Episode 862 – Can She Really Throw a Baseball 95 MPH?

Canada has decided to throw people in jail for talking about things Leftists don’t like.

Alejandro Myorkas decides to flat out lie about the Laken Riley murderer.

And Donald Trump finishes Nikki Haley on Super Tuesday.

Dumbass of the Day

Oh God!

According to the Daily Wire:

The Major League Baseball video game “MLB The Show” is introducing women players in its 2024 edition of the game even though professional women’s baseball doesn’t exist.

For the first time, gamers will be able to create and play with a woman baseball player in the “Road to the Show: Women Pave Their Way” game mode. The “Road to the Show” game mode, which has been a staple of “The Show” throughout the years, allows users to customize a player and play through an MLB career.

Mollie Braley, a narrative designer, for “MLB The Show” told PlayStation.Blog that the game’s new feature allowing people to play as women “was inspired by the stories of women in baseball.”

“Throughout history, women have been making waves in the sport,” Braley added. “These include legends such as Toni Stone, who was one of the first women ever to play professional baseball, and has a new Storyline in MLB The Show 24. Our team wanted to create something where dreams become a reality, and we felt like adding this to Road to the Show was the perfect opportunity that gave our players the option to experience this.”

Kelsie Whitmore, who plays on the Women’s USA Baseball National Team, said:

“This new gameplay experience is a unique pivot in the baseball world that will encourage, inspire, and motivate individuals to chase their dreams.”

Pivotal how? Are women suddenly going to be good enough to play Major League Baseball? Is anyone actually preventing a woman for trying out for a men’s baseball team?

“To me, this project is a great opportunity for the world to be informed of women who play baseball and that taking their skills to the next level is possible. My hopes for this project is to educate others that women/girls do play baseball and that they are capable of competing in this game at every level.”

“Educate women and girls”? So women can hit a baseball 400 feet? So women can pitch a baseball 95 miles an hour and they have just been suppressed from doing so? Do you think if there was a woman who could do any of these things, she would not be signed.

What really annoys me is the femininization of sports in general. Their are now female commentators in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. They are making asses out of themselves. In the NHL, females are applying strategy from the women’s game to the men’s game and the commentators are arguing with them.


We Aren’t Far Behind

According to the Post Millennial:

The Trudeau government tabled Bill C-63 Monday, entitled The Online Harms Act. At a late afternoon news conference, federal Minister of Justice and Attorney General Arif Virani advertised the legislation as a way to “create stronger online protection for children and better safeguard everyone in Canada from online hate and other types of harmful content.”

However, the bill targets a cornucopia of free speech issues and seeks to “protect all people in Canada from hatred.” The legislation would create a definition of “hatred,” increase existing penalties for “hate propaganda offenses” and promulgate a unique Criminal Code entry for a “hate crime offense” while offering new “remedies” for violating online hate speech within the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The “new standalone hate crime offense … would apply to every offense in the Criminal Code and in any other Act of Parliament allowing penalties up to life imprisonment to denounce and deter this hateful conduct as a crime in itself,” according to a technical briefing that preceded the news conference.

A human rights tribunal could also impose fines of up to $70,000 for posting “hate speech,” according to the bill.

The legislation would include an online censorship czar, dubbed a “digital safety ombudsperson,” within a new government agency called the Digital Safety Commission of Canada. This bureaucracy would be given the authority to target anyone seen to be violating the Online Harms Act and to “enforce legislative and regulatory obligations and hold online services accountable for their responsibilities through auditing for compliance, issuing compliance orders and penalizing services that fail to comply.”


Can We Say Illegal Alien Felon?

Some things:

  • It’s amazing that criminals commit crimes when it is being pinned on the Biden administration.
    • If it white man commits a crime, it is white supremacy because that’s what all white people are.
    • If a black man or trans-whatever, it’s the gun.
    • We are letting people out of prisons because they are not responsible for committing crimes, but it is the fault of white men and civilization.
    • Here, it is the fault of the administration, so we should blame him.
    • Problem is he wasn’t supposed to be here.