Episode 877 – Don’t Forget About the Solar Eclipse Today!

The March jobs report comes out and it is bad. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A fat person does a jumping jack in New Jersey and everyone on the eastern seaboard is flipping out.

And sometimes other countries have it right. The way they treat their flags is far better than the way we treat ours. Let’s talk about it.

Dumbass of the Day

Not All Good News

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The jobs surge in March is good news for nearly everyone, except perhaps for those in the Federal Reserve who are itching to cut interest rates soon and several times this year. The strong labor market underscores the question we asked earlier this week, which is that maybe monetary conditions aren’t as tight as the Fed claims.

You certainly can’t see financial stress in March payrolls, with the Labor Department reporting 303,000 net new jobs in the month, plus revisions in two previous months that added a net 22,000 more. The unemployment rate fell a tick to 3.8%, as a separate survey showed 469,000 new entrants into the labor force. The labor participation rate climbed and at 62.7% is now above where it was a year ago. This is all good news.

It’s not all good news:

One caveat is that 71,000 of the new jobs came from government, which keeps growing. Another 81,300 came from healthcare and social assistance, which depend heavily on government transfer payments. Leisure and hospitality firms, which are still recovering from the pandemic, kicked in another 49,000. Job growth in the wealth-creating, productivity enhancing parts of the economy wasn’t as robust, but it also still showed overall health.

That means 156,000 of the 303,000 (or 52%) of jobs created were by the government. That is terrible news, especially considering the government in approaching $35 trillion of debt. That means it’s only a matter of time before the government goes bankrupt and all those people lose their jobs. But Joe Biden doesn’t concern himself with that because he will be dead before that happens.

I also want to point out that the expected number was 200,000. Take away those government jobs and that means the economy only created 147,000 jobs. The economy sucks.

I would also like these people break up those number by states. I would bet California did not create as many jobs as, say, Florida. We already know the GDP number are because of states like Florida, Texas and Ohio are highest in percent to GDP.

I have to be honest, I’m kind of iffy about these numbers in the first place. I would also like to see the the unemployment number per state.


That’s Nothing

New York and New Jersey had something that never happens. They had an earthquake. The media back east could not stop talking about it. The whole eastern seaboard was in a panic. Footage from security cameras filled the airways over the whole weekend.

The earthquake measured a 4.8 and was centered in New Jersey. It was felt all the way up to Massachusetts. All fights into and out of JFK International airport were suspended. Buildings were evacuated and an emergency broadcast was put out. Everyone was freaked out.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire had made the prediction that someone in the media would blame climate change. He was half right. According to the New York Post:

A candidate running for Senate in New Jersey was ruthlessly goaded on social media after claiming the “climate crisis” was to blame for the Friday earthquake that rocked the tri-state area.

Green Party member Christina Amira Khalil shared the controversial message just minutes after the quake, which was the strongest temblor to strike near the Big Apple in 140 years.

“I experienced my first earthquake in NJ. We never get earthquakes. The climate crisis is real. The weirdest experience ever,” Khalil wrote on X.

Granted, she is running for the Green party and has no chance to get elected, but we do have a representative (Hank Johnson) who thought Guam might tip over if we put 8000 American troops on the Island. Do you remember that?

Yeah, that guy is still in office.

Needless to say, earthquakes have nothing to do with the weather. Any high school kid should know that. Well, they should. I don’t know what they are learning in schools anymore.

I live in California. We have earthquakes every 15 minutes or so. Most we don’t feel. We don’t even talk about it until we get a magnitude 6.0. Want proof of that. We had a 4.0 earthquake in the bay area on Saturday and it wasn’t even reported in the news. There were 30 aftershocks.

This just shows how the east coast lives in a bubble.


What Country Allows This?

According to Fox News:

A man was caught on surveillance cameras cutting down and stealing an American flag at a Disabled American Veterans (DAV) chapter in Florida.

Surveillance video shared on social media by the chapter showed a man with a yellow t-shirt and jeans surveying the flag pole at the Titusville, Florida, nonprofit before proceeding to vandalize it on Tuesday evening.

Next, he is seen taking what appeared to be a knife and cutting down the flag pole strings.

Old Glory is seen billowing to the ground before the man is seen reaching down to the ground and crumpling up the flag.

Authorities said that along with vandalizing the national symbol, he damaged an outdoor grill and seating areas that veterans regularly used.

Commander John Dunn told FOX 35 that he was heartbroken when he watched the flag hit the ground and disappointed because crimes like this take away resources from veterans.

His heartbreak turned into heartfelt gratitude overnight.

“I came home quite angry last night,” he said. “But, after I saw the support on Facebook and how they found this guy within an hour. We had his name within an hour and where he was located. It spread so fast, I couldn’t imagine, wow!”