Episode 893 – Too Little, Too Late!

Joe Biden decides to dance the Trump Trot.

Not only should we be fire all these college administrators, we should deport them and take away their citizenship. I have a story that will boil your blood.

And the film industry wants to do more of what they are already doing. I guess they don’t want anyone going to their movies. Let’s talk about it.

Expect More of This

According to the Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden is set to increase tariffs on multiple Chinese imports, including electric vehicles, battery components, semiconductors, microchips, and steel and aluminum.

The tariff rates will hit electric vehicles, solar components, and semiconductors from China the hardest with an increase from 25% to 50%, while tariffs on other sectors will increase to 25%, USA Today reported. The new tariffs on China, which will be announced by Biden at the White House on Tuesday, will be implemented over the next two years and are estimated to affect around $18 billion in Chinese imports. During his speech, Biden will also officially endorse keeping tariffs implemented by former President Donald Trump on more than $300 billion of Chinese goods, The New York Times reported.

Biden’s increase in tariffs on China comes after the president spent months campaigning against former President Donald Trump’s tariffs on the communist country. The then-Democratic presidential candidate blasted Trump multiple times in 2019 for his tariffs on Chinese imports, calling Trump’s policies “senseless” and arguing that, in the end, Americans would end up “foot[ing] the bill.”

Too little, too late. He needs to raise tariffs on everyone dealing with China, including Mexico. Mexico imports a lot of Chinese crap, including fentanyl, and it goes on the tariff radar.

He’s doing more to show he’s moderate.

But there’s more:

  • Biden has agreed to debate Trump with CNN moderating on June 27th. We will see if that happens.
  • Biden has continued to send offensive weapons to Israel.

Be prepared for Joe Biden to moderate now. Expect him to shutdown the border and open up oil leases. He will moderate on all his policies. But don’t buy into his crap. He’s going to go back on all that if he wins the election.


Dumbass of the Day

Kick Them Out of the Country

According to the Daily Wire:

When Daily Wire host Michael Knowles spoke last month at the University of Utah, he was met with a host of leftist protesters and university-approved transgender flags filling the building he was speaking in — a demonstration that was in part supported by the school faculty. 

The protest took place as Knowles, who had been brought to campus by the Young America’s Foundation, gave a speech on the problems with transgender ideology on April 8 at the university. At the same time, Philip Osteen, the dean of Utah’s College of Social Work, reportedly extended the school’s Pride celebration so that it coincided with Knowles’ speech and approved for transgender and LGBT flags and banners to fill the building Knowles was set to speak in. 

Osteen, the dean of the building where Knowles spoke, approved the trans flag demonstration, but said he couldn’t give the go-ahead for students to put up American flags when pressed by YAF representative Breana Marsh. 

“I think it’s a gross misuse to say that we’re going to make a safe place, we’re going to make students feel represented and protected, and everyone feels safe, at the absolute hanging of your conservative students,” Marsh said in audio shared by YAF with The Daily Wire. 

Osteen said she should bring her concerns to the dean of students, saying that YAF could put up American flags in the room where Knowles was speaking but “not in the decoration of this building.”

He then said that if YAF got approval from facilities and the dean of students that they could put up American flags. When asked why he could approve Pride flags, but not the American flag, he said “because I approved these to go up as a celebration of our pride.”



According to Yahoo Entertainment:

In an open letter released Tuesday, a group of actors, filmmakers and activists called on Hollywood studios to produce more stories and projects that prioritize social impact following the closure of Participant Media.

The letter was organized by The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), the nonprofit advocacy group that worked with Participant and director Alfonso Cuaron on a campaign to increase the visibility of domestic labor tied to Cuaron’s film “Roma” in 2018.

Signees include George Clooney, Ava Duvernay, Regina King, Kerry Washington, Michael Keaton, Diego Luna, Jane Fonda along with organizations like ACLU, GLAAD, and more.

“Participant’s model of filmmaking and partnerships showed us the power of storytelling to open our hearts and inspire action in times of change and uncertainty. ” National Domestic Workers Alliance President Ai-jen Poo said in a statement provided to TheWrap. “The open letter is a re-commitment to this work, and an invitation to others to join us in harnessing the power of art to change the world.”

Read the full letter:

Friends of Filmmaking and Impact20 years ago, long before social impact had a place in Hollywood, Participant launched stories into our culture with the explicit goal of changing it. Participant empowered bold storytelling with their faith in the vision of filmmakers, trust in advocates and social movements to utilize those narratives in dynamic campaigns, and most importantly, they never underestimated the public’s appetite for thought provoking subject matter that could power new narratives and offer fresh perspectives.

As artists inspired by and connected to social movements, we have experienced the unique role Participant has played in empowering filmmakers to experiment, innovate, and grow. As advocates, we have seen the real world change sparked by the power of filmmaking and campaigning. Participant, through its model of impact filmmaking combined with forging authentic partnerships between advocates, storytellers and distributors has forever changed the landscape of our public conversation and popular culture. For that we are filled with gratitude and pride in our collaborations with this groundbreaking entertainment institution.

Participant proved that audiences crave films with purpose, having collected 21 Academy Awards out of 86 nominations, and 18 Emmy nominations across five television series. Alongside critical acclaim, its catalog including “Spotlight,” “Roma,” “An Inconvenient Truth,” “A Fantastic Woman,” and “When They See Us,” grossed over $3.3 billion at the worldwide box office. The mission was to achieve the “double bottom line,” creating world-class content that inspired social change, which it did.

As we say goodbye to Participant, we must underscore that values-based storytelling is needed now more than ever; to expand the room for debate, to open our hearts to experiences vastly different from our own, to immerse us in the beauty of humanity’s complexities. And in the face of unprecedented change and uncertainty, we need deep partnerships between great storytellers, advocates and movements for change now more than ever, to remind us of our agency in shaping the future and the power of our actions. The future and health of our culture and democracy requires more of us to participate, spread hope, and humanity. Democracy is a living, breathing being that we, as participants, give life.

As we reflect on the accomplishments of Participant, we look forward to championing the next generation of producers that will build upon Participant’s extraordinary body of work, integrating learnings it has offered, seeding new partnerships and innovating within this new media landscape. We call upon Hollywood to meet the moment. There is a whole ecosystem of people, connected by the work of the last 20 years of Participant, ready to work with you.

And the full list of those signing:

George Clooney

Ava Duvernay

Regina King

Kerry Washington

Alfonso Cuarón

Michael Keaton

Diego Luna

Chiwetel Ejifor

Jane Fonda

Vera Farmiga

Martin Sheen

Sophia Bush

Daveed Diggs

Destin Davis Cretton

Davis Guggenheim

David Oyelowo

Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Alan Cumming

Yaltiza Aparicio

Yvette Nicole Brown

Clark Gregg

Alyssa Milano

Piper Perabo

Rosanna Arquette

June Diane Raphael

Juan Devis

DeVon Franklin

Baratunde Thurston

Mark Duplass

Justin Baldoni

Laura Poitras

Louise Hogarth

Mónica Ramírez (Justice for Migrant Women/The Latinx House)

Fatima Goss Graves (National Women’s Law Center)

Anthony Romero (ACLU)

Rashad Robinson (Color of Change)

Bryan Stevenson (Equal Justice Initiative)

LaTosha Brown (Black Voters Matter)

Tarana Burke (Me Too)

Yalda T. Uhls (The Center for Scholars & Storytellers at UCLA)

Muslim Public Affairs Council Hollywood Bureau

New America Better Life Lab’s Entertainment Initiative


Storyline Partners

Human Rights Watch

CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment)

Pop Culture Collaborative




This is Dumb

According to CNN:

The San Francisco Police Department will stop releasing most booking photos, or mug shots, to avoid perpetuating racial bias, San Francisco police Chief Bill Scott announced Wednesday.

“With a thoughtful process for releasing booking photos, law enforcement agencies may help mitigate or avoid perpetuating negative stereotypes which can contribute to implicit and explicit bias in policing and by community members,” Scott announced in a notice to the department.

The SFPD will continue releasing mug shots when “necessary to warn the public of imminent danger or to enlist the public’s assistance in locating individuals, including at-risk persons,” the department said in a news release about the policy change, but those will be the only exceptions to the new rule.

“This policy emerges from compelling research suggesting that the widespread publication of police booking photos in the news and on social media creates an illusory correlation for viewers that fosters racial bias and vastly overstates the propensity of black and brown men to engage in criminal behavior,” Scott said in the news release.


This is on Purpose

According to the Washington Examiner:

San Francisco is getting hammered for spending millions of dollars on a program that gives free booze to homeless alcoholics, but researchers are insisting the multimillion-dollar strategy has merit. 

Keanan Joyner, a professor and researcher in the Clinical Research on Externalizing and Addiction Mechanisms Lab at the University of California, Berkeley, called San Francisco’s Managed Alcohol Program, or MAP, “a very positive thing.”

“The science is very clear at this point that harm reduction as a general strategy for treating alcohol and other drug use disorders is very effective,” he said on Monday. 

MAP was started four years ago as a way to care for unhoused people who drank excessively and ended up in emergency rooms, jails, or, in some cases, the morgue. 

It made headlines recently after Adam Nathan, the founder of AI marketing company Blaze and chairman of the Salvation Army San Francisco Metro Advisory Board, slammed the program for giving out free beer.

“It’s set up so people in the program just walk in and grab a beer, and then another one. All day,” he posted on X.

His comments were followed by tech executive Garry Tan, who called MAP “harm acceleration.”

The program, which is run out of an old hotel in the city’s Tenderloin district, provides housing, three meals a day, and a nurse who administers alcohol, usually vodka or beer, to keep users at a “safe level of intoxication.” The goal isn’t to stop alcohol use but to keep it at a level that increases users’ safety and overall quality of life.