Episode 555 – This is Common Sense!

Ohio passes some common sense school protection reforms.

Democrats have no idea how to fix the economy so fear mongering becomes their new platform.

And everything is racist.



Here is some news:

  • Republican Mayra Flores becomes the Representative for the 34th Congressional District.
    • She defeated  Democrat, Dan Flores.
    • She is the first woman born in Mexico to be Representative.
    • This is a huge win for Republicans because there has not been a Republican in that district for 150 years.
    • This is a Hispanic community and that is huge. Biden’s approval with Hispanics is under 30%.
    • Elon Musk voted for Flores and Republican for the first time.
  • Joe Biden, who called Saudi Arabia a “pariah” state because of the human rights, has changed his mind and now is in love with Saudi Arabia.
    • He is going to Saudi Arabia next month.
    • He’s going to ask them to pump more oil to lower oil prices.
    • Pretty sure they are going to tell him to screw off.
  • The Department of Homeland Security is preparing to discipline “multiple” horseback Border Patrol agents involved in the infamous “whipping” incident of Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border back in September.
    • This whole case was completely debunked but DHS is going to punish them anyway.
    • Even the photographer told DHS that the agents weren’t whipping anyone and he regrets the pictures.
    • The continuation of the demonization of border patrol continues.
  • The House passed a bill Tuesday to increase security for Supreme Court justices’ immediate families, with 27 Democrats voting against, less than a week after a man was arrested for allegedly plotting to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
    • The bill passed 396-27.
    • This bill would provide 24/7 security for the Supreme Court Justices.
    • 27 Democrats, mostly the Leftist wing, voted against the bill.
    • A statement was released talking about the need to protect federal judges also.
    • AOC said:“I wake up this morning and I start to hear murmurs that there is going to be an attempt to pass the Supreme Court supplemental protection bill the day after gun safety legislation for schools and kids and people is stalled. Oh, so we can pass protections for us and here easily, right? But we can’t pass protections for everyday people? I think not.”



Common Sense

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today signed House Bill 99 and provided an update on new and ongoing school safety initiatives in Ohio.

DeWine said:

“Our goal is to continue to help our public and private schools get the tools they need to protect our children. Working together, we have come a long way to improve school safety in Ohio over the last decade, and we must continue this progress. We have an obligation to do everything we can every single day to try and protect our kids.”

The bill does the following:

  • Allows the previous practice of permitting school boards to choose to arm specific staff members and mandates reasonable training requirements for those individuals. It is important to emphasize that the bill does not mandate the arming of school staff members but leaves the decision entirely to local school boards, which have the best understanding of the needs of their individual districts.
  • Appropriates $6 million over the remainder of the current budget cycle to expand the Ohio School Safety Center (OSSC) and create a new OSSC Safety & Crisis Division.
  • Governor DeWine has also instructed that the OSSC expand its number of school safety liaison positions from five to 16.
  • Governor DeWine has also worked with the Ohio General Assembly to secure $100 million in funding to help K-12 public, private, and parochial schools pay for physical safety and security upgrades.
  • Governor DeWine has also directed the OSSC and Ohio Department of Education to offer free, evidence-based threat assessment training for Ohio schools.

There are other things like improving mental health care and reducing violent crime. This is a good start and should be a blue print for the rest of the states.



Intimidate Everything

Here is Leftist Representative, Jamaal Bowman talking about what will happen if Republicans take over the House and Senate in November. Just a hint, he is a tad unhinged:

Some things:

  • The January 6th Committee is already worthless and a propaganda show. Voting Democrats out of office means voters know that.
  • There have been no findings that people already didn’t know about.
  • President Biden should be impeached.
    • Afghanistan.
    • His cognitive problems.
    • Hunter Biden.
    • His finances.
  • If Democrats are worried about the Great Replacement Theory, maybe they should stop saying that white people should be replaced by people of color.
  • Republicans are extreme and radicalized? Really?
    • They can’t define what a woman is.
    • Men can get pregnant.
    • Taxes are higher and they want them higher.
    • They want to overturn the government.
    • CRT and indoctrination in schools.
    • Illegal immigration.
    • Overturn the First and Second Amendments.
    • Pack the court.
    • End the filibuster.
    • Threaten the Supreme Court with violence.
    • 8 months of riots in 2020.
    • No prison for criminals.
    • Are Conservatives really the extreme ones?
  • As civil war thing goes, I already think we are in a cultural civil war and the Left is losing.
  • I do want to point out, this fear mongering and demonization of their opponents that the Democrats are constantly promoting just isn’t working.
    • It is an admission that they have no solutions of their own.
    • We have to vote for Democrats because Republicans are bad. That’s not a great platform.
    • They are doing what they always accuse Republicans of doing: Fearmongering.



Everything is Racist!

According to the Daily Mail:

Monkeypox will be renamed following calls for a new ‘non-discriminatory and non-stigmatising’ term, it emerged today.

The World Health Organization (WHO) promised a new name for the rash-causing virus, endemic to Africa, would be announced ‘as soon as possible’.

As well as renaming the actual pathogen itself, strains will likely be lettered, such as A or B, to remove any mention of the parts of Africa where they were first spotted.

  • Over 30 researchers last week signed a position paper stating there was an ‘urgent need’ to change its name given the current outbreak, which has mainly struck gay and bisexual men.
  • They wrote: ‘Continued reference to, and nomenclature of this virus being African is not only inaccurate but is also discriminatory and stigmatizing.’
    • It was discovered in Africa.
    • It is not called “monkeypox” because of black people. It is called that because it was first discovered in lab monkeys.
  • Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who heads the World Health Organization said:  ‘[The] WHO is working with partners and experts from around the world on changing the name of monkeypox virus, its clades, and the disease it causes. We will make announcements about the new names as soon as possible.’

It’s good to see that, instead of finding out more about this virus, they are handling the racism.



You’ve Got to be Kidding

I remember when my buddy got kicked out of the army because he had flat feet. We are living in a completely different world.

According to Daily Caller:

HIV-positive individuals may now serve in the U.S. military, but the Pentagon continues to ban those who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19 from serving.

The Department of Defense (DOD) updated a previous rule barring HIV-positive members from serving, saying that members with the virus may not be discharged as long as they do not display symptoms, according to an official memo made public Wednesday.

“Individuals who have been identified as HIV-positive, are asymptomatic, and who have a clinically confirmed undetectable viral load… will have no restrictions applied to their deployability or to their ability to commission while a service member solely on the basis of their HIV-positive status,” the memo stated. “Nor will such individuals be discharged or separated solely on the basis of their HIV-positive status”.

Military personnel can be discharged or reassigned for other reasons, including refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. Army began carrying out orders to discharge all unvaccinated personnel in January.



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