Episode 776 – They Used to Burn You at the Stake for Less

Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic church, is a heretic.

Those paper straws you’re being forced to use to save the environment turn out not to be great for the environment.

And Joe Biden wants to outlaw beer! OK, calm down. That’s not what’s happening. Let’s talk about Right-wing overreaction.

Going to Hell and a Hand Basket

The august employment numbers are out:

  • 187,000 jobs were added.
  • The expectations were at 170,000.
  • Wages grew 4.3%. Inflation is at 3.2%. That’s the good news.
  • 225,000 more people are looking for jobs. The China virus money is running out. We have been waiting for this.
  • June and July’s numbers have been revised down by 110,000 jobs. So all that celebrating was for not.
  • Unemployment is up from 3.5% to 3.8%. That’s really bad and many think this drop is just the beginning.
  • As far as inflation, that 3.2% crap does not include energy. Average gas prices are up and expected to get higher. They are at $3.82. In California and most of the West Coast, the average is back over $5.00.


Dumbass of the Day

Guess what isn’t out of season. High winds and dry weather in Maui (FEMA was in Hawaii at the time to plan for forest fires) and hurricanes from August to November (it’s hurricane season). I also want to point out the Hurricane Idalia hit Florida at a Cat 1 hurricane and dropped down to a tropical storm. Damage was minimal.

This Guy Is A Disaster

I am a Catholic. Always have been and have become a stronger Catholic as I have gotten older.

The Catholic church is run by Pope Francis and the Vatican in Rome. The pope is considered infallible when it comes to church doctrine. That is important to understand. He is not infallible in everything.

The church has always been liberal when it comes to politics and economics. The church likes the concepts of centralized power and equity. They like communism and socialism and globalism. Mind you, they like the concepts. In practice, they condemn it. As a matter of fact, you could say that the church’s implementation of socialism didn’t work out real well.

What the church has always been is conservative when in come to social policies and practices. They believe in sanctity of the family. They are against abortion, gay marriage and the trans cult. They push attendance to religious ceremonies, the belief in God and spreading His message. They believe in freedom and individuality.

And then there’s Pope Francis.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Pope Francis has blasted the “backwardness” of some conservatives in the U.S. Catholic Church, saying that they have replaced faith with ideology and that a correct understanding of Roman Catholic doctrine allows for change over time.

Francis’ comments were an acknowledgment of the divisions in the U.S. Catholic Church, which has been split between progressives and conservatives who for decades found support in the doctrinaire papacies of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI, particularly on issues of abortion and same-sex marriage.

You know, the conservatives that are anti-abortion, anti-drugging and mutilation of kids, pro-family, anti-gay marriage. Everything that the church has stood for for thousands of years. Those conservatives.

Many conservatives have blasted Francis’ emphasis on social justice issues such as the environment and the poor, while also branding as heretical his opening to letting divorced and civilly remarried Catholics receive the sacraments.

As far as the environment, he believes in destroying economies and removing the technologies that have made life livable and increased the quality of life like air conditioning. As far as the poor, he believes in taxing the rich and giving the money to the poor. In other words, equity. The church actually saw this as theft. They believe rich individuals should be charitable.

Francis made the comments in a private meeting with Portuguese members of his Jesuit religious order while visiting Lisbon on Aug. 5; the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, which is vetted by the Vatican secretariat of state, published a transcript of the encounter Monday.

During the meeting, a Portuguese Jesuit told Francis, 86, that he had suffered during a recent sabbatical year in the U.S. because he came across many Catholics, including some U.S. bishops, who criticized Francis’ 10-year papacy as well as today’s Jesuits.

They criticized the pope because he refuses to go against major left wing policies like abortion and the trans thing. To this date, he has only condemned abortion once. He also has supported child birth outside of marriage and the illegitimacy of the family. He also believes church doctrine is fluid and can change with the times. Does that sound familiar?

Francis, who hails from Argentina, acknowledged his point, saying there was “a very strong, organized, reactionary attitude” in the U.S. church, which he called “backward.” He warned that such an attitude leads to a climate of closure, which was erroneous.

“Doing this, you lose the true tradition and you turn to ideologies to have support. In other words, ideologies replace faith,” he said.

It seems that ideology is replacing his faith. Notice leftists always accuse conservatives of doing what they themselves are doing?

“The vision of the doctrine of the church as a monolith is wrong,” he added. “When you go backward, you make something closed off, disconnected from the roots of the church,” which then has devastating effects on morality.

“I want to remind these people that backwardness is useless, and they must understand that there’s a correct evolution in the understanding of questions of faith and morals” that allows for doctrine to progress and consolidate over time, Francis said.

Here is the pope saying church doctrine should evolve, or change, with the times. If he said this 600 years ago, he would have been burned at the stake as a heretic.

Francis has previously acknowledged the criticism directed at him from some U.S. conservatives, once quipping that it was an “honor” to be attacked by Americans.

Notice he attacks American conservatives yet he says nothing of the Chinese atheists? I wonder why?

This guy is a heretic and his reign can’t end soon enough.

Who Would Have Thunk It

According to the New York Post:

Paper straws might not be the “eco-friendly” drinking tube they’ve been promoted to be: Belgian researchers found that these so-called “green” utensils are toxic and therefore potentially worse for the environment than their much-vilified plastic counterparts, according to a new study published in the journal Food Additives & Contaminants.

“Straws made from plant-based materials, such as paper and bamboo, are often advertised as being more sustainable and eco-friendly than those made from plastic,” Thimo Groffen, Ph.D., study author and an environmental scientist at the University of Antwerp, said in a statement. “However, the presence of PFAS [poly- and perfluoroalkyl-based substances known as “forever chemicals” because they last for a long time before breaking down] in these straws means that’s not necessarily true.” 

The new research comes following multiple initiatives enforced by numerous US cities, including New York, and restaurant chains to ban disposable plastic suckers comprised of polypropylene and polystyrene, which take hundreds of years to decompose and are linked to health problems from liver problems to birth defects.

Who would have thunk it. The cure is worse than the disease. Sounds kind of like the situation with the China virus.

However, according to the new research paper, this is a total “strawman argument” — as these alleged environment-saving slushie siphons are potentially packed with more PFAS than the “evil” plastic version.

To deduce this a-straw-calyptic theory, researchers analyzed the PFA concentrations of 39 brands of drinking straws, which were comprised of five materials: paper, bamboo, glass, stainless steel, and plastic.

They found that paper straws were the most PFA-filled with a whopping 90% of paper straws containing the chemicals.

Meanwhile, bamboo straws — another highly touted green alternative — clocked in second with 80%, followed by 75% of plastic straws, 40% of glass straws, and none in steel straws.


Much Ado About Nothing…Sort Of

According to Fox News:

President Biden’s alcohol czar says Americans may be told by officials to have no more than two beers a week.

Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) George Koob told the Daily Mail on Thursday that the U.S. may follow Canada’s footsteps on alcohol guidelines.

Currently, American guidelines recommend men limit themselves to two drinks per day while women should only have one drink. The American recommendations are up for review in 2025.

Canada’s guidelines recommend only having two drinks per week.

This doesn’t sound too extreme.

Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls told Fox News Digital the “rich men north of Richmond are once again recommending what hard-working Americans should and shouldn’t do.”

“Biden’s beer czar has no business advising ‘guidance’ on alcohol consumption,” Nehls said. “This is who the Democrats are. They want to control every aspect of your life.”

“Two beers a week? What a joke,” he continued. “Let’s not forget that JFK snagged 1,200 Cuban cigars just hours before banning all Cuban products from the United States.”

Distilled Spirits Council vice president of science and health Amanda Berger blasted Koob’s comments in a statement to Fox News Digital.

“Dr. Koob’s comments calling for a drastic change to the federal recommendations on alcohol before the review of alcohol research has even begun undermines the scientific rigor and objectivity of the entire Dietary Guidelines process,” Berger said.

This seems like a pretty extreme response. It isn’t but it is an example of seeing the slippery slope.

People are the best judge of their health.


Just Leave People Alone

According to the Post Millennial:

A proposed rule change by the Department of Energy to make ceiling fans more energy efficient is receiving pushback from Republicans in the House Committee on Small Business who fear the new regulations could put small manufacturers out of business. 

In a letter to the Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm on Thursday, the group of Republicans wrote, “This rule would require numerous small business fan manufacturers to redesign their products and may put between 10 and 30 percent of small business ceiling fan manufacturers out of business.”

Analysis from the DOE shows that the new rules would save the average consumer $39.84 over the device’s lifespan while costing manufacturers a total of $86.6 million per year in increased equipment costs. 

A DOE spokesperson defended the proposed changes in a statement to Fox News, saying, “These proposed standards, which are required by Congress, wouldn’t take effect until 2028, would give Americans more energy efficient options to choose from, and would save hardworking taxpayers up to $369 million per year, while substantially reducing harmful air pollution — a crucial fact that some have conveniently failed to mention.”

They want to get rid of:

  • Gas powered cars.
  • Gas powered buses.
  • Gas powered trucks.
  • Gas powered stoves.
  • Air conditioners.
  • Water heaters.
  • Light bulbs.
  • Refrigeration (remember the freon bans?).
  • Gas generators.
  • Gas powered lawn mowers.
  • Leaf blowers.
  • Cigarettes and cigars.

Let’s not forget they want to ban other things that have nothing to do with the environment like guns, speech and religion. Basically, this government wants to bring us back to 1702 before we had the technology to improve and extend life and before we freedom was written into the laws of this country.

Whenever a Leftist screams about saving democracy, ask yourself what “democracy” he’s talking about.


A Terrible Story

This is a terrible story of bureaucracy destroying lives and there is no way people are going to recover.

Here is the story:

  • Appomattox County Public Schools concealed Sage Blair’s gender transition from her parents and hid the fact that she was being bullied over dressing like a boy.
  • The events and secrecy led to Sage running away from her rural Virginia home.
  • She was captured by a sex trafficker and taken to Baltimore, Maryland, where she was held in a locked room and raped by multiple men,
  • When the FBI recovered her, a Baltimore public defender named Aneesa Khan worked to keep the girl in Maryland until her parents accepted her gender transition.
  • The mother had not refused to accept her child’s transition because she did not even know about it.
  • Khan threw away the letters that Michelle Blair was sending her and led the girl to believe that she had been abandoned by her parents.
  • The 14 year old rape victim was put in a Baltimore group home with teenage boys and “told by Khan that her parents no longer wanted her, and that Khan was going to arrange for [her] to live with a family in Maryland who would affirm her as a boy.”
  • Even after a judge said that it would be illegal under the Interstate Compact on Juveniles to refuse to return the girl to Virginia, the girl remained in Baltimore while Khan appealed.
  • This Khan bitch got two counselors to say that Blaire’s mom abused her to keep her in Maryland and presented
  • In the group home, she was raped again until she ran away.
  • She was kidnapped by another sex trafficker and forced into slavery.
  • Texas caught this guy, freed his slaves, and sent her home…finally.

 Michelle Blair, the child’s mother, is a foster care parent herself with a perfect record.

The Daily Wire contacted the Maryland Public defenders office. This is what the Daily Wire wrote:

Melissa Rothstein, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Office of the Public Defender — whose email signature includes her pronouns — returned a request for comment from The Daily Wire only by expressing concern for the safety of the lawyer, Khan.

“We remain concerned for her safety and caution against including personal identifying information or photo, which could reignite and expand these threats,” Rothstein said.

The Blair’s filed a lawsuit stating:

The lawsuit seeks “to recover damages for tortious interference with the parent-child relationship, conspiracy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, professional malpractice, and other rights under Virginia law.”

“Deprived of her parents’ care and treatment as a result of Appomattox Defendants’ conduct, S.B. feared continuing harassment and assaults at school and threats from schoolmates to pursue S.B. and her family at home and ran away. She was found by an adult male who kidnapped S.B., drugged and violently raped her in the backseat of his car. It was this man that she lost her virginity to. He then drove her to Washington, D.C. and left her with two men who raped and drugged her again. These two men drove her to Maryland and left her with a registered sex offender. He kept S.B. in a locked room after raping her and trafficking her to other men.”

I will go a step further, this Kahn bitch should lose her license and go to prison.