Episode 549 – It’s Definitely Grooming!

Pedophilia hits Dallas. Please don’t tell me this crap isn’t grooming.

Joe Biden has a scare while on another vacation.

And a Virginia congressman has a great idea how to implement gun control.



Here’s today’s Kamalaism.

Last week, Elon Musk said the economy is falling apart. He is laying off 10% of his workforce in anticipation of a recession. Joe Biden was asked about this and he through out a zinger that didn’t seem to really land. Listen:

Some things:

  • This was obviously a planted question. He reached into his pocket and pulled out notes that helped support his argument.
  • The moon-thing was supposed to be a zinger fell flat for a couple of reasons.
    • Elon Mush is building rockets that are going to the moon. It shows how productive Musk is versus this foolish old politician. Who is actually more valuable to the United States.
    • The government (NASA) is paying Elon Musk to build the rockets to get to the moon.


Maybe He Should Stay at the White House One Weekend

While on another weekend trip to Delaware, Joe Biden had to be escorted to a secure location because a small, private plane had enter secure airspace.

The Secret Service put out a statement:

“Shortly before 1 p.m. today a privately owned aircraft entered the restricted airspace over Rehoboth Delaware after mistakenly entering a secured area,” the U.S. Secret Service said in a statement. “The aircraft was immediately escorted out of the restricted airspace.

“Preliminary investigation reveals the pilot was not on the proper radio channel, was not following the NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) that had been filed and was not following published flight guidance. The United States Secret Service will be interviewing the pilot.”

He was taken to a fire station for an hour or so then sent back home. The pilot was escorted by, what is assumed, a couple of fighter pilots that were seen in the skies. The Secret Service does not think the president was ever in danger and that the pilot just made a mistake.

Somebody is in big trouble.

But that brings us to another point that not a lot of people seem to care about. The guy is president of the United States and there are a ton of serious issues going on and his ass is never at the White House.

According to the Daily Mail, a United Kingdom publication:

So far since taking office, Biden has spent 188 full or partial days away from the White House vacationing in either of his two Delaware properties, at Camp David or on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket.

This is broken down by 130 days in either Rehoboth or Wilmington, Delaware, 52 days at the presidential retreat at Camp David in Frederick, Maryland and six days on the luxury island of Nantucket.

He’s been in office for 500 days exactly. That means he is spending 38% of his time not at his job. That’s leaving out the mid day naps and the fact he’s probably in bed by 6 PM.

The Daily Mail continues:

At the rate of vacation days he is currently at, the president is on track to spend around 550 days away from the White House in the four years of his first term – and would amount to just 1,106 for two terms.

Just an FYI, Trump got a lot of crap for taking short vacation. He took 381 in his four year term and he didn’t have any issues like soaring gas prices, inflation and a war.

You still think this guy gives a crap about us?



Not Just in Liberal States

In Dallas, Texas, a gay bar decided it was time to Indoctrinate kids to.

The bar called Mr. Misster decided to hold an event that allowed kids and parents to attend a drag show that is Usually reserved For adults. They also invited the kids on stage to perform ei ther with 9 dras queen or solo.

The event was called “Drag the Kids to Pride” and is their “Family friendly” version of brunch.

There is a ton of video of the queens dancing sexy in very scanty outfits. Kids are seen handing the dancers dollar bills. There is a sign on the back wall that says ” it isn’t going to lick itself”. That sound appropriate. What’s really sick about this whole thing is the parents are the ones sitting there and cheering while most of the kids look completely confused. What the f- is wrong with these parents? Everyone of them should be reported to social services and have their children taken away from them. Then the parents should be charged with sexual abuse and chemically castrated when convicted.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thinks this is complete perversion.

A group called Protect Texas Kids protested outside the bar. In a statement, the said:

“The mission was to raise awareness that an event like this, a drag show for children, was happening right in Dallas. We also hoped that if we raised awareness, the event might be canceled or modified so that children couldn’t be present.”

Protesters made sure to make the perverts dancing in front of the children as uncomfortable as possible. Watch:

The Dallas Police Department was called and they removed children from the bar but not because they didn’t belong there but because of “crowd control”. By the way, this is against Texas law. This bar has been designated as a 21 or over bar.

About the protest, Protect Texas Kids released a statement:

“The mission was to raise awareness that an event like this, a drag show for children, was happening right in Dallas. We also hoped that if we raised awareness, the event might be canceled or modified so that children couldn’t be present.”

This is good. We are now beginning to push back. We are beginning to call out the grooming by these people and, don’t kid yourself, this is grooming. They are sexualizing kids.

The bar released a statement:

“We are more than happy to open our doors to celebrate Pride in a family friendly, safe environment, separate from our normal operations of 2 p.m. – 2 a.m. on Saturdays because we believe that everyone should have a space to be able to celebrate who they are, Mr. Misster is a place where everyone is welcome to feel accepted, safe and included. We had a group of protestors outside yelling homophobic threats, transphobic remarks and vile accusations at these children and parents.”

Fleccas Talks got a guy to get into the bar and interview some of the patron including the drag performers.

They can try to make themselves victims as much as they want. These people are groomers and pedophiles. Period.



Maybe She Should Have Just Watched the Match

According to Fox News:

The French Open men’s semifinal match between Casper Ruud and Milan Cilic was delayed Friday after an environmental protester tied her neck to the net. 

The match was delayed 13 minutes during the third set when a woman wearing a white T-shirt with the words “We have 1028 days left” ran onto the court at Phillippe Chatrier and appeared to attach herself to the net using metal wires and glue. 

  • She entered the stadium legally.
  • It took a while to get her off the court because security needed to figure out what she had used to get on the court and how she stuck herself to the net.
  • Eventually, they disconnected her and four guys carried her off the court.
  • I don’t even know who won.

I guess this nut job solved the “climate crisis”: The thing is is she thinks we are all going to die in 2 1/2 years, it’s too late to do anything. She might as well just have gotten a beer and enjoyed the match, as much as one could enjoy watching tennis.



Yeah, That’s an Idea

Rep. Donald Beyer of Virginia, who sits on the House Ways and Means Committee, has an idea of how to curb gun crime. How about raise tax on all “assault” rifles.

He told Business Insider:

“What it’s intended to do is provide another creative pathway to actually make some sensible gun control happen. We think that a 1,000% fee on assault weapons is just the kind of restrictive measure that creates enough fiscal impact to qualify for reconciliation.”

Some things about this bill:

  • The bill has not been finished.
  • It is unclear when the tax would come into play.
  • It isn’t known where the money would go.
  • Law enforcement and the military would be exempt so only the government would have guns.
  • Because it’s a tax bill, he believes it could clear the Senate through reconciliation. He’s kind of assuming Machin and Sinema will vote for this bill.

So only the rich will be able to afford a rifle. The goal of this bill is too stop all sales and make it unprofitable for gun manufacturers to produce weapons. It is also a step towards confiscation. If someone has to pay a “fee” for each of their “assault” weapons, that would give the government a reason to take the weapon if the fee is not paid.

Worry not. This bill has no chance. I think it might not even get a vote because I doubt it would even pass the House. It’s just way too extreme and obvious what the Left is trying to do.

By the way, it’s also unconstitutional.