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Episode 534 – Happy Mother’s Day!

The pro-abortion Left is going nuts and the violence begins.

And, since it’s Mother’s Day, the Washington Post releases an opinion piece teaching us what not to do as a mother.



The Temper Tantrums Continue

We know that Leftists can’t control themselves when they don’t get their way. So what’s the best way to get their point across? How about protesting at Catholic churches on Mother’s Day (which they hate because…well…mothers are awesome) and the homes Supreme Court justices?

This weekend, a groups known as Ruth Sent Us organized a walkthrough protest of the homes on=f the Supreme Court justices. This included them posting the home addresses of the Conservative justices: Clarence Thomas, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanagh (they hate anyway), Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts. These were called “walkthrough protests” which means these protests were meant to be peaceful. Security for the justices was increased and so far there has been no violence.

The other thing they decided to do was protest the Catholic church. These morons entered a church in New York, dressed in Handmaid’s Tale outfits and started singing about killing babies. The group is encouraging pro-abortion Catholics and Evangelicals (that’s an oxymoron) to disrupt services. I’ll have to point out Islamist mosques and Jewish temples are not being protested. Last I heard, those group are just as anti-abortion as Christians. Can we finally admit anti Christian hate?

I will have to create a video of the various protests. A bunch of people are pointing out that these tantrums are not helping their cause. The black guys dressed in drag with newspaper shoved in his shirt to simulate him being pregnant, dancing around in front of a church isn’t a good look.

In a show of what can only be called hate, a Christian posted a requests to pray with activists from Ruth Sent Us. They replied with:

“Stuff your rosaries and your weaponized prayer. We will remain outraged after this weekend, so keep praying. We’ll be burning the Eucharist to show our disgust for the abuse Catholic Churches have condoned for centuries.”

“Weaponized prayer”? This is nothing more than hate. And just to show you how out clueless this group is, Ruth Bader Ginsberg herself said that Roe versus Wade was a bad ruling and abortion needed to be codified by law.

These are hateful, terrible people. Need more proof? Listen to this activist at one of the protests.

I’ll give her credit, she’s not hiding the ball. They know exactly what abortion is and just don’t care. There is no middle ground.


President Biden

Jen Psaki was asked several times about the leaked documents and the protests at the homes of the doxed Supreme Court justices. She answered in the same:

Interesting. She says abortion has been a fundamental right for 50 years. Can we assume it hasn’t been a fundamental right for the last 250 years? Can we assume, by her statement, the Biden administration knows abortion is not in the Constitution? If it is not, can we assume Roe versus Wade is unconstitutional?

The answer is yes on all questions.

The Biden administration just doesn’t care because they go along with the extremists. How much do they go along with the extremists? Leave it to Peter Doocy of Fox News to pull the answer from Jen Psaki:

The most unifying President in United States history, huh.

By the way, Joe Biden also said Roe versus Wade was not a great ruling and needed to be codified by law.

Democrats really think this is the platform to run on. They think this will make us forget about the economy, the open borders, CRT and CGT in schools, Afghanistan and his other foreign policy disasters. Democrats also assume most of the country is into radical abortion values.

I don’t want to hear any more whining and crying about January 6th. What the radical Left believes is so much worse, so much more violent, so much more frequent and so much more disgraceful.


I Don’t Think They’re Aware of Anything

The Washington D.C. Metro police released a statement stating the understood the concerns about the First Amendment conflict:

“MPD is aware of potential disruptions associated with First Amendment demonstrations. MPD will be monitoring, assessing and planning accordingly with our local and federal partners. We have increased available resources, including the activation of our Civil Disturbance Units, in preparation for these activities.”

Of course, anyone with half a mind would ask, “What does that mean?” They were asked about that and there was no reply.

Here’s the thing: A right is a right if it does not impede on the rights of others.

If these protestors are protesting outside a church without impeding or threatening the congregants, fine. It’s tacky, cheap, misdirected and, as we’ll see, counter productive, but it’s their right.

But if they impede the congregants (which is a crime) or they walk into the church to disrupt the service (which is also a crime), they have impeded the rights of others and can’t scream First Amendment anymore.

The problem I see is the police seem to weigh the First Amendment right of the protestors with more weight than the First Amendment rights of the churchgoers. This is what happens when one group demonizes and other group. They are see as less human and less deserving. They shouldn’t have rights.


All This for Nothing

These protests are threatening and silly but so far they haven’t been violent. Don’t count on that lasting much longer. But, one thing I asked myself, was what is their point? They are not changing anyone’s mind. I fact, it appears to be doing the opposite effect.

According to the Washington Post The five justices who want to overturn Roe still want it overturned. Chief Justice John Roberts (probably one of the worst chief justices in history) is trying to convince Barrett and Kavanaugh to accept a more incremental ruling to putting limits on abortion (which, so far isn’t working). This is probably why the opinion hasn’t been released early.

Clarence Thomas also said that the court wasn’t going to be manipulated by public opinion. He said at a judicial conference on Friday:

“We are becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes, not living with the outcomes we don’t like. We can’t be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. The events from earlier this week are a symptom of that.”

This is what the leaker and the unhinged protestors don’t get. This is probably going to have the opposite affect.

  • First, if the Supreme Court changes its mind, the mob will win and we can expect more leaks like this in the future because it will have worked.
  • Second, this will be seen as the most cowardly Supreme Court in history. None of them are going to want that. By the way, Chief Justice Roberts is the epitome of a coward.
  • Third, the Conservative justices know this will end the Founding Fathers vision of the Supreme Court. It will just become another political branch of the government. For all intents and purposes, this will end respect for the Constitution and we might as well just elect judges.
  • Finally, Justice Alito’s opinion was on mark. Anybody who knows Roe versus Wade knows it.


Isn’t Being a Parent Hard Enough?

On Mother’s Day, there is nothing like releasing an op-ed trashing boys and showing the world how to be a bad mother. Leave it to the Washington Post to bring this to light. In a n article called Raising a Feminist Son Seems Easy. A Daughter? Much Trickier. by Kate Cohen.

This article is interesting because this is exactly how not to raise kids.

When I was a young mother, I was certain my husband and I could raise our two boys to be feminists. We took all the necessary steps. They got a clunky but equitable surname and painted toenails upon request.

They also got a male role model with traditionally “masculine” jobs (farmer, builder) but also plenty of stereotypically “feminine” traits. He bonded with babies, treasured his female friends and wept through the opening sequence of “Up.” For my part, I could teach them to cook, write thank-you notes and not be grossed out by menstruation.

My God:

  • This article is already annoying as hell.
  • The woman is a narcissist. She “I” four times in five sentences and when she said “we” she might as well said “I”.
  • What kind of father is this? I would never let my son be emasculated by his mother like this?
  • I saw “Up” and I cried in the beginning too. Guess what, I can cry when I see something sad and still be masculine.
  • I know women who are grossed out about mensuration.
  • Finally, when did cooking, cleaning and washing clothes become feminine jobs. Guess what? You need to be able to that stuff to become an adult. Mommy didn’t come over to my apartment and clean up after me. I had to do it myself. I learned to sew in the army.


Picture me whistling down the road with a double stroller, confident that we could bring up fair-minded and whole human beings.

Now picture me stopping in my tracks when I learned that our third child would be … a girl.

What would she learn from my example? That women do the cooking and write the thank-you notes? That mothers put their families first? Sure, my husband did that, too, but when he did it, it was progress; when I did it, it was the 1950s all over again.

Even worse: As a feminist, I was good on theory but mediocre in practice. I shied from conflict, craved approval and reflexively deferred to male authority. I knew that trying to get thinner to conform to patriarchal beauty standards was a betrayal both of my intrinsic self-worth and of women everywhere, and yet every day, I tried anyway. Every single day.

Some things:

  • The reason this is such a tough thing for this woman is she’s so busy trying feminize all the men in her life, she doesn’t know how to feminize a girl.
  • Then, all the insecurities hit her. Everything she was teaching the boys was the stereotypical female she didn’t think a feminist should be like.
  • Then she goes off on her own insecurities and blames the patriarchy.
  • Maybe she should stop trying to silo men and women and realize both men and women have strengths and weakness that are different. If she would just let everyone in the family evolve naturally, they’d probably all be happy and well-adjusted.


What if my daughter grew up to be like me? (Insecure, confused and unhappy)

I was on guard from the moment she was born. No Barbie dolls shall breach this perimeter! But as soon as she went to preschool, princesses and teen pop stars entered her consciousness and worked their Disney magic. At age 3, she would wear only dresses and announced, to her brothers’ consternation, that pink was a “girl color.”

I couldn’t control her taste, I thought, but I could control myself. I made sure to praise her brains and not her looks. I refrained from counting calories in her presence. And I stopped hugging her without permission.

Why is she trying to control anything?

Even the author has the same feminine wiles that this little girl has. She just tries to hide and suppress them. This is the problem with radical feminism. It tries to make a person who they are not. It tries to make men and women the same. It tries to feminize men a de-feminize women. It’s completely illogical.

Men and women are wired differently. We don’t understand each other. A husband and wife in a happy marriage will spend our lifetimes trying to figure each other out. This broad is such a narcissist, she thinks she knows what’s wrong with the boys and thinks she’s going to fix them.

Well, good luck with that. Her sons are going to grow up to hate her and her husband is going to remain distant.

That last one took me longer than I like to admit. She was 12, and the #MeToo movement was pointing out just how casually and commonly girls had their bodily autonomy taken from them. I realized how often I had made her kiss this or that relative whether she wanted to or not, ignoring her reluctance in the name of politeness.

Just a little FYI on the #MeToo movement, a lot of women were lying or exaggerating. Hell, I’ll go in with the leap that most women were lying or exaggerating. The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial is showing us that.

I began to ask for permission before hugging her. When she said no, I felt a kind of woeful joy. As a girl, I had not fully believed I had a right to my own body; maybe, as a woman, I still didn’t. But she did.

This is an emotionally lost woman. She’s happy when her daughter doesn’t want to hug her?

So when she started wearing makeup and asked for a razor to shave her legs, I was conflicted. Clearly, she was under the sway of the patriarchal beauty standards I so desperately wanted her to defy. But just as clearly, she was defying us.

Growing up, I had done the opposite: declined to wear mascara or shave my legs or even pierce my ears, not for myself but because I didn’t want to disappoint my left-wing father. That’s right: I totally stuck it to the patriarchy to please a male authority figure.

That explains a lot.

Needless to say, I bought my daughter the damn razor. Who was I to lecture her?

Isn’t that what she’s doing to her sons?

I had the same feeling when she fought with her dad, which she did often as a young teen: heated skirmishes between two strong-willed people whose politics were close enough to clash. Visiting her afterward in her room — no, she did not want a hug — I was tempted to suggest that she yell less and placate more. Be more like me, in other words.

I can tell you, right now, dad is not strong willed if he’s letting this harpy treat his sons like she is. Also I hardly doubt this broad placates to anyone.

By the way, who was right in these arguments. Was it the 10-year-old girl or was it the father. Bet you know who this gal thinks was right.

What’s worse, she’s being taught not to respect her father. Is their any man in the future this kid is going to respect? That’s going to make a lonely woman because a real man isn’t going to put up with that.

But I didn’t. I was astonished that she could make a smart, passionate argument and stand her ground. The least I could do was refrain from chastising her for it.

Well, there’s the answer. The daughter would have been right no matter what.

Her stance on makeup has since shifted, but her sense of self-possession hasn’t budged. The other day, while she was arguing with her father, her brother sat beside her heckling nonstop. Annoyed, she paused midsentence and turned to him. “I get that you like to make fun of me,” she said, “but wait until I’ve finished what I’m saying and then make fun of me.” He shut up. And she turned back to her father to finish making her point.

I don’t think that was a real clever response.

I pictured her then with a sword in each hand, parrying with her left while advancing with her right. She definitely didn’t learn that from her mother. But I hope I have modeled one lesson for my daughter: It’s never too late to do better.

Maybe one day I’ll grow up to be like her.

I am going to play Nostradamus.

  • Half of what she is saying isn’t happening.
  • If it is:
    • Her husband will stay with her because no other woman will have him. Women actually like masculine men.
    • Her sons will grow up emasculated, insecure, alone and making nothing of themselves. They will meet some chick at a feminist rally, wearing pussy hats. Get married and be emasculated for the rest of their lives. Just like mommy did. Money says one will end up being a serial killer.
    • The daughter will become an overbearing, narcissistic bitch and probably will end up alone like most feminists.

This Kate Cohen has it all wrong and I guarantee you she’s a miserable person. Kids do not need to be molded. They need to be led and nurtured. She does not do any of this. Kids need to grow and learn on their own. They need to drawn down the path to treat all respect.


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