Episode 752 – The Endless Fall Continues

Bud Light continues to slip into the bowels of Hell.

The Biden administration continues to improve our military.

And Lefty policies continue to make a Utopia of blue cities.


Here is some News:

  • Inflation has fallen to 3% from last year. That’s good news.
  • Leslie Van Houten, a Manson Family member who had a hand in the murder of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, has been released from prison after 53 years.
  • President Biden skips the NATO dinner last night because he had work to do.
  • Bud Light has been given Costco’s “Death Star”.


Dumbass of the Day

Kamala Harris becomes our first two-time winner of the Dumbass of the Day. Here she is, oversimplifying the job of the transportation department.

This begs the question, if that’s all the transportation is, why does this administration keep fucking it up?

This habit of simplifying things she has shows she’s either really dumb and doesn’t understand things are more complicated or she thinks we are. Either way, this type of stuff makes her unpopular.


Nothing Like Solid Preparation

The Left is really trying to f-up our military. It used to be if you could do a pushup or pull up, they’d kick you out. The reason being, you had to be strong to fight. You needed to go hand-to-hand against the enemy. You needed to be able to carry men who were injured or dead off the battlefield.

Not anymore.

According to the Post Millennial:

The Department of Defense’s fitness policy for transgender servicemembers drew scrutiny earlier this month, after it honored a trans-identified male, US Army Major Rachel Jones, on July 2. 

Just a little information here, Robert Jones or whatever his real name is, is really old and fat. He could not do a pushup to save his life. This guy would be kicked out of the army because he can’t lift anything. But he says he’s a woman so he doesn’t have to do any pushup, pull ups or run.

Journalist Jordan Schachtel claimed on Twitter, “US service members who identify as transgender can seek an indefinite fitness standards exemption.” He added, “That is how this guy managed to avoid PT (Physical Training)” in regard to Jones. 

According to the Department of Defense instruction 1300.28 on transgender servicemembers, a “Service member must meet, all standards for uniforms and grooming; body composition assessment (BCA); physical readiness testing (PRT); Military Personnel Drug Abuse Testing Program (MPDATP) participation; and other military standards applied with consideration of the Service member’s gender” as noted in their personal Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) record.

It says that every transition is unique and that there is no timeline for when a servicemember is considered “fully transitioned.” 

The Army, Navy and Air Force all have separate standards for trans cultists. does this sound like it’s making our military stronger? Are they doing this in China? Of course not.

What is worse here is that it is putting the spotlight on individuality.



Portland has become a liberal hellscape. They have a major crime problem from the fact they don’t throw anyone in jail, a drug problem because they’ve legalized all drugs, a homeless problem since they don’t care about quality of life. All these policies have turned a beautiful city into a trash fire.

But they government there is doing the important things. According to the Fox News:

As Portland struggles to manage crime and an increase in homelessness, city staff members are being told to adopt a more “culturally conscious” vocabulary that includes not using words such as “women,” “Caucasian” or “citizen.”

The Office of Equity and Human Rights pushed an Inclusive Writing Guide in June as part of a “city-wide collaboration” to alter commonly used terms that they feel have evolved.

The guide suggested removing femininity from terms commonly used for women, including replacing “pregnant women” with “pregnant people” to be inclusive of those “who have this experience [pregnancy] but do not identify as women.”

Portland officials also advised staffers to “instead of women’s health rights, say reproductive rights, instead of feminine hygiene products, say menstrual products or period products, and instead of breastfeeding, say chest feeding.”

This is what these people think about all day. When I tell you the disaster in these blue cities is done on purpose, it’s stories like this that prove my point. These people aren’t looking to solve problems. They’re here to change the system. Yeah, that turned their cities into hell but that’s the goal. Why does the Biden administration open the southern border and let everyone from Mexico in. The goal is to make the United States into Mexico.

Why? Power. Weaken the people so the elite can maintain power. This is happening everywhere. Why do you think everything the Left does is to make our lives work up to take our food away? Why is California banning tobacco but legalizing weed? Could dumbing down and pacifying the masses be it? This is what the Great Reset is about. They are advertising this. They are writing books about this.

Well, Portland is dealing with the huge drug problem. According to the Post Millennial:

Portland officials also advised staffers to “instead of women’s health rights, say reproductive rights, instead of feminine hygiene products, say menstrual products or period products, and instead of breastfeeding, say chest feeding.”

The Oregon Legislature passed a bill that decriminalizes the distribution of drug paraphernalia if the materials are for harm reduction purposes.

It has not been signed into law by the governor of Oregon yet, however, residents of Portland have reportedly become frustrated about the situation with regards to drug use. Many reports have shown an increase in fentanyl overdoses as well as a growing number of residents wanting to bring back criminal penalties for the open use of drugs. 

Question, why do this unless you want people on drugs or dead? Why enable this behavior? Because the Left is about death and compliance. Drugs do both.


Speaking of Shitholes

Los Angeles, which is really in bad shape, has decided to get worse. A federal judge said that bail is unconstitutional and that the zero-bail policy shall be implemented. Listen to this news clip posted by the rapper 50 Cent:

So, I will not be walking through Los Angeles unarmed. There’s no incentive not to commit crime and there’s nobody there to protect me and my family.

Rapper 50 Cent had an opinion on it.

According to the Daily Wire:

Famed rapper Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, declared the Democrat-controlled city of Los Angeles “finished” after the city reinstated zero-bail policy.

A Superior Court judge issued the order in late May after several plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit claiming that they suffered “negative consequences because they could not afford bail, including missed work, separation from their families and lapsed medical care,” according to KTLA.

“LA is finished,” Jackson wrote in an Instagram post that included a news segment. “Watch how bad it gets out there.”