Episode 558 – When Ideology Meets Reality

Pro-baby killers continue to protest in front of the homes of the Supreme Court Justices but their protests are just getting dumber.

Joe Biden better start worrying about impeachments next year because he keeps breaking the law.

And Germany’s ideology has finally hit the hard wall of reality. Maybe they shouldn’t have sculpted policy from Greta Thunberg.


The Stupid of the Weekend

Joe Biden was spending his weekend in Delaware this weekend. To be honest, his antics at the White House are following him to Delaware. He can’t escape it anymore.

While riding his bike, he came to a gaggle of reporters. Or is it a herd. Trump probably thinks it’s a murder of reporters. Whatever.

Anyway, he came to a stop, lost his balance and fell straight down. He was fine. It’s not like he was moving or anything. He even tried to do a little jig when he saw reporters again later that day.

I have one question about this and it should be an obvious one. What the f- is wrong with his wife? This guy trips (at least twice) when he boards Air Force One. He looks terribly unstable when he walks anywhere. Why the hell would she put he decrepid old husband who has no idea where he is on a frigging bike? What if he breaks a hip? Is she trying to off him to get all that Ukrainian and Chinese money? How’s Hunter supposeto make a living?

I know I’m suppose to have empathyand feel sorry for him but I don’t because he has none for the rest of the country. He goes galavanting around while the rest of us can’t do a thing because of inflation and the high gas prices so screw him. I am glad that every time he goes in public, he makes an ass out of himself.

Donald Trump Jr. summed it up perfectly with this tweet:

 “I’m not sure there’s ever been a more perfect metaphor for the current state of our country than Biden falling off his bike while standing still for literally no reason.”

But it isn’t only Joe Biden who is an incometent buffoon. There is Karin Jean-Pierre who couldn’t find her ass with both hands and a roadmap. Peter Doocy is making sure we all know that. He’s going to make this gal cry on stage one day.

Here he is, asking her why Joe Biden keeps saying inflation is worse throughout the world and not just here. He wrecks her.


Yeah, bullshit. Even CNN is beginning to realize this administration is full of crap. Jean-Pierre, after this bout with Doocy, is going to take it out on her wife this weekend. Don’t be surprised if she’s out of this job in a month or the next Supreme Court Justice.

At least she’s black and gay.



These People Are Not Under Arrest…Why?

According to Fox News:

Pro-choice protesters congregated outside Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Virginia home on Saturday, dressed in clothing appearing to be soaked with blood and holding baby doll toys. 

“Abortion on demand and without apology,” signs held by members of the group Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights read on Saturday as they stood outside Barrett’s home in Falls Church.

The protesters were armed with baby doll props and were wearing pants appearing to be soaked in blood to show a future of forced births if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. 

Here is a quick interview with a few of the protestors:

Why would a Sipreme Court Justice listen to these immature children throwing a temper tantrum because they aren’t going to get what they want? Well, she shouldn’t.

Also, I want to point out, no one has been arrested yet even though this goes against federal law. Merrick Garland should be impeached.

Meanwhile, other pro-choice activists related to the radical abortion group “Jane’s Revenge” have claimed responsibility for various attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers across the country in recent days.

They said in a statement:

“We will never stop, back down, slow down, or retreat. We did not want this; but it is upon us, and so we must deal with it proportionally. We exist in confluence and solidarity with all others in the struggle for complete liberation. Our recourse now is to defend ourselves and to build robust, caring communities of mutual aid, so that we may heal ourselves without the need of the medical industry or any other intermediary. Through attacking, we find joy, courage, and strip the veneer of impenetrability held by these violent institutions.”

In some graffitti spread on these places of abortion alternatives, statements like, “If abortion isn’t safe, neither are you.” Does that sound like a terrorist threat? Sounds like it to me.

So far, the Justice Department has yet to investigate any of these attacks and no one has been arrested.

The ruling is expected this week. Be prepared for a long summer of violence and no one is going to stop it. And they want to take our guns away?



This Falls Under High Crimes and Misdemeanors

According to Fox News:

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is drafting plans to drop off migrants in American towns hours past the U.S.-Mexico border, Republican lawmakers say.

The potential policy is one way DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is seeking to ease the influx of migrants to U.S. border towns, according to a report from the New York Post. Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, sent a letter to Mayorkas expressing his concern about the government sending waves of migrants to San Angelo, Texas, a town he represents.

“San Angelo is a welcoming community, but the locality has not volunteered for this mission, nor are they responsible for the burdens of the border crisis,” Pfluger wrote in the letter.

“This situation is a direct result of DHS’ shortsighted policies that encourage more illegal immigration and the agency’s failure to establish operational control of the southern border,” he added.

Democrats are going to get murdered in November. I think I say this every podcast but it’s true. When Republicans take over the House and the Senate, One of the things when it comes to impeachment and the Republicans is that the Republicans need a reason, a “high crime or misdemeanor” that the Constitution requires. Democrats don’t need that stuff like legal reasons. That’s why the impeached Trump twice for a phone call and when Trump wasn’t even President anymore.

Well, the Republicans have a crime now. Aiding and abetting felons. That’s what this is. The Biden administration is deliberately ignoring federal law created by Congress and hiding these illegal aliens in small towns without the permission of the towns.

This is impeachable. Let’s just hope the Republicans have the balls to do it.



This is Where the Green Movement Will Always Lead

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Germany will restart coal-fired power plants and offer incentives for companies to curb natural gas consumption, marking a new step in the economic war between Europe and Russia.

Berlin unveiled the measures Sunday after Russia cut gas supplies to Europe last week as it punched back against European sanctions and military support for Ukraine.

The steps, part of a broader strategy initiated after the invasion of Ukraine, aim to reduce gas consumption and divert gas deliveries to storage facilities to ensure that the country has enough reserves to get through the winter.

Russia’s gradual cutting of gas supplies has raised the specter of a potential fuel shortage if Europe goes into winter with less-than-full stowages. It has also raised prices, putting additional pressure on economies that are already struggling with high inflation and rising borrowing costs and face the prospect of a recession.

The problem Germany and the rest of the first world is having is that reality is beginning to poke their ideology. You can’t base policy on the ideology of an 18-year-old high school dropout. We are seeing that now. If a country is going to cut energy, it will need to have something to replace it. We do not have the technology to do that now. So first world countries are going to have to go back to fossil fuels or bring their populations back to the dark ages. That is not going to be a popular position politically.

Joe Biden is an example of a guy who can’t get passed his ideology and he is stuck in a Leftist echo chamber where all his cabinet is telling him he must continue with the fuel shortages for this transition. Democrats are going to pay for it.




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