Episode 233 – What a Route!

Let’s talk about the Vice Presidential debate!


The Vice Presidential Debate

I saw the Vice Presidential debate twice. I saw it live on CNN and I saw it on the Louder with Crowder. It was a disaster for Kamala Harris. She got absolutely killed. I am not sure if it is because Mike Pence is a great debater or Kamala Harris is a crappy debater. Let’s look at the debate.

Mike Pence

  • Mike Pence was calm, controlled and steady. Disciplined.
  • There was a split screen. Pence never looked down or look away. He shook his head a few times but his demeanor never changed.
  • He was the anti-Trump. Even though the media says he interrupted constantly, he didn’t.
  • He brought out policies. He said what the Trump administration has done and what they are going to do.
  • He defended the China virus policy brilliantly.
  • He provided facts including statistics. These were not arguable.
  • He let her talk herself into a corner.
  • He ran long on a lot of questions. I would have shortened my answers and used my time for her to answer questions.
  • He wasn’t entertaining. He seemed boring.


There was a instant that a fly landed on his head and stayed there for two minutes. For some reason, this became a thing for the media. We will get into that later. But the fly seems to be a thing.


Kamala Harris

She was terrible.

  • She refused to answer about court packing. She was asked three times.
  • She did not say she would end the filibuster.
  • She never condemned Antifa.
  • She never talked about the Biden policies.
  • Orange man bad.
  • She lied like crazy.
    • She lied about the China virus.
    • She lied about the Charleston comments. All that was debunked.
    • She lied about Trump’s comments about the military from The Atlantic. All that has been debunked.
  • She could not counter any of Pence’s arguments.
  • Her facial reactions were telling.



The Moderator

Susan Page was the moderator of the debate. She’s the Washington Bureau Chief for USA Today. So I expected this to be really biased against Pence. And it was. But she wasn’t terrible.

  • She reminded everyone that there was not going to be any interruptions after every question. That’s good.
  • She had a ton of leading questions. Pence dealt with that.
  • She seemed to constantly cut off Pence. Though the time seemed equal, it didn’t seem like it.
  • No follow up questions. Especially about court packing.
  • She wrote the questions, definitely controlled the debate better than Chris Wallace, but the questions were skewed. No talk of Middle East Pease, the destruction of ISIS or the economy before the Chinese virus. Just Leftist talking points.


She could’ve been worse. She did keep herself, more or less, out of the debate.

The Media

I got bad news for you but Mike Pence kicked the shit out of fucking Kamala Harris. The media showed this bu calling Pence a racist and sexist.

There’s also something else: China broadcast this debate. When Pence talked about China, his words were blocked. When Kamala talked, her words weren’t blocked. So who is the evil dictatorship of China rooting for? This is from the Ben Shapiro show.

CNN also had a poll before the debate and after the debate on who would win. They were identical though Pence gained ground. It was a garbage poll from a garbage network. They knew who they were going to declare as winner. Problem is Kamala got killed and they had to come up with something. And the tried and true “sexist” thing is what they came up with.

Listen to this from Grabien:

OK, man-splainging.

And, the fly. Wow. That fly meant he was full of shit. That fly meant he was a piece of shit. That fly meant he is evil. That fly meant he is Satan.

Ugh! This is so stupid and a coward’s way out of not admitting Kamala Harris lost the debate. She lost the debate. She lost it big. And Mike Pence is not Satan.


What Questions Weren’t Asked?

There were a few questions that weren’t asked that I think should have been asked. Let’s go over them:

  • Kamala, talk about you relationship with Willie Brown and how those appointments he gave you weren’t corrupt.
  • Kamala, you called your running mate a racist and sexist, no, rapist.. What happened?
  • Kamala, will you pack the Supreme Court? Yes or no.
  • Kamala, will you end support for the filibuster? Yes or no.
  • Kamala, do you support the Green New Deal? Yes or no.
  • Kamala, are you against fracking?  Yes or no.
  • Kamala, did you over step your bounds as a state attorney and put people in prison for non-violent crimes? Yes or no.
















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