Episode 723 – FAFO!

Ron DeSantis keeps showing how he is different than Donald Trump.

Republicans score a big win in North Carolina.

And Chicago is getting what it deserves.



Here is some news:

  • Bill Barr gave his opinion on the Durham report.
    • Barr is the one who appointed Durham.
    • Barr is no Trump fan.
    • He said of the report: “This is one of the greatest injustices done to a presidential candidate and a president. And he was treated unfairly here. So, he is vindicated as far as Russiagate is concerned.”
    • He said of Trump running again: “And the fact that he was able to accomplish a lot in the face of it, I think was a great achievement. I have other problems. I’m not supporting him for renomination, but he was right on this. And this is a vindication. He had it right from the beginning.”
    • Good answer from a quality guy.
  • North Carolina lawmakers Tuesday overrode Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill in an effort to ban most abortions after 12 weeks.
    • Both the state Senate and House have Republican super majorities and overrode the veto.
    • This is how the fight against abortion is going to be won.
  • Trump, who is going hard after DeSantis, had a comment about DeSantis implementing a 24-week abortion ban. He believed that the ban was to harsh and Republicans might not support it. DeSantis had a response to this:

    • Conservatives support these bans though Republicans are scared of them.
    • Trump is always fighting from the Left of Trump. This is not going to be embraced by real Conservatives.
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday that he is sending more than 1,100 assets to Texas to assist Governor Greg Abbott in combatting the illegal immigration crisis that President Joe Biden caused on the southern border with his policies.
    • The resources that DeSantis is sending to Texas include: 800 Florida National Guard soldiers, 101 Florida Highway Patrol troopers, 200 Florida Department of Law Enforcement officers, 20 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers, 20 emergency management personnel, 17 available unmanned aerial vehicles and support teams, 10 vessels, five fixed-wing aircraft with monitoring equipment and downlink capabilities with two aviation crew teams, and two mobile command vehicles with command teams.
    • This is a winner for DeSantis.
    • Trump did build a wall but it was never finished which DeSantis is going to beat on
  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified before members of the Senate on Tuesday about the risks from artificial intelligence advancements, encouraging lawmakers to implement regulations.
    • He said: “We take the risks of this technology very seriously and will continue to do so in the future. We believe that government and industry together can manage the risks so that we can all enjoy the tremendous potential.”
    • Some of the issues facing AI include unemployment for more mundane jobs like secretarial work, assistant jobs and data entry.
    • He suggested that advanced unemployment benefits and heavy regulation may be necessary.
    • He also said: “We understand that new AI tools can have profound impacts on the labor market. As part of our mission, we are working to understand the economic impacts of our products and take steps to minimize any harmful effects for workers and businesses. We expect significant economic impacts from AI in the near-term, including a mix of increased productivity for individual users, job creation, job transformation, and job displacement. We are actively seeking to understand the relative proportions of these factors.”




This story falls under the fuck around and find out model.

Texas continues to send illegal aliens to Chicago, New York and Maryland. These cities continue to try to deal with the issue. But the people of Chicago have had enough and are beginning to bitch about it.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Here is a piece from a local news about the influx of illegal aliens and them being moved to the southside of Chicago. Where do they want to put them? In an old high school in the middle of one of the neighborhoods.

Here are protestors outside the high school where the politicians want to put the illegals. I want to point out that most of the protestors are black.

Amazing how all these people wanted all this illegal immigration because it was the moral thing to do when the illegal aliens were being kept in Texas, Arizona and Florida. But when they’re sent to Chicago, New York, Washington D.C. or Martha’s Vineyard, all hell breaks loose

I said it once and I’ll say it again, fuck them. They voted for this, they get what they deserve.