Episode 556 – I Told You This Would Happen

Joe Biden and the other Democrats continue to ride a platform that nobody really cares about.

Oregon has proven me right and it only took 16 months to do it.

And is this really just a conspiracy?


Run on This

Democrats just can’t get out of their own way. They keep taking platforms that are, not only unimportant, but unpopular. November just can’t come fast enough.


Joe Biden

According to the Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden will direct the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to expand access to “gender-affirming” care at a Pride month event Wednesday, the White House said.

Biden will issue an executive order telling HHS to strengthen efforts to ban conversion therapy and increase access to sex change treatment for transgender Americans, including for children. The order will also target legislation passed in some Republican-led states to limit the promotion of LGBT material to children, such as Florida’s parental rights law.

This executive order will:

  • Push affirming care over actual treatment which many in the LGBTQ community call “conversion therapy”.
  • This has the goal to facilitate the use of hormone therapy and transition surgeries.
  • It also addresses universal bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • The Left believes that stopping children from converting leads to higher suicide rates.
  • He will sign the bill surrounded by LGBTQ kids from Texas and Florida.
  • The goal is to counter news anti-conversion for youth policies that states like Texas and Florida and other states have implemented.

In a statement, the administration states:

“President Biden believes that no one should face discrimination because of who they are or whom they love. Since President Biden took office, he has championed the rights of LGBTQI+ Americans and people around the world, accelerating the march towards full equality.”

“Over 300 anti-LGBTQI+ laws have been introduced in state legislatures over the past year, and many of them specifically target transgender children and their parents by banning access to medical care and support at school. President Biden is addressing these harmful, hateful, and discriminatory attacks head-on – not only by speaking up for America’s families, but taking action to stand up to the bullies targeting LGBTQI+ people. 

“To help support impacted families, President Biden is charging the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) with protecting LGBTQI+ children and families from attacks on their access to health care, and has instructed HHS to release new sample policies for states on how to expand access to comprehensive health care for LGBTQI+ patients.

“The President is also directing the Department of Education with addressing the impacts of state laws that target LGBTQI+ students, and has charged the department with releasing a sample school policy for achieving full inclusion for LGBTQI+ students.”

Some things about this whole thing:

  • This is probably unconstitutional. Joe Biden is not a king.
  • Suicide rates among trans people does not lower after transition. It remains at about 40%.
  • What he does not bring up is schools have been accused of providing affirming care with notifying or getting permission from parents.


Your Little Girl Doesn’t Need Privacy

According to the Daily Wire:

Assistant Speaker of the House of Representatives Katherine Clark (D-MA), and House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) sent a letter to the House Administration Committee Wednesday pushing the Committee to support efforts to install single-occupancy restrooms in the House of Representatives and the office buildings in which Congresspeople and their staff work. Clark and Jeffries said that installing the bathrooms is critical for both tour groups and Capitol staff who identify as transgender.

Really? This is important right now? With all the crap that is happening in this country and around the world, this is the big problem? What about the 240,000 illegal aliens who crossed the border (a record) in May?

These guys are going to get slaughtered in November.



Well, Duh!

Do you know why I know they are going to get killed in November by sticking to this LGBTQ BS? Because people don’t like it and think it is going to far.

According to Fox News:

A Washington Post-University of Maryland survey released Tuesday asked a random national sample of adults whether they think “transgender women and girls should or should not be allowed to compete in sports with other women and girls at each of the following levels.”

The majority – 58% – said it should not be allowed in college or professional sports, compared to 28% who said it should. Fifty-five percent of respondents said it shouldn’t be allowed in high school sports, compared to 30%, and 49% said it shouldn’t be allowed in youth sports, compared to 33%.

I do want to point out this is coming from the Washington Post and the University of Maryland, two very Left leaning sources. We can be pretty sure they did not go to rural Nebraska to interview these people. Other polls said the number opposing this trans-crap is between 70-80% with one poll having it at 86%.

Other things:

  • 68% believed trans girls had an advantage over girls. 2% said the girls would have an advantage and 30% said there would be no advantage.
  • Respondents were also asked whether they were concerned that not allowing transgender girls to compete with other girls in youth sports would negatively impact the “mental health of transgender girls.” Fifty-two percent said they were “very” or “somewhat” concerned, while 48% said they were “not too” or “not at all” concerned. That’s an incredible stat but, upon thinking about it, most sports are co-ed.
  • The survey also found that 40 percent of Americans say greater social acceptance of transgender people is “good for society,” while 25 percent say it is “bad for society,” and another 35 percent say it is neither.

What do we learn about this poll:

  • People don’t care much about transgenderism.
  • Most people just don’t want it impacting their lives.
  • The trans community is very small (<1%).
  • Studies have even showed that a lot of people who identify as trans, queer or LGBTQ are actually straight and only identifying that way for politics or attention.
  • The Left is standing on a platform that no one cares about or that is f-ing with their lives.



Who Didn’t See This Coming

I have always been against legalized drugs even marijuana. I have a few reasons for this:

  • I have a very bad personal experience with addiction.
  • Marijuana is not as safe as people make it. It is a gateway drug for some people.
  • There’s no benefit to it. Make drugs for medical purposes if needed it.
  • We have become a nanny state. There is incredible expense at taking care of addicts.
  • The Give a Mouse a Cookie will eventually will legalize far more dangerous drugs even making them acceptable.

Well, we have proof about how bad legalizing everything is. According to Fox News:

The streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, resemble an open-air drug market. 

Heroin, meth and fentanyl use is rampant and often visible on city streets. Portland police officers drive by homeless addicts buying and using. 

The signs of drug addiction are actually increasing throughout the state, according to law enforcement sources. Oregon ranks second-highest among U.S. states for substance abuse with nearly one in five adults addicted.  

In November 2020, voters overwhelmingly passed Measure 110. The Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act secured 58% of the votes and decriminalized possession of small amounts of hard drugs such as heroin, meth, cocaine and fentanyl. 

The new law made possession of those substances no more than a Class E violation, the equivalent of a traffic ticket punishable by a maximum $100 fine. But the fine is dismissed when someone who is fined calls a help hotline, Lines for Life, and completes a health assessment. The idea is to connect drug abusers with services and treatment instead of putting them behind bars. 

Here is what’s going on:

  • Drug overdose deaths hit an all-time high in 2021 with 1069, a 41% increase from 2020.
  • According to The Lund Report, after one year, just 136 people had entered treatment, less than 1% of those helped by Measure 110.
  • The Oregon Judicial Department reports that, through the end of May, police throughout the state had written 2,576 tickets for drug possession.
  • Seventy-five percent of the tickets resulted in convictions, the vast majority because the offender never showed up in court.
  • Property and violent crimes have also gone up since this law was passed. Portland, the state’s largest city, set an all-time record with 90 murders in 2021 mostly from turf wars with gangs.

I have friends who believe in legalization and I know the worst things would not happen to those people. They are smart and responsible and I think they can handle it. But they aren’t looking at using hard drugs and they don’t expect anything from anyone. The problem is most people in today’s society isn’t like that.

We are seeing what I thought would happen in real time.




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