Episode 868 – There’s No One to Help, Do It Yourself!

Donald Trump might be in some financial trouble thanks to New York’s malicious prosecution.

Joe Biden breaks the law again showing that he is the real fascist.


Here is some news:

  • Donald Trump must post a $450 million bond by Monday or he will not be able to appeal the judgement that was against him.
    • If he does not post the bond, New York will begin to confiscate property including Trump Tower.
    • This looks like it violates just a few articles of the Constitution.
    • There is hope that an appellate judge will lower the bond or stay the bond by Friday.
    • This is going to have the opposite affect the Dems are expecting in New York. If they can make shit up against Trump, they cam make stuff up against anybody.
  • The 6-3 ruling paves the way for Texas to enforce its controversial law, SB 4, which the Biden administration argued was an intrusion into federal immigration enforcement, while it remains pending in a federal appeals court.
    • Mexico made a statement: “Mexico recognizes the importance of a uniform migration policy and the bilateral efforts with the United States to ensure that migration is safe, orderly and respectful of human rights, and is not affected by state or local legislative decisions. In this regard, Mexico will not accept, under any circumstances, repatriations by the State of Texas.”
  • Joe Biden has just forgive another $6.5 billion in student debt.
    • This applies to 77,000 people.
    • The people who qualify for the latest round of student loan forgiveness are public service employees, such as teachers, nurses, social workers and firefighters.
    • There is no talk to where this money is coming from.
    • He is violating the Supreme Court ruling. This man is a dictator.
  • On Monday, Ketanji Brown Jackson made headlines again — this time because during oral arguments in the social media censorship case Murthy v. Missouri, she voiced concerns over the fact that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was doing exactly what it was designed to do: restraining the federal government.


Just Sad

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