Episode 551 – It’s Up to You, Parents

Let’s take a look at some news because there’s a lot of it.

And let’s listen to a story of a brave Uvalde mother saving her kids. You probably won’t hear much of this from the mainstream media.


Here is Karin Jean-Pierre again, asked about the economy. She shows out-of-touch this administration is.

Again, she better come out with better answers than that in the future because there is no doubt she’s going to be asked this question soon. Like, today.

Here’s a statement by Sen. Debbie Stabenow about she doesn’t care about how high gas prices go because she finally got an electric car:

Some things:

  • She hates you, folks. She is completely apathetic to the people she serves.
  • Most of us can’t afford a $100K car.
  • This is why politicians should not get paid to serve. They should serve because they want to. They weren’t paid in the past. That’s why the Founding Fathers did not implement any term limits.
  • I guess she has forgotten that there is a power shortage and the will be rolling blackouts. Especially in Michigan.



Let’s go over some news:

  • A California man was arrested trying to sneak on the property of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
    • He was in his mid-20s but no name was released.
    • He was carrying a gun and a knife.
    • He had a history of threatening Kavanaugh.
    • He told police he had come to kill Kavanaugh.
    • He probably is already out of jail.
    • When are they going to release this opinion? This is immoral to this point.
    • Democrats own this.
  • The Biden administration seems to think bringing in celebrities is the way to get people like them.
    • Last week, the Biden administration brought in a K-Pop band to talk about anti-Asian hate. No one cared.
    • Yesterday, the administration brought in actor Matthew McConaughey to talk about gun control.
    • McConaughey is a Democrat and has political ambition.
    • He pushed for gun control but also for re-establishment of the family, hardening of schools and bring back of American ideas patriotism.
    • Later, on the Brett Beir show, he said that control could not be implemented as an all-or-nothing strategy but be limited in slices.
    • Be honest with you, I saw the thing and it looked like an acting job and McConaughey is a much better actor than that.
  • Democrats are in for a drubbing in November.
    • Chesa Boudin, the San Francisco DA who is the son of two Weather Underground terrorists and a huge proponent of prison reform has been recalled and is out of office.
    • After the election, he said: “People are angry, they’re frustrated, and I want to be very clear about what happened tonight: The right-wing billionaires outspent us three to one, they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset, and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadowboxing. Voters were not given an opportunity to choose between criminal justice reform and something else. They were given an opportunity to voice their frustrations and their outrage and they took that opportunity.”
    • First, let’s not forget this guy was supported by George Soros so he had money.
    • And he seems to forget that San Francisco has a crime problem, a drug problem, a homelessness problem, a mental health problem and business are leaving the city because people keep stealing their inventory. But that has nothing to do with why he lost.
    • 60% voters wanted him ousted.
    • Up next: George Gascon in Los Angeles.
  • There is a 15K caravan coming up from Mexico.
    • Evidence shows this caravan is being supported by the United Nations.
    • Kamala Harris, in response, wants to send another $2 billion to Central American countries.
    • She seems to forget that half the issues the people are having involves government corruption.
  • Joe Biden hasn’t done an interview in over 3 months. In his first sit-down interview since February, he has decided to sit down with Jimmie Kimmel.
  • The January 6th Commission has decided to hold a prime time spectacular promising to release new material and excite people to vote for Democrats in November.
    • It is being produced by the same guy who did the ABC News, Nightline and Good Morning America.
    • All networks will show this extravaganza except Fox News which means they are going to have the highest ratings tomorrow.




This is Important

I haven’t talked too much about the massacre in Uvalde because there hasn’t been much to talk about because the police down there have been lying. We now know that things did not go down as the police said.

  • The shooter was outside the school for a full twelve minutes before entering the school.
  • The police were at the scene.
  • The police said that the shooter was confronted by a resource officer. He was not.
  • Then we found out the police lied about going in to face the shooter. They waited over an hour until a border patrol agent said, “screw it” and went in to kill the shooter and get shot.
  • The police also lied about the confrontations between police (who didn’t want to go in to save children) and the parents (who did want to go save their kids).

There was a story done by CBS about a woman who ran into the school and saved her two children. I had heard this but wasn’t sure how true it was. Well, here’s the interview with that woman. It was true. Watch:

This interview will be cut out of the report. It goes completely against the Leftist narrative.

  • The government doesn’t care about your kids.
  • The government won’t protect you.
  • If this woman had a gun or the other parents had guns, they would have taken care of this kid almost immediately.