Episode 533 – They Grew What, Where?

Let’s get passed this abortion stuff to end the week.

Apple employees are lazy.

This story is so bazar I had to read it twice and then tell you about it.

And a prominent communist scholar finally admits Trump may not have been so bad.


Fire The All

According to the Daily Mail:

A group of Apple employees have accused the big-tech giant of only benefiting privileged staff with its push for corporate workers to return to the office, saying that the shift back to an in-person model will make the company ‘younger, whiter, [and] more male-dominated.’

The employees, organized under the newly-formed group Apple Together, petitioned the company on Friday in an open letter after CEO Tim Cook told staffers that they would need to work from the office one day a week starting on April 11, two days per week after three weeks, and three days per week after May 23. 

They wrote that the decision to bring employees back to the office was not motivated by a ‘need to commune in person,’ as Cook wrote in his letter to staff, but rather was driven by the company’s ‘fear of the future of work, fear of worker autonomy [and] fear of losing control.’

Now in my day, all the idiot kids would receive a group E-mail that says “no, come to work” and, if they continued to protest, they would be fired unceremoniously.

But that won’t happen:

  • Companies have gone woke. Apple is a very Leftist company.
  • Apple buys this concept of stakeholder capitalism. The employees are stakeholders.
  • There is also a big push by the Left for a Great Reset after the pandemic ends
    • The idea is that we should all be working at home because it will shrink our corporate footprint. We don’t need all the buildings anymore.
    • It will be better for the environment because people will be traveling less and won’t need cars.
    • We have the technology for it and have proven it can work.
    • And those kids know these concepts.
  • Apple does have an equality problem. They are 70% men and 30% woman with a majority of people being white.
    • That shouldn’t be Apple’s problem since most of their people are software engineers.
    • But they won’t want to be challenged.

But these kids don’t get it, either.

I remember I used to think that these entitled kids would learn when they got into the real world. Now these same entitled kids are in the workforce, the companies are being run by people who went to the same colleges, learned the same philosophies and still get upset when being called a racist and boardrooms are pushing stakeholder capitalism where they actually give a damn about these whiney kids.

But this idea here isn’t good for the kids either. They never get to socialize with the other employees and that important. They never develop any camaraderie with the teams they work with. They’re not be monitored to see if they are actually working and don’t tell me they working as hard or long at home as they would be at work.

But there’s one thing that bothered me when I was working from home: I had a hard time unwinding. My office and my home are the same thing. When I traveled to work, I had time to prepare for the day. When I traveled home, I would unwind and home was a relaxing environment because I was away from work.

I also think having to get dressed to go to work makes the individual more productive.



This Can’t Be Serious

According to the New York Post:

A man who lost his penis due to a severe blood infection has had an artificial member surgically attached to his nether region — six years after it was designed by doctors.

“I feel like a real man again,” Malcolm MacDonald, 47, exclaimed in a new documentary detailing his extraordinary ordeal.

The mechanic — who resides in Norfolk, England — was left mortified back in 2010 when his penis “just dropped off onto the floor” after he suffered an infection in his perineum.

Surgeons subsequently manufactured a new penis for the father of two using a skin flap on his left arm. They planned to move the manmade member down to his pubic area but were forced to stop the operation due to a lack of oxygen in his blood.

Now, this guy has a penis hanging off his arm. I had to read this twice because I thought it was fake. They had an entire engineering plan going on to make this thing erect and stabilize it and everything. You have to wonder who the hell thought this whole thing out and what was his motivation.

Well this guy is going to make some money on this because he’s doing a documentary on it.



Coming to the Light?

Noam Chomsky is a linguist from MIT. He’s a very smart man. But he has some real issues:

  • He hates democracy.
  • He hates capitalism.
  • He has written a book, Rule for Radicals, which is required reading by Antifa members.
  • He’s a full-fledged communist.

He also hates Donald Trump. He wrote several articles condemning Trump. He’s called him a Nazi.

But, he did admit something that sent shockwaves around the Internet:

Yes, he sounds old. That’s because he’s older than dirt. But this is a hell of a turn. This is coming from a guy who detests this country and he is saying that there would be no war in Europe if Trump was in office.

This is the thing, no one has given Trump any credit.

  • He is the first President in forever that did not deploy troops.
  • He destroyed ISIS. Well, they’re back.
  • He had three peace treaties in the Middle East.
  • He kept Russia, North Korea, Iran and China in check militarily.
  • He was the first President to walk into North Korea.
  • He had one of the lowest unemployment rates in history.
  • The stock market went nuts under him.
  • GDP was the highest in ten years.
  • And when the pandemic hit, he had a vaccine within six months. It didn’t work but he had one.

But he said crap. That’s what is going to be on his tombstone: Donald J. Trump – Said a lot of crap.

Well, we got what we voted for.




I want you to listen to this and tell me what was said. This is a little video by a gal named Robyn Henderson-Espinoza. I’ll give you a little more about her or it or whatever after you listen to the video:

Yeah, OK, what?

Let me calm you down. You’re not an idiot. She just strung a bunch of words together and made up a couple. Elon Musk said: Just because you got a college degree doesn’t mean you are not an idiot.

Some things about Doctor Robyn Henderson-Espinoza from her website and from Duke Divinity School (that’s not disturbing):

  • She’s a trans-queer Latinx.
  • An activist scholar.
  • And a Politicized Theologian.
  • Her bio on the University’s website says: Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Ph.D. has been described in a myriad of ways: a scholar-activist, scholar-leader, thought-leader, teacher, public theologian, ethicist, poet of moral reason, and word artist. That means she’s a bullshit artist.
  • She has also been described as: Among these ways of describing Dr. Henderson-Espinoza, they are also a visionary thinker who has spent two decades working in the borderlands of church, academy, and movements seeking to not only disrupt but dismantle supremacy culture by focusing their Ph.D. studies on new concepts of being and becoming, decolonizing knowledge production, and bridging with radical difference.
  • She describes her work on her site: My life’s work focuses on connecting the dots between theory & action, helping folks within the dominant culture & white-passing folks – who are ready to confront their socialization – to identify the ways they have been conscripted into supremacy culture by leaning into connection and relationship and by composting existing hierarchies into the kind of transformed culture we long to see emerge.
  • She supports critical race theory.
  • She supports Black Lives Matter.
  • And she’s really fat.

This is a gal who teaches at Duke University which charges $60K a year. And we wonder why Apple employees have the audacity to say they don’t want to come to work?

Send your kids to a trade school.




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