Episode 532 – It’s Just a Draft!

Let’s take a look at the leak of Samuel Alito’s draft abortion ruling.

Let’s look at the media reactions.

Finally, let’s get back on track of what’s important.


The Leak

This ruling wasn’t suppose to come out until next month. This was a draft ruling. It’s not finished or voted on. How in the hell did this thing get out? In my 54 years, I have never heard of this happening with the Supreme Court.

More than likely, the leaker was some Lefty activist in Sotomayor’s office. I do not think Sotomayor herself would leak it or encourage one of her minions to leak it. But she is the most leftist activist on the court and Ketanji Brown Jackson isn’t on the court yet.

It is very bad that ruling get released. There are a few reasons:

  • The decision hasn’t been voted on. It’s only a draft. We cannot count that this is the decision.
  • Public opinion could affect the actual decision (though unlikely).
  • There could be threats made against the justices to force them to change their minds.
  • There could be violence against the justices.

The legal and political communities is absolutely flipping out.

  • SCOTUSblog: “It’s impossible to overstate the earthquake this will cause inside the Court, in terms of the destruction of trust among the Justices and staff. This leak is the gravest, most unforgivable sin.”
  • Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL): “The next time you hear the far left preaching about how they are fighting to preserve our Republic’s institutions & norms remember how they leaked a Supreme Court opinion in an attempt to intimidate the justices on abortion.”
  • Shannon Bream, Fox News: “Never seen anything even CLOSE to this in my 15 years covering #SCOTUS. Urge plenty of caution until an official opinion is eventually released.”
  • Andy McCarthy, former federal prosecutor: “If this story is true, the Court should issue its opinion right away. Otherwise the disgraceful leak wins. I would say that if my side lost. If we lose the integrity of the Court’s process, we lose the Court. That should be intolerable to all of us who live the country.”
  • Jonathan Turley, Shapiro Chair of Public Interest Law at George Washington University: “The alleged leak of the opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is nothing short of breathtaking. It would constitute one of the greatest breaches of security in the history of the Court. The article represents the greatest crisis that Chief Justice John Roberts has faced in his tenure on the Court. It is a breach of the most fundamental obligations and traditions of the Court. If this is a true copy of the draft opinion it is hard not to view this as a malicious act. What is the motivation of releasing such a decision? The only intent of such a leak is to trigger a response from outside of the Court. This draft is from February and the majority can shift on such opinions. However, the act of leaking such a draft opinion ranks as an original sin for judicial ethics. The most likely motivation is obviously to pressure the Court and push the legislation in Congress on a federal abortion law before the midterm elections. It will also likely renew the call for court packing.”

Chief Justice John Roberts released a statement today. He said:

“Justices circulate draft opinions internally as a routine and essential part of the Court’s confidential deliberative work. Although the document described in yesterday’s reports is authentic, it does not represent a decision by the Court or the final position of any member on the issues in the case.

“To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the
integrity of our operations, it will not succeed. The work of the Court will not be affected
in any way.

“We at the Court are blessed to have a workforce – permanent employees and law clerks
alike – intensely loyal to the institution and dedicated to the rule of law,” he said. “Court employees have an exemplary and important tradition of respecting the confidentiality of the judicial process and upholding the trust of the Court. This was a singular and egregious breach of that trust that is an affront to the Court and the community of public servants who work

So he’s going to have the court marshal investigate the leak.

Good! Whoever did this needs to be found, prosecuted and thrown in jail. This person should be treated as a traitor. This is one of the most unethical, immoral and illegal things someone could do.


Whining and Crying and Gnashing of Teeth

What’s fun about the Left being mad is they say some really insane things. I like to exploit this so let’s listen to the insanity that has been circulating the news and social media. Politicians are a bit meaner. We will cover them in a bit more detail.

For the media, let’s play a game. The DC Shorts on YouTube released a compilation of media insanity. Now, usually, I like to introduce each clip and give a thoughtful commentary but there are just too many. But let’s make this a game. I play the clip and give two to three short comments. That way we can get through this within two hours.

Here’s the first:

Some things:

  • No one is going after anything. Alito said that three times.
  • Why would any justice go after Brown versus the Board of Education, the law that ended segregation? Because all Conservatives are racist, of course.
  • The Supreme Court never eroded voting rights. They stated that certain states were violating the state constitutions in federal election.
  • I like the fascism the Supreme Court is pushing because, if states have to vote and debate abortion, it looks like Democracy.
  • Finally, Joy Behardt is an idiot.


Don’t cry. Be brave. Be a man. Though we don’t know what that is suppose to mean anymore.


Some things:

  • Liz considers it extremist that justices read the actual Constitution that she has sworn an oath to protect.
  • There we go! Destroy the system and cheat.
  • You know what I was mad about? Liz Warren pretending to be a Native American to get into Harvard.


Yes because Roe versus Wade and Casey versus Planned Parenthood were crappy rulings. He spent 98 pages telling us why. Maybe she should have read a little of it.


Some things:

  • The federal government was already in control but you liked the results.
  • Now, the federal government might have to release the control and give the decision to the people. This is Federalism which the Founding Fathers believed in.
  • Federalism is the fundamental and cultural base of this country. The Left has been picking away at it for the last century.


Some things:

  • Abortion isn’t taken away. It’s just being allowed to be voted on by individual states.
  • And it was the same stroke of a pen that allowed abortion again.

Next are two clips. They say pretty much the same thing:


Some things:

  • I want to point out that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist and eugenicist.
  • She built Planned Parenthood clinics in black areas to limit the black populations. She wrote about it. She lectured about it.
  • 57% of black women who get pregnant, have abortions.
  • Technically, anti-abortionists want the black population to grow.


We have been in the dark ages of the United states for the last 15 years. It has peaked since about 2015.


Some things:

  • That statistic is misleading. That 70% don’t know what Roe does. They think abortion will be completely banned. It won’t be.
  • Most people just want abortion banned in the third trimester, heavily regulated in the second trimester and not much regulation in the first trimester.
  • And I love this but a precedent is not necessarily constitutional. That would mean Dred Scott was constitutional.


Roe versus Wade was a bad decision. We might finally have a court that calls it out for what it is.


Some things:

  • Again, if Roe versus Wade is overturned, abortion is not ended but this is what the media wants.
  • By the way, the wire hanger abortions in bathroom was all a lie. The guy who said it is not anti-abortion and he said it was propaganda campaign.

Finally, the crème-de-la-crème from Whoopie Goldberg:

Some things:

  • “Me, my doctor and my child”? Huh?
  • Again with the public bathroom thing.
  • Abortion is not safe for the child or the woman.
  • It is a human issue. The baby is also a human.
  • This is a woman that wants to force everyone to wear a face diaper and get government approved shots for the rest of our live.

Politicians got into the act and threw out a lot of faux outrage. You already heard Liz Warren.

Here’s Pramila Jayapal. She is open and proud to tell everyone that she had an abortion in the past:

Some things:

  • I love when people use this argument because my answer is simple. There are lots of ways not to get pregnant.
  • I love when she talks about the future for the woman getting the abortion. What about the child’s future?
  • Roe versus Wade is not a law. It’s a precedent and a bad one.
  • It’s not a right for them to to determine and create precedents, it’s their job. That’s why they are there.

Here’s Chuck Schumer also throwing a fit:

Some things:

  • I love when he does this because it’s so fake.
  • You know what I’m outraged about? The Democrats in 1973 legalized abortion, made it so commonplace women think they have to have an abortion to be women.
  • And, as far as the millions and millions of women thing, I just want to point out that over 60 million babies have been aborted.

Finally, Old Joe had some words about it:

Some things:

  • He can’t seem to remember any questions.
  • Robert Bork was a textualist. He didn’t believe the government gave rights, he believed God gave rights.
  • Him saying he’s a child of God is just ironic.

Notice, not one comment, from anything we listened to, mentioned the historic event of leaking a Supreme Court draft.


Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball

The fed, today, rose the interest rate another 0.5% to try to control the wild fire that is inflation. This is going to raise rates on big ticket items like car and home loans. It’s business loans more difficult to obtain and afford. It’s going to hit the employment rate.

You might be asking why I am bringing this up after this entire article being about abortion reaction. That’s because abortion is going to be the Democrats new narrative, their platform for the election in November. They’ve fucked up everything else.

  • The economy is a disaster.
  • Gas prices are a disaster.
  • The border is a disaster.
  • Afghanistan was a disaster.
  • Our foreign policy is a disaster.
  • We have high crime, drug abuse a huge homeless problem.

Everything the Democrats have touched has been a disaster. They have decided to rally people around abortion. There’s a problem with that. Democrats have a tough time when confronted about abortion. Listen to this little clip from California that came out about a year and a half ago. It kind of proves my point:

This is why abortion is not going to be a great platform that is going to unite the Democrat party in the elections in November. When they have to explain their policies, they are horrific and people just won’t buy it.


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