Episode 890 – Why Wasn’t This a Law Before?

The House of Representatives passes a law that has been passed dozens of times before but has never been passed. It’s one that makes way too much sense to get through the Senate.

Is the governor of New York a racist or just stupid? Probably a little of both.

And The Boy Scouts has gone woke. Let’s see how this works out for them.


Here is some news:

  • President Joe Biden threatened to cut Israel off this week from receiving U.S. military weapons if they enter Rafah to finish off Hamas’ last stronghold inside Gaza.
    • This decision was made last week but was delayed because he had to speak Holocaust remembrance speech.
    • By the way, Hamas is firing missiles from Rafah at Israel. Eight Missiles were fired from the hub of civilian aid in Rafah.
    • Finally, this aid was passed into law by Congress. Isn’t this illegal? Well, yeah. There are calls for impeachment since he’s doing the same thing Trump did with Ukraine aid in 2018.
  • On Wednesday, the GOP-led House quickly defeated a bid by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to remove Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) from his top perch.
    • Within an hour of Greene declaring that she was going through with her motion to vacate the chair — an announcement met by a wave of boos in the chamber — members overwhelmingly voted to table the measure by a 359-43 tally.


Why Wasn’t This a Law Before?

According to the New York Post:

The House of Representatives voted to add a citizenship question to the census and block illegal immigrants from skewing the redistricting and Electoral College apportionment processes.

In a 206 to 202 vote, the lower chamber passed the Equal Representation Act Wednesday along party lines, but the measure is expected to be dead on arrival in the Senate.

“Including the count of non-US citizens in determining how many congressional seats and electoral votes each state has is skewing the representation of Americans in their federal government,” Rep. Chuck Edwards (R-Ill.) said in a statement.

Edwards introduced the bill back in January and attached well over 100 co-sponsors.

Underpinning the legislation is the fact that every decade, following the census, states revisit their congressional maps and either lose or gain seats based on population changes.

The last decennial apportionment process largely wrapped up ahead of the 2022 midterm election cycle, with a handful of lingering redistricting court battles still pending.

“The mere presence of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is influencing electoral outcomes, and the Equal Representation Act that the House passed would protect our democracy by making sure that American citizens – and American citizens only – have a say in determining the direction of our country,” Edwards added.


Dumbass of the Day

Not a Racist?

According to the New York Post:

Bronx politicians ripped Gov. Kathy Hochul after she asserted that some black children in the borough don’t know what the word “computer” means.

Hochul, speaking at an on-stage forum in California Monday, stuck her foot in her mouth while trying to explain how she wants to create a diverse workforce in new areas like artificial intelligence.

Here’s the genius:


This Will Solve Nothing

According to Fox News:

For the first time in its history, The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is set to change its name as it seeks to foster a more inclusive organization. 

The rebranding will go into effect on Feb. 8, 2025, the organization’s 115th anniversary, when it will become known as Scouting America.  

Officials say the name change aims to make everyone feel welcome, while the move is also being seen as an attempt to move on from bankruptcy following a flood of sexual abuse claims. Last year BSA agreed to pay $2.46 billion to settle claims by some 82,000 former Boy Scouts who said they had been sexually abused by BSA officials and volunteers.

The bankruptcy reorganization plan took effect last year, allowing the organization to keep operating.

Though our name will be new, our mission remains unchanged: we are committed to teaching young people to be prepared for life,” said Roger A. Krone, the president and chief executive officer of BSA. 

This will be a simple but very important evolution as we seek to ensure that everyone feels welcome in scouting.” 

The organization, which is steeped in tradition, has made seismic changes after decades of turmoil, from finally allowing gay youth to welcoming girls throughout its ranks. With an eye on increasing flagging membership numbers, the Irving, Texas-based organization announced the name change Tuesday at its annual meeting in Florida.


I Smell a Lawsuit

According to the New York Post:

An American Airlines flight from New York City to Guyana was returned to JFK Airport after a disruption in which a passenger called a crew member a “waiter.”

Flight 2557 was bound for Georgetown, Guyana, on July 18 when it turned back to the Big Apple due to the incident involving Joel Ghansham, Guyana’s Stabroek News said.

Ghansham told local outlet Demerara Waves Online News that it began when he asked a flight attendant for help putting his luggage in the overhead compartment because he recently underwent spine surgery.

​“He said, ‘No, I don’t do that.’ He said, ‘I don’t get paid that kind of money but if you don’t like it there is always another airline,’” Ghansham, who was seated in business class, told the outlet.

Another crew member then reportedly helped him with the luggage.

During the beverage service later, the initial crew member leaned back toward Ghansham.

He asked me if I wanted something to drink but I didn’t respond because I didn’t want to cause a scene, and he asked again and I said, ‘No thank you, waiter,’” he told Stabroek News, which described him as a “cultural activist.”

The crew member responded that he was not a waiter and that he had the power to turn the plane around, according to the outlet.

Ghansham claimed in a YouTube interview that he told the flight attendant: “You must be God, so you do it.”

Moments later, the pilot announced that the plane was returning to JFK Airport, where the passenger said he was removed from the flight and interviewed by authorities before being allowed to leave.

In an email to The Post, an American Airlines rep described Ghansham as a “disruptive passenger” who forced the flight to return to the city.

“Safety and security are our top priorities, and we thank our customers for their understanding and our team members for their professionalism in managing a difficult situation,” the spokesperson wrote.