That’s Not Culture!

Today’s video is something that supporters and critics are calling an example of black culture. I hate this term and want it to die like a rat that has eaten arsenic. The reason is simple: there is no such thing as black culture. This song is part of hip-hop culture which is different from typical art of black people. We’ll talk about that after the song.

This is from a show on YouTube called Judge Sole London. I have see a couple of videos and it is about London being a judge of young, unproven rappers. He’s not huge. He only has about 26,000 subscribers, but it looks like it is a new channel. I have a feeling it will be only a short time before all the little kids enjoy this culture. Let’s listen:

The right is decrying this as the example of black culture. The left is celebrating this as the superior art of black culture. To me, this is just some dumb wannabe rapper mumbling about wanting dick.

It’s not culture at all. It’s crap.

But this broad is a rookie. She’s nothing in the culture. Let’s listen to the new dog on the block, Ice Spice. Mind you, she’s making a ton of money.

Some things about all this:

  • There is no black or white culture.
    • There’s a reason we went from black to African American back to black. Black people are diverse. There Jamaican, Dominican, Cuban, Caribbean, of course, African.
    • There’s also very different cultures within Africa. There Arab, Nigerian, South African, Rawandan.
    • Same with white culture. What white culture are you talking about? Irish, Greek, Italian, German, Russian, British, Scottish, Russian, Norwegian, American, Canadian? There lots of different cultures within the white race.
    • This is Hip Hop culture.
  • Is this really culture? What is enriching about it?
  • Blacks had a lot of musical art that is enriching.
    • Blues, my favorite, has been the basis for everything from Elvis to the Beatles to the Rolling Stones.
    • Jazz is a famous music genre grown by black musicians.
    • What do you think Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, BB King and Jimmie Hendrix would say about the black culture these Hip Hop people claim to be.
  • Here’s the difference: The artists of the past had to have talent. Hip Hop people do not. All they have to do is talk about money and dick.

So, in conclusion, this crap is not black culture. It is not culture. It is crap spewed by no-talent people who are looking to make a ton of money by shocking the garbage out of people. The problem is it’s boring.