Episode 535 – Look at the Shiny Bauble!

Biden continues to spend money but in all the wrong places and for the wrong reasons.

The LGBTQ Nation releases an article about a man who thinks he’s a woman not being allowed to go into a women’s prison in North Carolina. They conveniently left something important out of the article.

And a guest on MSNBC has a weird take on the Supreme Court draft leak.


Worry About HERE!

The Ukraine/Russia war continues to rage on and there doesn’t look like an end in sight. The reality is Russia can’t lose this war so they are going to fight till the end. I see this war going for years.

Joe Biden is going all in on this war.

  • The Biden administration has already spent about $30 billion in arms, supplies and money on Ukraine.
  • Two weeks ago, the Biden administration released another $33 billion dollars to Ukraine.
  • Yesterday, Joe Biden asked for an additional $39 billion for Ukraine.
    • Does this look like we are fighting a proxy war with Russia?
    • Europe isn’t spending this type of money.
  • The $39 billion is being held up because Biden included another $10 billion in the bill for COVID relief.
    • When is this administration going to realize the pandemic is over?
    • When is this government going to realize he more money they spend the higher inflation goes?

I have some real thoughts about this:

  • First and foremost, I think what Russia is doing is bad and they do need to be deterred.
    • Economic sanctions did not work because not everyone is following through because they can’t Russia’s economy is back to where it was before.
    • Putin doesn’t care about the economy much because he’s not personally affected. He’s worth billions and won’t miss a meal. He doesn’t care about the people who are the real ones suffering.
  • I don’t mind militarily supporting Ukraine. But I do have some reservation about it that the military and the public has:
    • What about our military? Are we replenishing the weapons we give to Ukraine? The military says no.
    • Do we know what Ukraine is doing with the money we are giving them?
      • Don’t forget, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
      • Ukraine is not a democracy. It’s still an oligarchy.
    • Are we running a proxy war through Ukraine with Russia?
    • Seems we are. Reports have us giving intelligence to Ukraine to that led to the sinking of a Russian missile ships.

Joe Biden wanted a victory in Ukraine to be a big win for him going into the 2022 elections. Here’s the problem: most people don’t care about Ukraine. It is not the biggest problem for Americans. In fact, it’s only number 4 biggest problems since March. It has dropped even further. And it looks like there is not going to be a all out victory for Ukraine. Russia will probably take quarter of the country.

It is not going to being a Democratic selling point in November. That’s why abortion has taken center stage. Abortion isn’t a great platform either.

But that’s the problem with this administration. It is completely out of touch. Here’s Merrick Garland of the Justice Department explaining a new department he is opening up:

This is with crime, illegal drugs, human trafficking and illegal immigration at all time highs. In that list, the environment is ranked 14th with the biggest problems in the United States.



The Real Problems

Everything is falling apart in this country and the Biden administration is not doing anything about.

  • Today, gas prices hit record highs. It is going back to $6 a gallon in California.
  • There is a huge baby formula shortage.
  • There is a shortage of product at grocery stores in general. Have you tried to buy pasta lately.
  • The stock market is crashing. It has lost 5000 points since Biden took office. The people that are being hit here are retirees.
  • The rise in interest rates is making homes unaffordable which is crashing home prices. People are finding themselves underwater with the home values.
  • The GDP is down 1.4% for the first time since the pandemic started.
  • Though Biden has said that the deficit is going down be a trillion dollars, the Washington Post gave the claim 3 Pinocchio’s.
  • The Consumer Price Index is going to be released tomorrow. Though its not going to be shocking, it is still going to have inflation over 8%.
  • Finally, there is about a 50% chance we are going to end up in a recession within the next 2 years.

All this is happening. People are suffering. People are openly saying they are suffering. But the Biden administration is worried about Ukraine and abortion.

Democrats are going to get killed in November.



What’s Missing Here?

LGBTQ Nation release an article about a man who says he’s a woman is being harassed in a men prison in North Carolina. The ACLU is now suing the Department of Corrections for not putting him in a women’s prison and not paying for his sex change operation.

I’m going to read this story and I want you to see if you can find what’s missing from this story:

The North Carolina ACLU filed a complaint at the end of April on behalf of Kanautica Zayre-Brown, a transgender woman being held in a North Carolina facility. 

Zayre-Brown is incarcerated at Anson Correctional Institution and has allegedly been denied gender-affirming care. In addition, she was held in a male facility for two years before being transferred to Anson. 

He’s being held in a male prison because he is a male. He also looks like a pretty big male.

In a release, the ACLU said the North Carolina DPS’s refusal of care for Zayre-Brown constituted a violation of the US and North Carolina constitutions as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The legal action “seeks damages and an injunction requiring DPS to provide Mrs. Zayre-Brown with necessary medical care and accommodations for her gender dysphoria, including the use of gender-consistent terminology, consistent hormone therapy maintenance, and gender-affirming surgery.”

ACLU of North Carolina attorney Jaclyn Maffetore said, “DPS’s denial of treatment is not only discriminatory – it is inhumane. By refusing to treat her gender dysphoria, DPS subjects Mrs. Zayre-Brown to needless suffering and places her life at risk.”

Couple of things:

  • Not using someone’s “preferred pronouns” is now considered discriminatory and inhumane. The DPS needs to be punished for it.
  • The ACLU might have stepped in it with this one. Are they saying that being trans is a disability? Well, of course it is because it is a mental illness.

Transgender people in carceral institutions statistically face higher degrees of violence than many other groups, including but not limited to violence from lack of gender-affirming care. In December 2021, a federal court ordered the Federal Bureau of Prisons to evaluate a transgender prisoner for gender-affirming care. This marked the first instance of such an action by the courts. 

The lawsuit points out that DPS was aware from the beginning of Zayre-Brown’s imprisonment that she had gender dysphoria but placed her nonetheless in a male facility.

Where were they going to stick him? In a women’s prison?

Hey, not everybody buys this crap and DPS has more than just this guy to worry about. They have to worry about the women in the women’s prison too.

“Being a transgender woman in a male facility exacerbated Mrs. Zayre-Brown’s gender dysphoria, caused her extreme mental and psychological distress, placed her at grave risk of physical… and sexual assault, and led to Mrs. Zayre-Brown being placed on suicide-watch.”

By the way, he’s in prison with other criminals. Maybe if he’s worried about being abused by the other dregs that have been taken out of society, as he has been, he should not have gone into prison in the first place.

Taylor Brown, staff attorney for the LGBTQ & HIV Rights Project at the ACLU was also quoted in the official release about the complaint and said it will hold the North Carolina DPS accountable for their actions regarding Zayre-Brown.

“The North Carolina Department of Public Safety will now have to answer for their unlawful and discriminatory behavior, as we fight to get Mrs. Zayre-Brown the health care that she requires and is constitutionally due,” Brown said. “The ACLU and our affiliate partners across the country will continue to hold prisons accountable for violations and deprivations of the rights of incarcerated transgender people.”

OK, there you have it. That’s the entire article. Do you notice something missing in the article? How about why he’s in prison and how long does he have to serve?

I had to go through six article, all saying about the same thing, before I found out what he did.


In 2017, Zayre-Brown went to prison as a habitual felon, convicted of insurance fraud and obtaining property by false pretenses. In others words he is serving life in prison for identity theft including home title fraud. This man has ruined lives. Obviously he still has a lot of money from his crimes because he’s willing to pay the $100,000 for his sex change operation. But that’s not what the ACLU wants him to do, they want the state to pay for the operation. Not only does the state have to pay to house this bastard, using taxpayer money from the productive and honest participants in society, they want the state to pay for his perversion with taxpayer money from the productive and honest participants in society.

Why am I paying taxes? To support this?



Just Listen to This

This is just such an amazing clip from a news from some guest on MSNBC. They are talking about the leaking of the Supreme Court draft by Justice Alito:

Some things:

  • Can you think of a more vile thing to say?
  • There is nothing she can say from here on out that will make anyone take her serious.
  • By the way, that’s the new Leftist talking point: a Conservative leaked the draft. That makes no sense whatsoever.
  • That’s because the leak is not being looked at in a bright light and it will hurt Democrats if any violence is done to any of the justices.






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