest men, according to people familiar with the matter.
    • The Microsoft co-founder met the woman around 2010, when she was in her 20s. Epstein met her in 2013 and later paid for her to attend software coding school. In 2017, Epstein emailed Gates and asked to be reimbursed for the cost of the course, according to the people familiar with the matter.
    • The email came after the convicted sex offender had struggled and failed to persuade Gates to participate in a multibillion-dollar charitable fund that Epstein tried to establish with JPMorgan Chase. The implication behind the message, according to people who have viewed it, was that Epstein could reveal the affair if Gates didn’t keep up an association between the two men.
    • Bill Gates was suspected of having business ties with Epstein but he denied that. It appears that was a bold face lie.
    • Can’t wait to her some of the other names.
  • Tim Scott, Republican from South Carolina is running for President.
  • The Biden administration continues to be incompetent.
    • We bombed a field in Syria aiming at a high level terrorist. Turns out that terrorist was a father tending sheep. Way to go there.
    • There was an accounting error that shorted Ukraine $3 billion. The administration is thrilled to give Ukraine another $3 billion.


Wait, What?

The war on Florida and Ron DeSantis continues.

The NAACP released a statement issuing a travel advisory to black people. This is what they said on their website:

“Florida is openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color.” 

“Let me be clear – failing to teach an accurate representation of the horrors and inequalities that Black Americans have faced and continue to face is a disservice to students and a dereliction of duty to all,” said NAACP President & CEO Derrick Johnson. “Under the leadership of Governor Desantis, the state of Florida has become hostile to Black Americans and in direct conflict with the democratic ideals that our union was founded upon. He should know that democracy will prevail because its defenders are prepared to stand up and fight. We’re not backing down, and we encourage our allies to join us in the battle for the soul of our nation.”

A couple of things:

  • This is a political stunt.
  • Five board members have been identified as vacationing in Florida.
  • The lead of the Board of Directors of the NAACP lives in Florida.
  • It is law to teach black history in slavery. You just can’t teach this Critical Race Theory in Florida with is ideology, not history.
  • Byron Donalds, a representative from Florida, is black and says this is just a political hit. He’s a Trump fan.



Daniel Penny

Danial Penny finally decided to speak up about the death of lifetime thug and criminal Jordan Neely.

“This had nothing to do with race. I judge a person based on their character. I’m not a white supremacist. I mean, it’s, it’s a little bit comical. Everybody who’s ever met me can tell you, I love all people, I love all cultures. You can tell by my past and all my travels and adventures around the world. I was actually planning a road trip through Africa before this happened.

“I’m a normal guy.”

When asked why he was on the train:

“I was going to my gym. There’s a pool there. I like to swim. I was living in the East Village. I take the subway multiple times a day. I think the New York transit system is the best in the world and I’ve been all over the world.”

He was asked about  the death of Neely and whether he regretted it. From the article from the New York Post:

“I’m deeply saddened by the loss of life,” he said ” It’s tragic what happened to him. Hopefully, we can change the system that’s so desperately failed us.”

But when asked if he would take action again if he were in a similar situation, Penny nodded.

“You know, I live an authentic and genuine life,” Penny said. “And I would — if there was a threat and danger in the present …”

Does he feel he did anything to be ashamed of?

“I don’t, I mean, I always do what I think is right.”

He was asked about the reaction by the press, activists and celebrities:

The Post read Penny the statement made by the Rev. Al Sharpton at Neely’s funeral in Harlem Friday: “We can’t live in a city where you can choke me to death with no provocation, no weapon, no threat and you go home and sleep in your bed while my family has to put me into a cemetery.”

Penny nodded but said he was “not sure” who Sharpton is. “I don’t really know celebrities that well.”

He added that he does not watch the news. While he is aware of some of the negativity toward him — and said he was somewhat surprised by the media onslaught — he remained philosophical.

“If you’re faced with all these challenges, you have to remain calm. What’s the point of worrying about something, worrying is not going to make your problems disappear. I attribute this to my father and grandfather. They are very very stoic.”

The article went over his family life and the support of his family. It talked about his service with the military and his current assignments. It talked about his hobbies and his future. It was a very good interview and he sounds like a standup guy that was raised right and has his head in the right place.

Other witnesses have also come out, calling Penny a hero and even adding to what Penny said happened, making the scene look far more threatening than what people thought it was. There is no way this guy is going to jail.


Here’s What Happens When There Are No Heroes

Here are a couple of stories that no one will report about except Conservative media. These stories give us an idea of what can happen when heroes like Danial Penny aren’t around and how Left wing bias is affecting crime in general.

According to the Post Millennial:

In a recently filed lawsuit by the family of 35-year-old Christina Yuna Lee, the Chinatown woman who was killed early in the morning on February 13, 2022 by a homeless man who followed her into her apartment, the victim’s family alleged that two NYPD officers heard her screams “for at least five minutes” and did nothing.

The New York Post reports that two unidentified cops dispatched out of the 5th Precinct responded to Lee’s 911 phone call, which she made while being attacked, and the cops responded within four minutes, “heard Ms. Lee screaming for help” but “failed to gain entry to Ms. Lee’s apartment until Ms. Lee had been stabbed more than 40 times by her attacker and succumbed to her injuries,” according to the lawsuit. 

The victim was Asian. The murderer was black. This is what happens when you demonize the police.

In the second story you won’t hear about, according to the Post Millennial:

A California man found guilty of lighting UC Berkeley students on fire inside a boba tea shop in 2020 with a blowtorch has been released from custody and will avoid jail time, The Berkeley Scanner reports.

Brandon McGlone, 49, was referred to the Veterans Treatment Court and will be participating in a “diversion treatment” program as part of his plea deal, according to Alameda County Superior Court records.

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, who ran on “racial equity”, agreed to the plea deal after reaching an agreement with the public defender’s office, the outlet reports.

At a court hearing on April 28, Judge James Cramer said that all charges “will be dismissed” if McGlone succesfully completes the diversion program. According to The Berkeley Scanner, if McGlone does not complete the program he will be sent to prison for up to eight years.

The criminal who attempted to murder was black and the four people inside the store were Asian.

There’s more. According to Fox News:

Tennessee man found himself behind bars this week after returning fire at thieves who were trying to steal a van outside his home.

A Shelby County man was notified by his surveillance system at around 2 a.m. Saturday that several people were outside his home and using burglary tools in an effort to break into a van, Fox 13 Memphis reported.

After the man walked outside, the thieves fired shots at him as he stood beneath the porch light of his home, according to the outlet.

The thieves fled the scene and the man went back into his house, but when police arrived, the man’s wife said they began interrogating him.

“When they were talking to him, from what I saw, it was like they were trying to find ways to charge him,” the homeowner’s wife told Fox 13 Memphis. “That doesn’t sound right. Why would you put pressure on the victim when you should put pressure for the suspects to be found.”

Deputies say the man told them that he couldn’t clearly see what he was targeting and admitted to firing shots with his eyes closed due to being scared and shooting at the suspects as they fled, the outlet noted.

The man, who has not been publicly identified, was eventually arrested and charged with reckless endangerment but later released, and his family hopes the charge will be dropped, according to Fox 13 Memphis.

Though the race of the thieves and the victim were not discussed, Memphis (a blue city in Tennessee) is majority black.


No One is Talking About This

According to the Post Millennial:

Police in Kenner, Louisiana, in the New Orleans area, have revealed new details and a possible racial aspect in last month’s fatal shooting of handyman Lawrence Herr.

According to law enforcement, one of the two suspects who allegedly killed Herr while he was outside a house while repairing a mailbox, has confessed to his part in the crime, adding that the two black men wanted to go out and “kill a white guy.”

Tahj Matthews, 23, and Maurice Holmes, 25, have been booked with first-degree murder in connection with the killing of the 66-year-old handyman who was shot on April 10. 

Kenner Police Chief Keith Conley said Tuesday, “We have not found any relation between the victim and the suspects. In fact, the victim’s back was to the suspects when the shots were fired.”

These guys just went out to kill a white guy. This is not national news. Why?


They Don’t Care If You’re Safe

According to Fox News:

The House on Thursday passed a resolution that condemns recent efforts to defund or abolish the police, over the objections of more than half of House Democrats.

Lawmakers voted 301-119 to pass the non-binding resolution that recognizes the “dedication and devotion demonstrated by the men and women of local law enforcement who keep our communities safe,” and “condemns calls to defund, disband, dismantle, or abolish the police.”

Every one of the “no” votes came from Democrats, and as a group Democrats voted 87-117 against the measure. Three Democrats voted “present,” and all but two Republicans voted for it.

During debate, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., dismissed the bill resolution. “This resolution is nothing more than empty rhetoric designed to score political points,” he said.

Yes and no, Jerry. It is specifically asking House members to knock off the defunding of the police thing. Half of them refused to. Probably the same people who say that Republicans are responsible for crime.

I think people want to know this.

This came a week after Joe Biden cancelled a ceremony celebrating fallen police officers during National Police Week. So much love for the police by the Democrats and they want gun control.


What a Great Idea

Theft in retail stores has become a serious issue in New York. Companies are leaving, local store are closing and items like shaving cream and soup are being locked away.

According to the Daily Wire:

Per Fox 5, retail theft in general jumped 44% in 2022 in NYC. The crisis is so bad that Adams even mandated that masks should be taken off to enter stores — the opposite of the COVID days — to help reduce this sort of crime.

It apparently didn’t work because now he has a new plan, one that he says is top-notch.

“Last year alone, 327 repeat offenders were responsible for 30 percent of the more than 22,000 retail thefts across our city, ” Adams said this week. “This hurt our businesses, our workers, our customers, and our city.”

That’s putting it mildly, Adams, but let’s hear what this plan does.

“This plan will help us invest in diversion programs and in underlying factors leading to retail theft, work upstream to stop some of the factors leading to a crime before one takes place, trains retail workers in de-escalation tactics and security best practices, and takes numerous actions to increase necessary enforcement against repeat shoplifters and deter organized crime rings perpetrating these thefts,” he said.

Wow, based on that you might expect the Big Apple to be returning to its days of broken-window policies, stop-and-frisk, and other tough-on-crime methods. Nope, you’d be wrong to expect that.

This is what Adams wants to do:

  • Giving first-time offenders intervention programs instead of prosecution.
  • De-escalation training for retail employees.
  • Establishing neighborhood retail watch groups to share information about a theft in real-time with one another and the police.
  • Installing kiosks in stores to connect would-be thieves with social service programs.

In other words, they are not going to do anything differently than they have done before.


Let the Plebes Go Without Gas

According to Fox News:

In Palo Alto, California, local administrators have given an exemption to celebrity chef José Andrés that will allow his new restaurant to use gas stoves.

“Faced with a threat of a lawsuit, Palo Alto administrators have reversed their earlier decision and will now allow the new restaurant that chef José Andrés plans to open at Stanford Shopping Center to use natural gas,” Palo Alto Online reported.

Simon Property Group (SPG) originally applied to build the restaurant in 2019, receiving local approvals before the city council revised the building codes which required all new buildings to be electric. The developer installed a gas line into the building before city officials instructed that the building would have to be updated to the new code. 

“SPG is confident that the enforcement of the new Reach Code in this context is legally defective and unconstitutional, and SPG is thus prepared to take all actions necessary to enforce its legal rights to employ gas facilities within Building EE,” SPG Group, LLC, attorney Anna Shimko wrote to the city.

The attorney continued by arguing how it would alter the “caliber” of the food and would force the five-star restaurant to change its menu. 

I want to point something out, the average cost to eat as this jerk off’s restaurant is between $300-500 per person. Do you think this had something to do with a lawsuit? Do you think Palo Alto would let getting sued stop them from shutting down a McDonald’s? I don’t think so either.

I also want to let you know this guy is a wild Leftist that refused to open a restaurant in Trump Tower and even got sued for breach of contract.

Go figure why he will be able to use gas!


Episode 725 – Whose Fault Is It?

Ten days left before the United States comes to a precipice.

Brittany Griner, the chick (or whatever) who was arrested in Russia for drugs and traded back for a terrorists, played her first game since her release. It didn’t go great. Or did it.

And we must face the issues that are going to happen with all these illegal aliens crossing the border and stop blaming the border patrol.



Here is some news:

  • The FBI targeted pro-life groups, Catholics, and parents attending school board meetings with investigations in an effort to “inflate” the sense that they were a domestic terrorism threat, according to new whistleblower reports.
    • Jim Jordan (R., Ohio, head of the Judiciary Committee: “If you’re a parent attending a school board meeting; if you’re a pro-lifer praying at a clinic, or you’re a Catholic simply going to Mass, you are a target of the government, a target of the FBI.”
    • There are more people who would testify but, as one witness warned, the FBI would destroy anyone who went against their agenda.
    • The FBI needs to be dismantled and rebuilt.
  • Another humpback whale has been found on the shores of New Jersey.
    • This is the 17th whale this year and doesn’t include dolphins.
    • All this because of a wind farm located offshore that appears to be screwing with the sonar abilities of the animals.
    • Of course, Leftists say it is some great mystery as to why the whales are beaching themselves.
  • The United States continues to put themselves in the middle of the Ukrainian war with Russia.
    • The US says it will allow its Western allies to supply Ukraine with advanced fighter jets, including American-made F-16s, in a major boost for Kyiv.
    • National security adviser Jake Sullivan said President Joe Biden “informed his G7 counterparts” of the decision at the bloc’s summit in Japan on Friday.
    • US troops will also train Kyiv’s pilots to use the jets, Mr Sullivan said.
    • The United States is looking to giving Ukraine another $367 million to Ukraine.
    • Let’s be clear, Ukraine is losing this war.
  • We are 10 days from defaulting on our debt.
    • Now, all the Democrats are saying that Joe Biden should, unilaterally, raise the debt ceiling, with no restrictions, on his own, using the 14th Amendment.
    • Let’s read that section they’re talking about:
      • It is section four of the amendment.
      • “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.”
      • Yeah, there’s nothing in the amendment about the President doing anything on his own, without Congressional approval.
      • Even Democrats say this is tenuous at best.



Here is Vanessa Nygaard, the coach of the Phoenix Mercury, commenting on the lack of audience at the first basketball game Brittany Griner played in. It’s kind of funny:

Couple of things here. First. Brittany Griner is no hero. She was arrested for drugs in a country that it is illegal to have drugs. She pled guilty to having drugs and openly admitted it. She got her freedom by the Biden administration trading a known terrorist. Not to mention, she was known to kneel during the national anthem and wanted it banned all together. She’s no hero.

Next, it’s still the WNBA and the WNBA still sucks.

Here is state senator, Michaela Cavenaugh making the only argument to drug and physically mutilate children.


Wait, Whose Fault Is It?

According to Fox News:

The mother of an eight-year-old girl who died in Border Patrol custody this past week claims agents repeatedly ignored her pleas to hospitalize her daughter, while agents say her daughter’s condition did not require hospital care. 

“They killed my daughter, because she was nearly a day and a half without being able to breathe,” Mabel Alvarez Benedicks told the Associated Press in an emotional phone interview. “She cried and begged for her life and they ignored her. They didn’t do anything for her.”

Alvarez Benedicks reportedly begged agents to hospitalize eight-year-old Anadith Tanay Reyes Alvarez who had influenza. The eight-year-old, who was born in Panama with a congenital heart disease, had received surgery three years prior, which her mother claims was successful. Agents were aware the girl had a history of heart problems and sickle cell anemia, according to the outlet.


I Think It’s Funny

Why do beer companies feel the need to alienate their core customers to promote wokeness, especially since it pisses people off that actually drink their beer.

Miller Lite released an ad a few weeks before Bud Light released the Dylan Mulvaney ad that saw them lost 26% of their profits or around $6 billion. This ad took on the feminist schtick. Watch:

Mind you, throughout the video, there are chicks in bikinis.

The company, seeing the backlash that Budweiser went through, decided to respond to this before it got out of hand. They said:

“This video was about two things: worm poop and saying women shouldn’t be forced to mud wrestle in order to sell beer. Neither of these things should be remotely controversial and we hope beer drinkers can appreciate the humor (and ridiculousness) of this video from back in March.”

The video was funny, but it was also pushing feminism. You can tell by the statement they are still into the feminism thing.

  • Last I checked, no one was being forced to mud wrestle.
  • Last I checked, no one forced this women to pose in bikinis.
  • Last I heard, their piss water beer was consumed by straight, frat boys. Not women.

The big problem Miller Lite has is their beer tastes worse than Bud Light. I think a boycott of that crap is going to be a lot easier than Bud Light.




Episode 724 – It’s That Time? Again?

It’s Pride Month…again. So it is time for companies to go woke. But is this crap going to work anymore?



It looks like I need to find a new baseball team to root for.

I have been a Dodger fan all my life. My first game was a Dodger game against the San Diego Padres. It looks like I will need to find a new time if this story is true.

According to the Daily Wire:

The Los Angeles Dodgers plan to give a “Community Hero Award” to a drag queen group that mocks Catholics next month.

The Dodgers will present the award to the Los Angeles chapter of the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” an organization of men who dress in drag queen versions of Catholic religious habits that claims to have a “ministry,” according to its website.

Members of the group go by names like Sister T’aint A Virgin, Sister Risqué of the Sissytine Chapel, and Sister Edith Myflesh. The group also mocks the process of becoming a Catholic nun by having members become a postulant, then a novice, and finally a fully professed “sister” with a black veil. One of the group’s founders originally used old habits used by real Catholic nuns.

“Go forth and sin some more!” is the group’s slogan.

“We are more than just another community service organization: we are Sisters. As with our more traditional counterparts, nearly all of us felt a genuine calling to do this work. There is room for a lot of fun in the Order, but we take our callings and our vows very seriously,” the group’s website says.

This is grotesque! After this podcast, I will be writing an E-mail and calling the Dodgers for a comment. I especially want to know what they think Vin Scully and Tommy Lasorda would say considering they were devout Catholics. I’m pretty sure Sandy Kofax, a devout Jew, might not be

How bad and anti-Catholic is this group? The article continues:

Back in 2007, members of the drag group tricked the archbishop of San Francisco into giving them the Eucharist so they could defile it.

On Easter this year, the group put on a “Jesus and Mary-themed striptease” that involved a performer “writhing upside down on a large wooden cross,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported. They also had shirtless men compete to be crowned the “hunkiest” Jesus.

“These are just a few examples of the SPI’s vile and diabolical actions which go far beyond parody or satire – they are blasphemous and deeply offensive to Christians everywhere,” CatholicVote wrote in their letter.

“All Americans, especially Catholics, should be deeply concerned that the Dodgers feel comfortable platforming such a grotesque and blatantly anti-Catholic hate group at a time when Catholic Churches across our nation are already suffering a wave of violent attacks instigated by pro-abortion radicals,” said CatholicVote President Brian Burch in a statement.

This is when one needs to take a stand. I love baseball and love the Dodgers, but this is abhorrent. I don’t know if I could ever support a team that supports shit like this. Baseball has always been about America. Maybe not so much anymore.


Wasn’t Putting a Fat Chick on the Cover Bad Enough?

Miller Lite wasn’t the only company trying to go woke.

According to the Daily Wire:

Transgender-identified model Kim Petras will be on the cover of Sports Illustrated this year, the outlet announced Monday.

The 30-year-old singer and model will be the second trans-identified model to be featured on a cover. The first, Leyna Bloom, modeled for SI in 2021.

“It’s super exciting to have my Sports Illustrated cover and album announcement happening at the same time! Yu Tsai and the whole team at Sports Illustrated made me feel really comfortable and like I belonged there. I had the best time and, honestly, it was a huge confidence boost,” Petras told People in an interview. 

The announcement happens just in time for Pride Month. Another Pride month. What is this? The eighth Pride Month of the year.

But that wasn’t all they did.

According to another article by the Daily Wire:

Martha Stewart just became the oldest model in the history of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue after the magazine released one of four covers for the 2023 edition.

The 81-year-old TV personality/businesswoman/author is shown wearing a white swimsuit with a gold wrap.

“Usually I’m motivated by pay. But this time I was motivated by showing people that a woman my age could still look good, feel good, be good,” Stewart said. “I thought that this is kind of historic and that I better look really good.”

“That’s one of my mottos, when you’re through changing, you’re through,” she added. “Change is very good. Evolution is very good, just trying new things.”

That’s what men want to see. A man who tore off his dick and an 81-year old woman. Time to stop reading Sports Illustrated.


Go For This

According to Newsweek:

A recently released range of clothing by Target for LGBTQ+ Pride Month—which takes place every June—has provoked outrage on social media, with calls for the retailer to receive “the Bud Light treatment.”

The beer brand has been embroiled in controversy since the beginning of April, after it sent a commemorative can to transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney to celebrate her first year of transitioning to a woman. The promotional move sparked calls for a boycott, and industry data shows sales of Bud Light declined more than 17 percent across the month.

Several brands have been the target of condemnation from conservatives over marketing advocating for the LGBTQ+ community. While experts have said such campaigns provide an opportunity for brands to appeal to consumers in new markets, critics have accused companies of alienating their traditional customer base.

The controversies sit at the heart of the culture wars, and speak to a broader debate around the acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals in public life.

A video of the new Target range, posted on Wednesday, which has since received more than 1.3 million views, shows a T-shirt with the slogan “trans people will always exist,” another depicting a woman lying down with the caption “busy thinking about girls” and a babygrow with the words “bien proud” in the colors of the LGBTQ+ flag. It also included a rainbow neck pillow, multi-colored fairy lights as well as a trans flag.

Here’s news flash, the Wall Street Journal, Target has been suffering losses since February of 13% because of a boycott that was called because of tucking bathing suit and chest flattening bras.


Et Tu, Adidas

Adidas is getting into the virtue signal game.

According to The Blaze:

Adidas used what appeared to be a male model to promote its “pride”-themed clothing collection, with a person who has a hairy chest and visible bulge modeling a swimsuit for the “women’s sportswear” section.

The Daily Mail reported that Adidas’ “Pride 2023” collection features a $70 swimsuit as part of its line, with the mantra “Let Love Be Your Legacy.” The swimsuit, listed under “women’s clothing,” appears to be modeled by a man with a hairy chest and crotch bulge.

It is an absolutely terrible picture. It is disgusting. Pretty sure this is not going to sell a lot of bathing suits to women.


Not Going to Work

This is what is going to end up happening. This is where the backlash is effective. There will be backlash because people are getting sick of all this crap.

According to the Daily Wire:

Anheuser-Busch will launch camouflage and motorcycle-themed beer can redesigns for Bud Light and Budweiser as the multinational conglomerate reels from its recent partnership with self-identified transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

One unnamed executive from the company informed the New York Post on Tuesday that the firm will produce a camouflage Bud Light can as part of an initiative that offers educational scholarships to family members of fallen American military service members and first responders. “It’s an aluminum bottle,” the source told the outlet. “I believe it is the only package that will be transitioning, but I am not 100% certain on that.”

Bud Light is down 17% since the Dylan Mulvaney mess and they are trying to go back to the America theme to get their customers back.

Do you know what they have yet to do? Apologize and say they won’t do it again. The boycott will continue until they do that.




Episode 723 – FAFO!

Ron DeSantis keeps showing how he is different than Donald Trump.

Republicans score a big win in North Carolina.

And Chicago is getting what it deserves.



Here is some news:

  • Bill Barr gave his opinion on the Durham report.
    • Barr is the one who appointed Durham.
    • Barr is no Trump fan.
    • He said of the report: “This is one of the greatest injustices done to a presidential candidate and a president. And he was treated unfairly here. So, he is vindicated as far as Russiagate is concerned.”
    • He said of Trump running again: “And the fact that he was able to accomplish a lot in the face of it, I think was a great achievement. I have other problems. I’m not supporting him for renomination, but he was right on this. And this is a vindication. He had it right from the beginning.”
    • Good answer from a quality guy.
  • North Carolina lawmakers Tuesday overrode Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill in an effort to ban most abortions after 12 weeks.
    • Both the state Senate and House have Republican super majorities and overrode the veto.
    • This is how the fight against abortion is going to be won.
  • Trump, who is going hard after DeSantis, had a comment about DeSantis implementing a 24-week abortion ban. He believed that the ban was to harsh and Republicans might not support it. DeSantis had a response to this:

    • Conservatives support these bans though Republicans are scared of them.
    • Trump is always fighting from the Left of Trump. This is not going to be embraced by real Conservatives.
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday that he is sending more than 1,100 assets to Texas to assist Governor Greg Abbott in combatting the illegal immigration crisis that President Joe Biden caused on the southern border with his policies.
    • The resources that DeSantis is sending to Texas include: 800 Florida National Guard soldiers, 101 Florida Highway Patrol troopers, 200 Florida Department of Law Enforcement officers, 20 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers, 20 emergency management personnel, 17 available unmanned aerial vehicles and support teams, 10 vessels, five fixed-wing aircraft with monitoring equipment and downlink capabilities with two aviation crew teams, and two mobile command vehicles with command teams.
    • This is a winner for DeSantis.
    • Trump did build a wall but it was never finished which DeSantis is going to beat on
  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified before members of the Senate on Tuesday about the risks from artificial intelligence advancements, encouraging lawmakers to implement regulations.
    • He said: “We take the risks of this technology very seriously and will continue to do so in the future. We believe that government and industry together can manage the risks so that we can all enjoy the tremendous potential.”
    • Some of the issues facing AI include unemployment for more mundane jobs like secretarial work, assistant jobs and data entry.
    • He suggested that advanced unemployment benefits and heavy regulation may be necessary.
    • He also said: “We understand that new AI tools can have profound impacts on the labor market. As part of our mission, we are working to understand the economic impacts of our products and take steps to minimize any harmful effects for workers and businesses. We expect significant economic impacts from AI in the near-term, including a mix of increased productivity for individual users, job creation, job transformation, and job displacement. We are actively seeking to understand the relative proportions of these factors.”



This story falls under the fuck around and find out model.

Texas continues to send illegal aliens to Chicago, New York and Maryland. These cities continue to try to deal with the issue. But the people of Chicago have had enough and are beginning to bitch about it.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Here is a piece from a local news about the influx of illegal aliens and them being moved to the southside of Chicago. Where do they want to put them? In an old high school in the middle of one of the neighborhoods.

Here are protestors outside the high school where the politicians want to put the illegals. I want to point out that most of the protestors are black.

Amazing how all these people wanted all this illegal immigration because it was the moral thing to do when the illegal aliens were being kept in Texas, Arizona and Florida. But when they’re sent to Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. or Martha’s Vineyard, all hell breaks loose

I said it once and I’ll say it again, fuck them. They voted for this, they get what they deserve.




Episode 720 – Don’t Start That Garbage, Catholic Church!

Here’s a really weird story, but how weird is it, really?

An actress reveals that all three of her kids are gay.

And I have a little Public Service Announcement for keeping yourself health because we are all fatphobic.


Just Weird

This is a weird story, but, to be honest, we shouldn’t be surprised.

According to the Post Millennial:

On March 30, a 52-year-old night manager of a NashvilleTennessee Hilton hotel, David Neal, allegedly entered a male guest’s room and began sucking on his toes.

According to local news, Neal was arrested on Friday and charged with aggravated burglary and assault.

According to Nashville’s News Channel 5, the victim was Texas native Peter Brennan, who said, “I was in Nashville for a work conference. I awoke to a gentleman, an employee of the Hilton, assaulting me.”

The manager allegedly made a key card to enter the man’s room and he then walked inside around 5 am to begin the sucking, according to Nashville Metropolitan Police. The guest of the 4th Avenue South Hilton Hotel woke up to someone slurping on his appendage and confronted the man.

I got nothing. He will serve jail time because this is Nashville. If this happened in New York, the guys whose toes were sucked would be called a racist.


Gee, No Problem Here

Here is another example of this LGBTQ+-@#$:) being more of a social contagion than an actual biological issue.

According to the Daily Wire:

Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden proudly announced that all her kids are “queer” at a digital fundraiser and live telethon to raise money in support of drag queen performances across the country.

During a telethon called “Drag Isn’t Dangerous,” the 63-year-old actress said she was there to help raise money to fight so-called anti-LGBTQ legislation because of her offspring, People magazine reported.

“What drives me is because it’s right and what’s happening right now is wrong,” Harden said during the broadcast.

“What drives me is — my children are all queer,” she added. “My eldest child is non-binary. My son is gay. My youngest is fluid. And you know, they are my kids and they teach me every day.”

This is the problem this woman has being a mother. Instead of learning from her kids maybe she should have been teaching her kids. If she did that, maybe her kids would be normal.

By the way, it was her, as the mother, that taught her kids this. The kids did not grow up this way. They were taught this.

The article continues:

“This is so fear-based and it’s spreading that kind of fear and hatred among other people,” Harden continued. “I believe this country will fight that.”

Harden’s children are Eulala, 24, and 19-year-old twins Julitta and Hudson.

The “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star later said on her Instagram account, “the only thing dangerous about drag is how hot these Queens are!”

Her post included how people can donate to support the cause. It explained that supporting “LGBTQ+” is equivalent to supporting “all of us,” including “our neighbors, our children, artists, our singers, our dancers, our better leaders, ceo’s, writers, spiritual leaders, basically our humanity.”

She has always believed this. She taught her kids this. That’s why they’re all screwed up now. She’s fine with it because now she can virtue signal among her Hollywood friends.

For the rest of us, she’s a horrible, abusive mother.


Not So Weird

Fox News released an article about things one can do during the day to burn calories. The article is called Weird Ways to Burn Calories. Here’s the reality, this advice is not so weird.

Let’s go through them.

  • Laugh more.
    • You can lose 40 calories by laughing 15 minutes a day.
    • Laughing is good for mental health.
  • Park farther away.
  • Walk after meals.
    • It helps digestion.
    • I’d say it is good to walk before dinner too. It controls appetite.
  • Do some chores.
  • Pace around your house.
  • Do some deep breathing.
  • Take cold showers.
  • Do calf raises while cooking.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Set a daily step goal on your watch.


No, Don’t Do That

Please tell me the Catholic church isn’t going to go woke. Read the below article to see what I mean.




Episode 722 – The Greatest Scandal in United States History!

The Durham investigation is complete and it shows the massive


It’s Finally Out

The Durham report is finally out after four years. It is 320 pages long. I have not read the entire thing but here are some highlights. The findings I am referencing are from the Daily Wire:

  • FBI immediately opened a full investigation based on a brief note from an Australian diplomat recounting that he had met with George Papadopoulos, a volunteer with the Trump campaign, in which he mentioned that Russia might have information negative to Hillary Clinton.
  • “At the time of the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI did not possess any intelligence showing that anyone associated with the Trump campaign was in contact with Russian intelligence officers at any point during the campaign,” the Durham report said.
  • The probe later relied on the “Steele dossier,” which came from a circular loop of people with little insight into Russia — except that some of them had been on the FBI’s radar for possible misconduct or ties to Russian intelligence in their own right, it said. The FBI knew it was nothing but “rumor and speculation,” it said.
  • “Upon receipt of unevaluated intelligence information from Australia, the FBI swiftly opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. In particular, at the direction of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok opened Crossfire Hurricane immediately. Strzok, at a minimum, had pronounced hostile feelings toward Trump.”
  • “The matter was opened as a full investigation without ever having spoken to the persons who provided the information. Further, the FBI did so without (i) any significant review of its own intelligence databases, (ii) collection and examination of any relevant intelligence from other U.S. intelligence entities, (iii) interviews of witnesses essential to understand the raw information it had received or (iv) using any of the standard analytical tools typicallv employed by the FBI in evaluating raw intelligence,” the report concluded.
  • “Had it done so … the FBI would have learned that their own experienced Russia analysts had no information about Trump being involved with Russian leadership officials, nor were others in sensitive positions at the CIA, the NSA, and the Department of State aware of such evidence concerning the subject. In addition, FBI records prepared by Strzok in February and March 2017 show that at the time of the opening of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI had no information in its holdings indicating that at any time during the campaign anyone in the Trump campaign had been in contact with any Russian intelligence officials,” it said.
  • “In the eighteen months leading up to the 2016 election, the FBI was required to deal with a number of proposed investigations that had the potential of affecting the election. In each of those instances, the FBI moved with considerable caution. In one such matter… FBI Headquarters and Department officials required defensive briefings to be provided to Clinton and other officials or candidates who appeared to be the targets of foreign interference,” it said. “In another, the FBI elected to end an investigation after one of its longtime and valuable CHSs went beyond what was authorized and made an improper and possibly illegal financial contribution to the Clinton campaign on behalf of a foreign entity as a precursor to a much larger donation being contemplated.”
  • “Within days after opening Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI opened full investigations on four members of the Trump campaign team: George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn. No defensive briefing was provided to Trump or anyone in the campaign concerning the information received from Australia that suggested there might be some type of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, either prior to or after these investigations were opened. Instead, the FBI began working on requests for the use of FISA authorities against Page and Papadopoulos.”
  • “Our investigation determined that the Crossfire Hurricane investigators did not and could not corroborate any of the substantive allegations contained in the Steele reporting. Nor was Steele able to produce corroboration for any of the reported allegations, even after being offered $1 million or more by the FBI for such corroboration.“The FBI learned that Steele relied primarily on a U.S.-based Russian national, Igor Danchenko, to collect information that ultimately formed the core allegations found in the reports. Specifically, our investigation discovered that Danchenko himself had told another person that he (Danchenko) was responsible for 80% of the ‘intel’ and 50% of the analysis contained in the Steele Dossier.”
  • “In December 2016, the FBI identified Danchenko as Steele’s primary sub-source. Danchenko agreed to meet with the FBI and, under the protection of an immunity letter… the FBI conducted multiple interviews of Danchenko regarding, among other things, the information he provided to Steele,” it said. “Danchenko was unable to provide any corroborating evidence to support the Steele allegations, and further, described his interactions with his sub-sources as ‘rumor and speculation’ and conversations of a casual nature. Significant parts of what Danchenko told the FBI were inconsistent with what Steele told the FBI during his prior interviews in October 2016 and September 2017. At no time, however, was the FISC informed of these inconsistencies. Moreover, notwithstanding the repeated assertions in the Page FISA applications that Steele’s primary sub-source was based in Russia, Danchenko for many years had lived in the Washington, D.C. area.”
  • “The FBI knew in January 2017 that Danchenko had been the subject of an FBI counterintelligence investigation from 2009 to 2011. In late 2008, while Danchenko was employed by the Brookings Institution, he engaged two fellow employees about whether one of the employees might be willing or able in the future to provide classified information in exchange for money. According to one employee, Danchenko believed that he (the employee might be following a mentor into the incoming Obama administration and have access to classified information. During this exchange, Danchenko informed the employee that he had access to people who were willing to pay for classified information.”
  • “The FBI converted its investigation into a full investigation after learning that Danchenko (i) had been identified as an associate of two FBI counterintelligence subjects and (ii) had previous contact with the Russian Embassy and known Russian intelligence officers… at that earlier time, Agents had interviewed several former colleagues of Danchenko who raised concerns about Danchenko’s potential involvement with Russian intelligence. For example, one such colleague, who had interned at a U.S. intelligence agency, informed the Office that Danchenko frequently inquired about that person’s knowledge of a specific Russian military matter.”
  • “Based on the review of Crossfire Hurricane and related intelligence activities, we concluded the Department and the FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law in connection with certain events and activities described in this report.”
  • “The FBI personnel also repeatedly disregarded important requirements when they continued to seek renewals of that FISA surveillance while acknowledging – both then and in hindsight – that they did not genuinely believe there was probably cause to believe that the target was knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on behalf of foreign power.”

There will be more. This is a rather thick report, but the initial findings are damaging to the intelligence community, especially the FBI. There is a lot more on Peter Strzok and James Comey, if this wasn’t enough. I need to read more to get an idea just how bad it was.

I am positive of two things: 1. People should be prosecuted and thrown in jail and 2. nothing will happen.



The media is doing what they can to completely ignore this because it makes Trump look like a victim, the intelligence community look biased and the media look like liars. Don’t forget, they pushed this for four years.

Jake Tapper of CNN admitted that this made the FBI look bad and did exonerate Trump:

He was the only one at CNN that saw this as a really bad report.

Here are the bad guys. Here is Andrew McCabe saying this investigation was a sham.

Here is Peter Strzok, whose text messages with his fuck buddy, Lisa Page, were heavily involved with the starting of the investigation.

These two guys are definitely against the investigation because they are now legally libel. McCabe has already been caught lying. This report shows that Strzok was lying. They should be in jail.

Of course, Donald Trump had some things to say about this. Off he went to Truth Social:

“WOW! After extensive research, Special Counsel John Durham concludes the FBI never should have launched the Trump-Russia Probe! In other words, the American Public was scammed, just as it is being scammed right now by those who don’t want to see GREATNESS for AMERICA!”






Episode 721 – The Hero is Unifying America!

It’s was Mother’s Day! Another holiday that the Left likes to tear down.

Joe Biden is being inclusive again.

And Daniel Penny, the man who protected a subway train from Jordan Neely, is bringing America together.


Yeah, We Are Against This

There was an opinion piece in the Washington Post called A Tennessee Teacher Planned a Mother’s Day Class. Then the MAGA Rage. by Greg Sargent. I thought there had to be more to this article than the outrage caused by the title. I was absolutely right. Let’s go through it quickly.

By now, it’s well understood that the right’s efforts to restrict classroom discussion are all about marginalizing LGBTQ people under the guise of protecting children. But they also harbor a less obvious aim: to convince parents that kids are under threat in the first place. That mild-mannered teacher over there? She just might be scheming to pervert, indoctrinate and snatch away childhood innocence.

Uh, yeah. And considering the first sentence of this piece, we can already see where this article is going.

Caroline Mickey, the librarian at Alpine Crest Elementary School outside Chattanooga, Tenn., just learned this the hard way, when her idea for a Mother’s Day-themed lesson came under sudden and heavy fire from parents in the area. The vitriol of the attack, and the school district superintendent’s rapid decision to cancel her lesson in response, caught her off guard.

“It was overwhelming,” Mickey told me. “I didn’t realize it was going to be quite this intense.”

The saga started when Mickey sent out a notice to parents of a planned lesson in advance of Mother’s Day. She wrote that the lesson would be “sensitive to the fact that not all students live with a mother,” by celebrating those who aren’t mothers but “fill the motherly roles in our lives.”

Mickey notified parents that two books would be read aloud to kids from kindergarten through second grade. One was “Stella Brings the Family,” about a girl who is unsure how to approach a Mother’s Day celebration at school because she has two dads. The other was “Mother Bruce,” about a bear who adopts a brood of goslings who believe he’s their mother.

Happy Mother’s Day! She’s trying to convince kids that men make great mothers too.

Look at the words used too. “”Sudden and heavy fire”, “Vitriol of the attack”, “caught her off guard”. This type of language is used through the entire piece. This is part of the “Republicans pounce” group. What this tells us this is going to be a very one sided opinion piece.

“We have students who don’t have mothers for a variety of reasons,” Mickey told me. “But everyone has somebody who loves them the way that a mother does.”

She offered parents the option of opting out of this lesson for their kids. In keeping with school district policy, she offered them an alternate lesson.

Question, is it a teachers place to do this? I think not. That’s a parent’s job.

Then Moms for Liberty — which is restricting classroom discussion and getting books purged from school libraries across the country — wheeled into action.

Gee, that’s not a biased line.

Members of its chapter in the red-leaning area around the school in Hamilton County attacked the idea on social media and in local newspapers as Leninist indoctrination, anti-Christian and a threat to Western civilization. One woman called on locals to pray for children to guard them against the demonic threat posed by those children’s books.

This section makes a right leaning group into a bunch of conspiracy theorists and nuts. But the writer will leave some things out.

A handful of particularly vocal parents in the area took the bait. They savaged Mickey as a “groomer” and an enemy of traditional birth mothers, some in long, rambling rants, according to emails that Mickey showed me.

The teacher is a groomer! 

Just another piece of information, none of these “long, rambling rants” is never put into the article. I wonder why?

After this pressure, Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Justin Robertson canceled the lesson. According to an email from Robertson posted by the Tennessee Holler, a progressive local news site, he agreed that the lesson and the books were unacceptable material.

Later in the article:

It’s hard to see why. “Stella Brings the Family” isn’t really about her two dads. It’s about her anxiety about not fitting in with other kids with traditional birth mothers, and other kids’ uncertainty about her situation. The protagonist in “Mother Bruce” faces up to the complications of acting as a mother to goslings despite being a male bear. Both books are listed on Amazon as suitable for kindergartners.

No, it is not. It is about making a father equivalent to a mother and two dads as a normal family when it isn’t. News flash, it isn’t and it’s not good for the child. A child needs a father and a mother.

“There’s nothing unusual about assigning books like these to readers in early grades,” Jonathan Friedman, the director of free expression at PEN America, told me. “They are written with young children in mind, acknowledging the real world in which children find themselves — a world in which parental figures can differ. Hiding these facts from children does no favors either for them or for the society they inhabit.”

I asked Robertson to elaborate on his thinking, but he has yet to do so. Wherever his rationale, this chapter of Moms for Liberty is already known for regularly employing scorched-earth tactics, including hurling MAGA-type “pedophile” smears at foes. You can see why an educator might want to make the Moms for Liberty assault go away in the quickest possible way.

Being a groomer doesn’t make one a pedophile. But I bet a dollar that this guy isn’t against pedophilia or sexy drag shows in front of kids either.

As usual, the Washington Post never got a response from the MAGA scorched earth moms or presented an opposing view. They just trash the other side. One reason is because the arguments of the other side are inarguable.

Two gay men are not the same for a child as a man and a woman. Neither gay men are ever going to be a mother.

A trans woman is a man. That man can never be a mother. And a man dressed as a woman, acting like a woman is also not good for a child.

Finally, this is the systemic dismantling of the family unit by the media and the education system as a whole. This is indoctrination and grooming.

Those are the arguments and they are far stronger than anything this author could come up with. That’s why he never brought them up.


Bringing People Together Again

Joe Biden has decided to celebrate a college graduation by calling all white people racists. According to Fox News:

Conservative Twitter users ripped President Joe Biden for claiming that White supremacy is the “most dangerous terrorist threat” in America during a commencement address at Howard University this weekend.

Critics accused Biden of using the opportunity to inflame racial tension in the United States.

The 46th president addressed the  graduates from the historical Black college at Washington D.C.’s Capital One Arena Saturday, speaking to them about the threats they face from the division among their own country. 

Here’s what he said:

Everything he said can be pointed back to himself and his minions.


This Is America!

An attorney representing Jordan Neely’s family made a published statement on Friday, the day that Marine veteran, Daniel Penny turned himself in for 2nd degree manslaughter on Friday. Let’s listen to his statement and see if we can find if anything is missing:

I may be off here, but I think this attorney, who is looking for a big pay day by suing a decorated Marine, might have forgotten some details about the event. hat leads me to some questions about the family.

  • Neely has been arrested 44 times. Where was his family then?
  • Neely had an open warrant for battering a sixty-something year old woman. Where was his family for that?
  • He was a drug addict. Where was his family?
  • He was mentally ill. Where was his family?
  • He was hungry and thirsty? Where was his family?
  • He threatened the passengers of the train. Tons of witnesses for that and some were not white.
  • One of the passengers who helped Penny was black.
  • Finally, when Penny passed out, the passengers, including Penny, put Neely in a position that would help him breathe.
  • Neely didn’t die then. He died in a hospital three days later.
  • A second autopsy is being performed because the first one was way too rushed.

Oh, yeah. And a witness said: “He said, ‘I don’t care. I’ll take a bullet, I’ll go to jail’ because he would kill people on the train. He said, ‘I would kill a motherf—er. I don’t care. I’ll take a bullet. I’ll go to jail.’”

Here’s the reality, Daniel Penny is going to get off of this. Either he is going to get off through the current trial or he is going to get off through the grand jury that was just convened. He is a hero and everyone knows it.

One reason we know he is a hero is people are saying it. Not to the media, because they wouldn’t listen anyway, but with their pocket books. According to Fox News:

New York City Marine veteran Daniel Penny‘s defense fund grew by almost a half million dollars in a day to over $1.5 million after he was charged in the subway chokehold death of an erratic homeless man.

Penny, 24, was arraigned Friday on one count of second-degree manslaughter for fatally choking 30-year-old Jordan Neely, who prosecutors say had been “making threats and scaring passengers.”

His lawyers, Thomas Kenniff and Steven Kaiser, launched the campaign Tuesday on the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo, which raised $1,097,282 as of Saturday afternoon and surpassed  $1.5 million as of Sunday morning.

As of now, the fund is at $2 million.

This is what America is all about and, yes, I donated.