Episode 777 – That’ll Stop the Fire!

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are horrid and Democrats are actually shocked. They need to find a new way to win the election.

New York City brings us closer to the dystopian hellscape described by Orwell and Huxley.

Let’s answer the age old question: Do you give up your plane seat.


Here is some news:

  • Joe Biden is way under water in the polls.
    • Approval – 42-56
    • Too old – 70-30
    • Trump is up on the economy and comparing performance by 10 points.
  • There is a push by Democrats to get Trump pulled off the ballot.
    • The first state really pushing it is New Hampshire.
    • They are using the Civil War era entry into the Constitution. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.
    • Trump does not qualify for that.
    • This could be a disaster if they pull this out.
  • The Burning Man fiasco.
    • Burning Man is a hippie music festival that started in San Francisco and was moved to the desert in Nevada.
    • It is a communist festival that is known for burning the effigy of a man. You know, the communist people are bad thing.
    • They are also known for an orgy dome.
    • Well it rained. About half an inch, the ground got muddy and people and cars got stuck. You would have thought Noah’s great flood is back.
    • A town was five miles away.
  • Jill Biden has the China virus even though she has taken five shots.


Dumbass of the Day

Happy Labor Day!

According to NBC News:

Those attending outdoor parties or barbecues in New York City this weekend may notice an uninvited guest looming over their festivities: a police surveillance drone.

The New York City police department plans to pilot the unmanned aircrafts in response to complaints about large gatherings, including private events, over Labor Day weekend, officials announced Thursday.

“If a caller states there’s a large crowd, a large party in a backyard, we’re going to be utilizing our assets to go up and go check on the party,” Kaz Daughtry, the assistant NYPD Commissioner, said at a press conference.

The plan drew immediate backlash from privacy and civil liberties advocates, raising questions about whether such drone use violated existing laws for police surveillance.


Is This Really an Issue?

According to Fox News:

Last month, a woman named Sabrina posted a TikTok video that went viral saying an airline worker asked if she would switch her front-row first-class seat so a teenager could sit with their family. 

She denied the request and wrote in the video’s caption: “That’s a no from me dawg. Would you have given up your seat? Also they ended up finding a solution so no, I am not a terrible human being. Also the child was like 13.”

Sabrina told Fox News she was offered a seat in the back of first class in exchange for her first row seat. She said she still feels comfortable with her decision. 

“The ticket was NOT cheap and I booked my seat in advance to make sure I treat myself to a nice experience as a reward for finishing my PhD,” she said. 

If it was me, that kid would be sitting in the back of the plane. The parents should have planned their trip better.


Making Us Dumber

According to the Washington Post:

The nation’s top health agency is recommending easing restrictions on marijuana in what could portend a landmark shift in federal policy on cannabis.

The Department of Health and Human Services has recommended to the Drug Enforcement Administration that marijuana be reclassified as a lower-risk, Schedule III controlled substance, according to a person familiar with the recommendation who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the issue. Marijuana is currently a Schedule I controlled substance, deemed alongside heroin and LSD as having the potential for abuse and with little or no accepted medical use.

DEA, which said it has the final authority to classify a drug under federal law, confirmed it has received a recommendation from HHS and said it will now initiate its review. The process could take months. If DEA follows the health agency’s recommendation, marijuana would be placed in the same category as anabolic steroids and ketamine, which can obtained with a prescription.

Such a decision would not outright legalize marijuana at the federal level,a policy that has long conflicted with those of states that have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. But itcould nevertheless alter the landscape of cannabis in this country, boosting the regulated marijuana industry in states where it is legal and even facilitating more scientific research into the effects of the drug.

“We believe that rescheduling to Schedule III will mark the most significant federal cannabis reform in modern history,” said Edward Conklin of the U.S. Cannabis Council, a nonprofit that advocates for the regulated cannabis industry. “President Biden is effectively declaring an end to Nixon’s failed war on cannabis and placing the nation on a trajectory to end prohibition.”