Episode 891 – Can They Invade Now?

Hamas continues to give Israel, and the world, reasons why Israel should turn Gaza into a parking lot.

It is beginning to look like going broke is a quest for Disney.

And I have another reason not to send your kids to college.

It’s Time. Seriously.

According to Fox News:

After President Biden gave his ultimatum of withholding offensive weapons to the Jewish state if Israel were to launch an invasion of Rafah, rocket attacks rained down on Israel on Friday from Rafah, with more rockets fired on Saturday.

Hamas launched rockets from Rafah at the southern Israeli city of Beersheva on Friday for the first time since December, as Iranian proxy Hezbollah sent a barrage of rockets into the northern Israel city of Kiryat Shmona, causing a massive fire. Within the Gaza Strip on Friday, four Israeli soldiers were killed.

“When administration officials attacked or berated Israel publicly previously during the war, Hamas hardened its demands in return for releasing hostages, in fact delaying and minimizing the chances of success of the delicate negotiation,” Jonathan Conricus told Fox News Digital. Conricus served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for 24 years as a combat commander in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.


Dumbass of the Day

They Want to Go Broke

According to the Daily Wire:

The new Disney+ Star Wars animated series “Tales of the Empire” just introduced a nonbinary character.

Libs of TikTok shared the clip in question on X. “New Star Wars show on Disney+ ‘Tales of the Empire’ features a non-binary character that uses they/them pronouns,” the caption says. “Parents, make sure you know what your kids are watching! They’re after your kids.”

The article continues:

The “Star Wars” franchise has dabbled in radical left-wing gender theory before. Director J.J. Abrams bragged in 2019 that the film “Rise of Skywalker” would include a kiss between two women.

In the case of the LGBTQ community, it was important to me that people who go to see this movie feel that they’re being represented in the film,” Abrams told Variety at the time. “I will say I’m giving away nothing about what happens in the movie. But I did just say what I just said.”

In reality, the quick kiss accounted for less than one second of screen time.

Disney also added two “trans and non-binary” Jedi Knights on the cover for Marvel’s “Star Wars: The High Republic” comic series in 2021.

In honor of #TransDayofVisibility we’re proud to unveil and exclusive cover highlighting Terec and Ceret, trans non-binary Jedi, currently featured in Marvel’s The High Republic comic,” the official Star Wars Instagram account wrote in its image caption. “We support trans lives and we are passionate and committed to broadening our representation in a galaxy far far [a]way.”