Episode 904 – If You’re Going to Call It Racist, Know How to Spell It!

I know this is going to be a real surprise, but saying “good morning” is now racist. We’ll let the Rhoads’s scholar explain.

The Wall Street Journal releases an article proclaiming that Joe Biden is senile and everyone is flipping out. I just ask why everyone is flipping out.

And California continues to devolve into a craphole. You won’t believe what criminals are stealing now.

Dumbasses of the Day

We Can See It

According to the New York Post:

President Biden’s aides tried to blame “MAGA Republicans” Wednesday for a stunning report that described the 81-year-old as disengaged and confused in meetings — despite similar conduct being noted privately by White House staff and exhibited publicly by the commander in chief.

The Wall Street Journal led its blistering report about the oldest-ever US president’s mental fitness with accounts of three recent engagements with members of Congress in which Biden mumbled inaudibly, misstated administration policy or closed his eyes for long intervals.

“I’ll just say that it says a lot that the only people willing to make these false claims are Trump’s MAGA Republicans in Congress,” Biden re-election campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez told a CNN reporter on a press call Wednesday.

White House communications director Ben LaBolt feverishly tweeted and retweeted criticism of the story.

“What a surprise — Republicans employing their election year messaging strategy that contradicts their own prior words about [Biden],” tweeted LaBolt in one post, referring to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) once describing Biden as a sharp negotiator.

The Journal reported that Democratic members of Congress contacted for the story were instructed by the White House to call the paper back with additional talking points attesting to Biden’s strength, with Rep. Gregory Meeks, the chairman of the Queens Democratic Party, saying on the record: “They just, you know, said that I should give you a call back.”

Other congressional Democrats lined up to slam the story, with Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) tweeting: “Anonymous Republican sources didn’t raise these issues in real time, day after, or week after. Trying to do so now reeks of [a] political hit job.”

“Surprise, surprise — everyone attacking @POTUS is a Republican with an agenda,” agreed Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.).

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tweeted: “Many of us spent time with @WSJ to share on the record our first-hand experiences with @POTUS, where we see his wisdom, experience and strategic thinking. Instead, the Journal ignored testimony by Democrats, focused on attacks by Republicans and printed a hit piece.”


Just Keeps Getting Better

California just keeps devolving.

Because You’re Cheating

According to Fox News:

Veronica Garcia, a transgender high school athlete in Washington who won the state championship in the girls 400-meter race last month, complained about the lack of “sportsmanship” shown after winning the race and receiving a medal for it.

Garcia, of East Valley High School, ran the race in 55.75 seconds, which was one second better than the second-place finisher’s time of 56.75, according to the Pacific Northwest Track and Field Officials’ track scoreboard.

However, Garcia told The Spokesman-Review the lack of a congratulations from other runners at the meet “somewhat hurt.”

“I guess maybe I expected sportsmanship because I was cheering the rest of them on when they were called. So I guess I expected to get that reciprocated,” Garcia told the paper. “But I didn’t get that.

“I’m just a teenager. I wish people would remember that.”


The Important Research

According to the New York Post:

The long-held myth that men who own guns are … err, overcompensating for something … has been debunked by scientists in a new study published in the American Journal of Men’s Health.

Rather, researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio found that men quite satisfied with certain physical assets are most likely to have guns.

The correlation between the male sexual psyche and behaviors like buying big houses, driving loud cars and dating young women is a common comedic trope in popular culture as well a topic of legitimate sociological speculation, including the suggestion that men who are preoccupied with guns are also insecure about their small penis.

“Contrary to popular beliefs, our current study shows that men who are more satisfied with the size of their penises are more likely to personally own guns,” said study author Terrence D. Hill, a professor at UTSA.

In a previous study, UTSA researchers found no relationship between gun ownership and sexual dysfunction. Still, Hill’s team aimed to identify a direct link between penis size and guns for the latest findings.


Damn White People

According to the New York Post:

A reclusive tribe in the Amazon finally got hooked up to the internet, thanks to Elon Musk — only to be torn apart by social media and pornography addiction, elders complain.

Brazil’s 2,000-member Marubo tribe has been left bitterly divided by the arrival of the Tesla founder’s Starlink service nine months ago, which connected the remote rainforest community along the Ituí River to the web for the first time.

“When it arrived, everyone was happy,” Tsainama Marubo, 73, told The New York Times.

“But now, things have gotten worse. Young people have gotten lazy because of the internet, they’re learning the ways of the white people.”

The Marubo are a chaste tribe, who even frown upon kissing in public — but Alfredo Marubo (all Marubo use the same last name) said he is anxious that the arrival of the service, which delivers super-fast internet to far-flung corners of the planet and has been billed as a game-changer by Musk, could upend standards of decorum.

Alfredo said many young Marubo men have been sharing porn videos in group chats and he has already observed more “aggressive sexual behavior” in some of them.

“We’re worried young people are going to want to try it,” he said of the kinky sex acts they’ve suddenly been exposed to on screen.

“Everyone is so connected that sometimes they don’t even talk to their own family.”

Starlink works by connecting antennas to 6,000 low-orbiting satellites.

The necessary antennas were donated to the tribe by American entrepreneur Allyson Reneau.

Initially, the internet was heralded as a positive for the remote tribe who were able to quickly contact authorities for help with emergencies, including potentially deadly snake bites.

“It’s already saved lives,” Enoque Marubo, 40, stated.

Members are also able to share educational resources with other Amazonian tribes and connect with friends and family who now live elsewhere.

It has also opened up a world of possibilities for young Marubo, some of whom have been unable to conceptualize what lays beyond their immediate surrounds.

One teen told The Times that she now dreams of traveling of the world, while another says she aspires to become a dentist in São Paulo.

However, Enoque also complained of the significant downsides.

“It changed the routine so much that it was detrimental,” he stated.

“In the village, if you don’t hunt, fish and plant, you don’t eat.”

“Some young people maintain our traditions,” TamaSay Marubo, 42, added.

“Others just want to spend the whole afternoon on their phones.”

Tribespeople became so addicted that Marubo leaders, fearing that history and culture — which is passed down orally — could be lost forever, they have now limited access to the internet for two hours each morning, five hours each evening, and all day Sunday.

But parents still worry the damage may already be done.

Another father, Kâipa Marubo, said he’s anxious about his children playing violent first-person shooter games.

“I’m worried that they’re suddenly going to want to mimic them,” he stated.

Meanwhile, others say that they’ve fallen victim to internet scams given that they lack digital literacy, while many youngsters are chatting with strangers on social media.