Episode 887 – May the Fourth Be With You…Not Him!

Luke Skywalker makes a dumb move. Guys, give him a break. He’s old and a has-been.

I think Joe Biden has, officially, insulted all our allies.

And the Chicago Teacher’s Union makes some really unreasonable demands and they will probably get it. Citizens of Chicago voted for this.

Dumbass of the Day

Some things:

  • This gal has four piercings in the corners of her eyes, three piercings in her nose, and blue hair. She is lucky to get hired anywhere and now she just lost her job.
  • This is typical Marxist doctrine about the power of the worker. Guess what? That doctrine has always been wrong.
  • Finally, she is not the average worker. She works for Google, which means she is horribly overpaid.

May the Fourth Be With You!

According to Fox News:

Social media users mocked President Biden and actor Mark Hamill’s official “Star Wars Day” post this weekend.

Hamill, the actor behind legendary “Star Wars” character Luke Skywalker, joined President Biden in the Oval Office this week to commemorate May 4, affectionately known as “Star Wars Day.”

In a post shared to Biden’s official presidential account on X, formerly Twitter, both he and the 72-year-old sci-fi actor shared some Star Wars-themed cheer with the president’s followers. 

Joe Biden released a statement on Twitter: We had a very good feeling about this. May the 4th be with you, America.

Some of the comments on Twitter (now X):

  • Bonchie: And just like that, he ruined it.
  • Bricksuit: The most hilarious thing is that Joe is in Delaware right now and has already forgotten he said this.
  • Brilyn Hollyhand: The most hilarious thing is that Joe is in Delaware right now and has already forgotten he said this.

Some things:

  • Joe Biden is desperate to bring a 72-year old has-been actor to stand up for him.
  • The whole scene was cringy, to say the least. The fawning by Hamill was just gross.
  • It also shows that Hamill is living pretty well since doing his only acting role. He obviously doesn’t have to deal with buying things or is concerned with how much things cost.
  • This administration hasn’t figured out that hiring celebrities does not work.
  • By the way, Luke Skywalker doesn’t support Joe Biden. Mark Hamill does. Unlike what a lot of Conservatives say, this does not ruin Star Wars.


Still Being Unifying

Joe Biden decided to go out and insult our allies again. This time he decided to target Japan and India. Let’s listen to him:

That’s right. Japan and India are racist, xenophobic and sexist because they don’t “import” workers.

Well, we have been importing “workers” and how’s that going to us? Crime is up, welfare is up and our GDP is down. Does it look good for the economy to be importing 2 million people a year?

For some reason, this administration wants us to believe that all these people breaking the laws and sneaking over the border are getting jobs that Americans won’t do. That is not the case. Instead, they are taking handouts, committing crime, and changing out culture.

The Trump campaign is now planning to make mass deportations an election platform. This would be unheard of five years ago. It’s a winning message today.