Episode 856 – A Huge Victory!

Alabama gets a big victory in the war protecting unborn children.

Democrats are thinking of participating in election denial.

And Joe Biden is bypassing all of our government’s checks and balances, just like a good despot would do.

A Terrible Story

According to the New York Times:

A 26-year-old man was charged on Friday with kidnapping and murdering a nursing student whose body was found in a wooded area at the University of Georgia in Athens the previous day, the authorities announced. They called the homicide, the first in nearly 30 years on campus, “a crime of opportunity” and said that the two apparently had not known each other.

The victim, Laken Riley, 22, was an undergraduate student at the school until the spring of 2023 and then enrolled at Augusta University’s nursing program, which has a campus in Athens, school officials said. She was on Augusta University’s fall 2023 dean’s list.

University police identified the suspect as Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, at an evening news conference.

This individual is an illegal alien from Venezuela. He was released from custody when caught at the border. He was arrested in New York of endangering a child. Now he killed an American.



According to thew AP:

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled last week that couples who were trying in vitro fertilization and lost frozen embryos in an accident at a south Alabama storage facility can sue under the state’s wrongful death law.

Since then, three providers have paused the often-used fertility treatments while they sort out the legal implications.

The ruling is the first of its kind and extends a theory championed by some anti-abortion groups — that embryos and fetuses should be considered children and be afforded legal protections — into a new realm.


Dumbass of the Day

Election Denial

According to the Daily Wire:

Numerous House Democrats have signaled that they would not certify a 2024 presidential election win from Donald Trump, relying on the 14th Amendment to claim Trump is an insurrectionist and thus ineligible from holding office.

Democrats including Reps. James Clyburn (SC), Jamie Raskin (MD), Adam Schiff (CA), Eric Swalwell (CA), and even House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies refused to say that they would confirm Trump to office if he won the 2024 election.

As Dan McLaughlin explained at National Review, Democrats could have the votes to sustain an objection to a Trump win if they take control of the House. “Only a simple majority is required, and unlike when the House chooses a president under the Twelfth Amendment, they don’t vote by states,” he wrote. “Unlike in 2016 or 2004, when they were in the minority, House Democrats could be playing with live ammunition.”

Still, a majority of senators would have to object to a Trump win, too. This would likely take 51 senators, and as McLaughlin pointed out, this would be a tough task for Democrats: They “either have to hold every seat they currently occupy (good luck in West Virginia), or take a Republican-held seat (the bluest of which is either Ted Cruz’s in Texas or Rick Scott’s in Florida),” he said.


Who’s the Depot Now?

According to Fox News:

President Biden asserting that the Supreme Court couldn’t stop him from canceling student debt set off social media users for his “assault on democracy.”

On Wednesday, Biden spoke at the Julian Dixon Library in Culver City, California, where he referenced his efforts to cancel more student loan debt. He noted that while his student debt handout program was initially halted by the Supreme Court, its ruling “didn’t stop” him.

Here’s what he said:

This is a man who does not believe in checks and balances. He does not believe in the rule of law or the Constitution. He is a despot.