Episode 553 – Really? No One Cares About This?

No one is talking about the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice, so I will.

The January 6th extravaganza took place on Thursday night and no one cared.

And Fox News does the unthinkable.






The Suspect

The criminal complaint was released against Nicholas John Roske who tried to attack Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It stated:

“Attempts to kidnap or murder, or threatens to assault, kidnap or murder a United States Judge, to wit: a current Justice of the United States Supreme Court.”

Here’s what we know:

  • The kid is 26 from Simi Valley, California.
  • The kid traveled to Maryland.
  • He took a backpack carrying:
    • A gun.
    • A Knife.
    • Pepper spray.
    • Zip ties.
    • A screwdriver.
    • A hole punch.
    • A crowbar.
    • A hammer.
  • He got to the property from California. He got Kavanaugh’s address from the Internet.
  • His plan was to kill Kavanaugh and then kill himself.
  • He wanted Kavanaugh dead because he didn’t like the leaked draft overturning Roe versus Wade and, ironically, was afraid Kavanaugh would vote against gun control.
  • When he got to the house, he saw how heavily guarded it was, he decided against an attempt to get in.
  • He called 911 and said that he was going to kill Kavanaugh and himself and he was turning himself in.
  • He said he needed psychiatric help.
  • The call lasted 15 minutes and only ended when the police arrived to pick him up.
  • He has been charged with attempted murder.

This was bound to happen because of the leak of Alito’s draft opinion and it is simply immoral for Chief Justice John Roberts not to release the opinion, which was the purpose of the leak. By the way, no one has been held responsible for leaking the document and the media doesn’t seem to care. In fact, they seem to hold this leaker as a hero. A lot of people think the police know who it is.

The media has also been disgusting with this whole. They are completely ignoring the attempted assination of a Supreme Court -Justice. The New York Times had the story on page 28 and it was completely off the website within 24 hours. Why? Because the would-be assassin did it for the Leftist cause. What would have happened if a white guy went in to kill Sonia Sottomoyer? Bet you we’d be hearing about white supremacy and the violent, hateful Republicans for the next year.

The next day, the protestors were back in front of the justices’ houses, which is illegal. No one arrested and they were applauded by the media. The House was given a bill to increase security for the Supreme Court and the House did not pass it. No one really understands how this bill didn’t pass.

The reality is these guys are hoping a Conservative Supreme Court Justice is murdered. They want him or her replaced with a Leftist judge. I used to not blame politicians and their rhetoric for the actions of nutjobs. Guess what, I do this time. If so much as a hair on their heads are harmed, I’m going to blame every Democrat because they have been pushing this since 2016.

Here’s an example:




January 6th…Yawn

So the House held its January 6th extravaganza. It didn’t quite go the way they wanted it. The event was upstaged, as far as viewership, by the new episode of Young Sheldon. The news media is claiming it was a great success because 20 million people initially tuned in. That’s not a shock. It was played on every channel except Fox News. But people began turning it off as the politicians began their diatribes.

And that’s all this was. Politicians giving campaign speeches. Videos of the most offensive moments of the riot. And accusations.

But it was missing some things.

  • Video of the Capitol Police letting people into the Capitol building.
  • Why was the police department only at half staff even though there was a report that there could be violence.
  • Why was the Nation Guard told to stand down by the mayor of Washington DC.
  • Who is Ray Epps and why wasn’t he arrested.
  • There was no mention of Ashlii Babbitt and why the officer shot her when he didn’t think she was armed.

Most of all, where was the evidence to support all the accusations? None was given. There was no “golden moment”. There was no new revelation. There wasn’t even any fireworks or laser beams. Just a bunch of politicians yammering. In fact, all they did was accuse Conservatives, half the country, of being racist, sexist bigots. Considering this was suppose to be a campaign show, which they admitted.

It really backfired.

Here is Rachel Maddow of MSNBC basically calling out this sham.

She’s calling them out and she, possibly for the first time, is completely right.

  •  The Capitol building was about a mile from the Trump rally. That’s not a short distance.
  • There were over a hundred thousand at Trump’s speech. About 2000 went t the Capitol building. Only about 300 entered the building.
  • Trump said people should be peaceful during the rally and after the rally. Yes, his language was bad, but he never encouraged a riot.
  • There is no evidence that shows something different.
  • People are not going to forget the $4 billion in damages for the riots of 2020. This garbage looks like a deflection.



Fox F-ed Up

For some reason, Fox News decided to become woke and in the worst possible ways.

Listen to this clip from this Pride special on Fox News:

This is a pure propaganda video for trans-ing kids. It’s disgusting. The thought that Fox News would avoid any of this crap because they are he only main stream news outlet that is somewhat Conservative. Now, I never believed that Fox was Conservative. I thought they were more a libertarian network like Greg Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson with Conservative commentators like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram.

Bryan Lenas, Malissa Chrise




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