Episode 881- Let’s All Just Calm Down

O.J. murdered two people, but it was completely justified.

Old Joe’s weakness is making a mess of things. It’s time for Israel to make Biden take a side.

And f-ing California.

Dumbass of the Day

Here is Ashley Allison on CNN saying what the previous reporter would not say.

Time to Change Stratgy

Iran has chosen to start World War III by attacking Israel. Here’s what is happening up until now.

  • On Thursday and Friday, the United States warned Israel that Iran was preparing for an attack of some kind. This was because Iran was pissed that Israel killed a couple of commanders from the Revolutionary Guard in Syria.
  • On Saturday, President Biden was called back to the White House early from his vacation in Delaware. Mind you, Old Joe has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation.
  • A few hours later, Iran launched an attack made up of 300 ballasitic missiles and suicide drones.
  • The missiles were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome. The drons were shot down by Israeli, British and U.S. fighters. Only a few landed, none hit targets.
  • On Sunday, the reactions came in.
    • Israel said there would be a response and it would be strong.
    • Most of Europe stands by Israel including Germany, England and France.
    • Many countries are blaming Russia and China for continuing to support Iran.
    • The United States said it would stand by Israel, but would not back them if the hit Iran. Weird. That sounds like they don’t stand by Israel.
    • The United Nations has not condemned the attack but urges restraint from both sides.
    • Meanwhile, in Chicago and Dearborn, Michigan, the traitorsofthis country are celebrating and calling for the genocide of te Jews.

Some things about this mess:

  • This whole thing is going to backfire.
  • Israel may realize they have no support and are being attacked from four fronts: Iran, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and Hamas. They may say, “f- it” and go in to these territories balls out. This is what they should do.
  • The Biden administration has no idea what to do. Support their radical, pro-terrorist base (for votes) or do what is right (which most of the country supports and is for votes). I thought they just hated Israel, but it’s more than that.


Its Been Three Years

According to Newsweek:

Millions of Southern California residents could see one aspect of their water bill double.

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) passed a budget that solidified rate and property tax increases for its customers over the next two years. Years of drought in California contributed to the increase, as the district battles revenue declines following widespread conservation efforts related to climate change.

Two abnormally wet winters have aided in California’s recovery from drought, but despite the state’s improved water conditions, conservation efforts have had an impact on the MWD.

“We’ve been successful in conservation to the point where our sales are declining, and we need to make that up somehow,” MWD Board of Directors Chair Adán Ortega Jr. said, according to a Los Angeles Times report. “We’ve made up the revenue and stabilized the past rates with the reserves, and we can’t keep doing that.”

The increase will impact two aspects of residents’ water bills—their monthly bill and their annual ad valorem property tax.

Water rates will increase by 8.5 percent in 2025 and another 8.5 percent in 2026. The rate increase will be reflected on the monthly water bill received by the 26 public water agencies the district serves. It delivers water to 19 million people in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura counties.

In addition to the rate increase, the budget doubles the MWD’s property tax assessment.

This is pure corruption.

Some things:

  • Droughts in California are not rare. They happen all the time.
  • Rainy seasons are not rare. They happen all the time.