Episode 883 – How Low Can He Go?

Joe Biden cannot spin the very bad economy anymore and the polls are showing he’s not fooling anyone.

Crime is finally hitting the important people in California. It’s about time.

And The anti-Israel protests are getting out of control. Is anyone going to do something about it?


Here is some news:

Bad news for Joe Biden on Friday:

The Biden administration released a statement saying: “Today’s report shows the American economy remains strong, with continued steady and stable growth. The economy has grown more since I took office than at this point in any presidential term in the last 25 years — including 3% growth over the last year — while unemployment has stayed below 4% for more than two years.”

Then he went on to talk about free healthcare, junk fees, student, taxes, bullshit like that.

Trump made some comments and they were right on.

Here’s the thing, these are the only numbers that make sense. I do not believe the job numbers. They are leaving a lot out (number of hours, number of jobs a person has, etc.). I do not believe a lot of the inflation numbers. I’ve been to the grocery store. I’m paying at least 20% more for groceries.

Here’s the thing, you can’t keep hamstringing the energy industry, regulating business, printing money and giving away free things and not end up in debt and in a recession. Things are going to get worse. We are going to be in a recession if we aren’t already in one (even the experts are saying that now). We are going to end up in austerity because of our national debt. The job market will crash. The stock market will correct (it is artificially high right now because too many people have too much money). High gas prices, high grocery prices and high housing prices will continue to rise over the next few years. Taxes will go up.

This isn’t doom and gloom. This is basic economics. What this idiot in the White House is exactly the opposite of good economics.

In other news:

  • Joe Biden was on the Howard Stern show on Friday. Yeah, another hard hitting interview before he flies out to Delaware for another vacation.
    • His numbers are cratering in the polls. He has decided he will debate Trump.
    • It may be the only thing he has left to save himself.
    • I would really think about this if I were Trump. Biden has the media in his pocket and don’t think for a second he won’t manipulate the debate.
    • Biden needs the debate more than Trump does.
  • Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was robbed in San Francisco on Thursday before attending a dinner with wealthy backers of his Senate campaign, which caused him to show up to the event without a suit, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
    • The Chronicle reported that car thieves stole Schiff’s luggage, including his clothes, before he was set to speak at a dinner attended by lawyer Joe Cotchett, who is supporting Schiff’s Senate run against Republican candidate Steve Garvey.
  • Mayor Matt Mahan, a Democrat, was speaking into KRON4’s news camera in downtown San Jose when a black male carrying a backpack walked by and shouted something, including a bleeped obscenity, video of the incident showed.
    • Mahan has previously committed to hiring more cops, but last year he was criticized for being slow to staff up the police department.
  • New York’s highest court on Thursday threw out Harvey Weinstein ’s 2020 rape conviction with a ruling that shocked and disappointed women who celebrated historic gains during the #MeToo era and left those who testified in the case bracing for a retrial against the ex-movie mogul.
    • The court found the trial judge unfairly allowed testimony against Weinstein based on allegations that weren’t part of the case.
    • Weinstein, 72, will remain in prison because he was convicted in Los Angeles in 2022 of another rape.


He Sounds Kind of Privileged

We are going to listen to a guy named Khymani James. Here are some things to know about him:

  • He is a first generation American with Carribean parents.
  • He was raised mostly in Dorchester, Mass. This is a diverse middle class city outside of Boston.
  • The city is 30% black with a large gay community.
  • He previously attended Dever Elementary and UP Academy Boston.
  • James was accepted early to Columbia University.
  • He is the last person you would think would call himself a victim. He’s had a pretty good life.

He’s also a far Left, anti-Israel, anti-American activist. He was working at organizing the protests (I’d call them riots) at Columbia University.

Here he is, giving his thoughts about the Jews:

Some thoughts:

  • People did believe Hitler needed to die. But not only for world peace but also because he was committing genocide against…wait for it…the Jews.
  • Mind you, a Zionist is a Jew!
  • He is calling for the same genocide as Hitler did. Would we be justified in killing him?
  • Hamas is calling for the genocide of the Zionists (Jews). They say it in their constitution and have shown it in their actions. Wouldn’t that mean the Jews are justified in killing all of Hamas?
  • White supremacists hate Jews.
  • Ben Netanyahu is not the only Israeli against Hamas. All of Israel is including the Left in Israel are for the destruction of Hamas.
  • Israel is also providing aid to the Gaza citizens which is unheard of in war.
  • I also want to point out white supremacists, Nazis, anti-Semites and any other hate group can live and say whatever they want as long as they are not threatening or violent. That’s freedom of thought and speech. You don’t have to agree with it.
  • He doesn’t seem all that bright.

Well, that video was taken as he was being investigated by Columbia University for…you guessed it…genocidal threats against the Jews. Guess what? He got expelled and is no longer able to step foot on the Columbia campus to work with his own protest.

Here released a statement. Of course, he blamed white supremacists, the right wing and probably Trump for his ouster:

What’s amazing about this is that this kid is completely privileged. He lived in a middle class neighborhood, went on to a private, high school education, and got accepted into an Ivy League college. He did all this as a black, gay kid who is a first generation American. Talking about biting the hand that feeds you.

He also uses his victim status (black and gay) as a shield against consequences. It’s kind of pathetic.


Meanwhile, At Our Colleges

Meanwhile, colleges across the country are blowing up over these anti-Semitic protests:

  • Indiana University protesters shout “Pigs go home!” at officers observing anti-Israel rally,
  • Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein among 100 arrested protesting at Washington University.
  • USC says continued anti-Israel protests ‘will not be tolerated,’ warns agitators to clear out.
  • Columbia says it has no plans to evict anti-Israel agitators as admin opens ‘dialogue’ with students.
  • GWU students stand up to anti-Israel protestors, warn faculty are ‘indoctrinating’ kids with ‘lies’.
  • Cal Poly Humboldt closes campus for rest of semester as anti-Israel protesters occupy buildings.
  • Anti-Israel protesters re-erecting tents on Yale campus.
  • Anti-Israel protests reignited outside Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.
  • New Orleans — Police try to make more arrests of pro-Gaza rioters outside the famous St. Louis Cathedral.

Why anyone would send their kids to these colleges amazes me. And how these colleges just lets these kids do this crap really kills their credibility.

Of course Ilhan Omar showed up to Columbia University to support the protest. She believes everyone should be free from violence. Let’s listen:


Dumbass of the Day

And that leads us to our dumbass of the day. Here is a protester at Columbia talking about why she is protesting.

Yeah, this is 90% of the people who are protesting. No one knows what’s going on. They’re just bored.


Episode 882 – You Mean, That Wasn’t a Felony?

I bet you didn’t know it was not a felony to sell your kid in California. Well, it is now after a year and a half of debate.

Alejandro Myorkas gets impeached and it’s already over. Republicans lose again…for now.

And Chicago confuses burglary with a lease agreement. No wonder these people have a crime problem.

Some News

Here is some news:

  • Donald Trump has a jury for his trial in Manhattan. He is being accused of campaign finance violations.
  • A protestor in front of the courthouse where Trump is being tried has set himself on fire. I don’t know why yet, but he is probably dead.
  • Israel has attacked Iran. There is no news what was attacked. Iran says it was not a significant attack, which I doubt. This is good news for the Middle East since Iran might back off a bit now.
  • A trans teen has been arrested for plotting a mass shooting at a school. She (who goes by he) released a 129 page manifesto that we will never be allowed to read. Apparently, she idolized the trans Nashville shooter.
  • And Taylor Swift’s new album comes out today. Yay! It’s called The Tortured Poet’s Department and it has 31 songs on it.

Dumbass of the Day

Some things:

  • Being “triggered” has nothing to do with what you are.
  • Sociology is more of a philosophy than a science. It is also a relatively new study.
  • Sociology never said women weren’t adult, biological females. That’s new.
  • The definition that this guy is referring to is a definition by the pedophile and sexual degenerate John Money in 1955 when he differentiated sex and gender, changing the definition of gender to make it a social construct.
  • I reject that definition.
  • Maybe this guy needs to read a dictionary to learn that gender is a Latin term that defines the sex of a child at birth. It is a genetic term.

It Figures

According to the Daily Wire:

The Democrat-controlled Senate voted on Wednesday to quash a pair of articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, ending a months-long effort by Republicans to hold the Cabinet official accountable for his handling of the border crisis before a full trial could be held.

House impeachment managers tasked with prosecuting the case did not even get a chance to speak when the proceedings wrapped up in one afternoon. Senators were sworn in as jurors, fought over how to conduct the trial for a couple of hours, and ultimately voted 51-48 to nix one article of impeachment and 51-49 to crush the second.

The impeachment charges accused Mayorkas “willfully and systemically” refusing to comply with federal immigration laws and alleged he “breached the public trust” with false statements and obstructing lawful oversight of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


You’ve Got to be Kidding

The bill passed, but it didn’t when it was first presented back in July of 2023.

According to the Catholic News Agency:

Democrats in the California State Assembly drew criticism this week for blocking a bill that would have elevated the offense of child trafficking to a “serious felony,” but Gov. Gavin Newsom, also a Democrat, vowed to get the measure passed. 

Senate Bill 14, introduced by Republican Sen. Shannon Grove, would add “human trafficking of a minor” to the state’s definition of a “serious felony.” California law reserves the designation of “serious felony” for major crimes that may warrant life in prison or the death penalty. 

The bill had already passed the Democratic-controlled Senate earlier in the year. Yet the measure stalled in the California Assembly Public Safety Committee. The two Republicans on the committee voted in favor of the measure while the six-Democrat majority abstained from voting. 

The bill was granted “reconsideration” status, meaning it may come up for a vote again.

I want to point out that certain aspects of the old law required the pedophile to sell or buy a kid with intent. That means the seller intended to sell the child for sex or the buyer intended to buy the kid for sex. Under the law, intent is very hard to prove. If intent couldn’t be proven, the charge was dropped to a misdemeanor.

Here’s the question I have: Why did Democrats not want this bill passed? Could it be that there are Democrats that are pedophiles? Could it mean that all crime in our society have to be eliminated with the goal of overturning civilization? Could it have to do with the destruction of children and innocence just like radical gender theory and abortion?

How about “yes” to all three.

Before you get excited about California really letting pedophiles have it, they really watered down the bill.

  • Punishable by up to four years in prison.
  • A fine of up to $25,000.
  • The bill would also require a person convicted of soliciting a minor to register as a sex offender for 10 years.
  • However, the new version of the bill would only allow prosecutors to level felony charges if the minor was under 16, meaning those who attempted to buy sex with a 16-year-old or 17-year-old could still only be charged with a misdemeanor.

This is just evil.


That’s Burglary

According to the New York Post:

Gordon Ramsay once said he doesn’t “run restaurants that are out of control” — but that’s apparently not the case at one of his London eateries.

A swarm of squatters have shacked up inside the celebrity chef’s $16.1 million pub — using Ramsay’s own kitchen appliances to barricade themselves inside, according to a report.

Shocking photographs taken by The Sun show the “professional squatters” holed up inside York & Albany pub, which the “Hell’s Kitchen” host was about to sign over to new partners in a multi-million dollar deal.

One person was seen barefoot and sprawled across on a black leather sofa inside the restaurant, with their personal belongings and debris, including empty wine bottles, strewn across the floor.

What appears to be a filthy plush dog toy is seen tossed on the floor near the swanky front bar that months earlier had been adorned with fresh flowers and pricey cocktails.

Another disheveled-looking man — sporting two black eyes, a massive hoodie, flip flops and athletic tape wrapped around his knee — was also seen walking around the exterior of the swanky pub.

“It’s an absolute nightmare scenario for poor Gordon,” a source told the UK outlet Thursday.

“The pub was temporarily closed while he was finalizing a new lease, and during this handover period, a gang of professional squatters somehow bypassed all the security and CCTV, and got themselves in.

“They’ve now boarded themselves in the building and are slowly taking over the place, leaving their crap everywhere and brazenly telling locals this is now their home.

“They’ve glued tight all the locks and are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, which is especially galling for Gordon.”

The insider said there are at least six “professional squatters” — five men and one woman — living inside the restaurant and its attached bedrooms.

“God knows the damage and filth,” said the source.

Ramsay has reportedly called police to obtain an eviction notice, “but it’s proving an absolute nightmare.”

The squatters themselves have threatened legal action against anyone that tries to force them out.

Calling themselves “The Occupiers,” the group slapped a notice on the front door claiming they are entitled to stay in the pub because it “is a non-residential building.”



Episode 881- Let’s All Just Calm Down

O.J. murdered two people, but it was completely justified.

Old Joe’s weakness is making a mess of things. It’s time for Israel to make Biden take a side.

And f-ing California.

Dumbass of the Day

Here is Ashley Allison on CNN saying what the previous reporter would not say.

Time to Change Stratgy

Iran has chosen to start World War III by attacking Israel. Here’s what is happening up until now.

  • On Thursday and Friday, the United States warned Israel that Iran was preparing for an attack of some kind. This was because Iran was pissed that Israel killed a couple of commanders from the Revolutionary Guard in Syria.
  • On Saturday, President Biden was called back to the White House early from his vacation in Delaware. Mind you, Old Joe has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation.
  • A few hours later, Iran launched an attack made up of 300 ballasitic missiles and suicide drones.
  • The missiles were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome. The drons were shot down by Israeli, British and U.S. fighters. Only a few landed, none hit targets.
  • On Sunday, the reactions came in.
    • Israel said there would be a response and it would be strong.
    • Most of Europe stands by Israel including Germany, England and France.
    • Many countries are blaming Russia and China for continuing to support Iran.
    • The United States said it would stand by Israel, but would not back them if the hit Iran. Weird. That sounds like they don’t stand by Israel.
    • The United Nations has not condemned the attack but urges restraint from both sides.
    • Meanwhile, in Chicago and Dearborn, Michigan, the traitorsofthis country are celebrating and calling for the genocide of te Jews.

Some things about this mess:

  • This whole thing is going to backfire.
  • Israel may realize they have no support and are being attacked from four fronts: Iran, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and Hamas. They may say, “f- it” and go in to these territories balls out. This is what they should do.
  • The Biden administration has no idea what to do. Support their radical, pro-terrorist base (for votes) or do what is right (which most of the country supports and is for votes). I thought they just hated Israel, but it’s more than that.


Its Been Three Years

According to Newsweek:

Millions of Southern California residents could see one aspect of their water bill double.

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) passed a budget that solidified rate and property tax increases for its customers over the next two years. Years of drought in California contributed to the increase, as the district battles revenue declines following widespread conservation efforts related to climate change.

Two abnormally wet winters have aided in California’s recovery from drought, but despite the state’s improved water conditions, conservation efforts have had an impact on the MWD.

“We’ve been successful in conservation to the point where our sales are declining, and we need to make that up somehow,” MWD Board of Directors Chair Adán Ortega Jr. said, according to a Los Angeles Times report. “We’ve made up the revenue and stabilized the past rates with the reserves, and we can’t keep doing that.”

The increase will impact two aspects of residents’ water bills—their monthly bill and their annual ad valorem property tax.

Water rates will increase by 8.5 percent in 2025 and another 8.5 percent in 2026. The rate increase will be reflected on the monthly water bill received by the 26 public water agencies the district serves. It delivers water to 19 million people in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura counties.

In addition to the rate increase, the budget doubles the MWD’s property tax assessment.

This is pure corruption.

Some things:

  • Droughts in California are not rare. They happen all the time.
  • Rainy seasons are not rare. They happen all the time.



Episode 880 – More Bad News

Joe Biden can’t seem to get out of inflation’s way and this is a bit of a problem for him in front of the election.

Chicago is bracing for more riots after a Black man is shot by police. Let us look and see if the anger is justified.

And you won’t believe what is bad for the environment now.

Is It Ever Going to End?

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Stubborn inflation pressures persisted in March, derailing the case for the Federal Reserve to begin reducing interest rates in June and raising questions over whether it can deliver cuts this year without signs of an economic slowdown.

The consumer-price index, a measure of goods and services prices across the economy, rose 3.5% in March from a year earlier, the Labor Department said Wednesday. That was a touch higher than economists had forecast and a pickup from February’s 3.2%. So-called core prices, which exclude volatile food and energy categories, also rose more than expected on a monthly and annual basis.

Stocks fell, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average down more than 400 points to its lowest close in nearly two months. Yields climbed on U.S. government bonds, reflecting bets that the data could help delay and diminish future interest-rate reductions.

Biden did have a comment about this. It what I expected though did not want to hear:

This is a big thing. Is Joe Biden talking to the Feds? He’s not suppose to have anything to do with the Fed. They are suppose to be independent of politics. Of course, we know that’s bullshit and he is telling them what to do. That said, he is going to lower interest rates by May or June, whether it’s good for inflation or not, so he can say he lowered interest rates before the election.

I was going to go over all the bad news, but ABC News did it for me. Let’s listen:

Here are some basic stats of what inflation was with Trump and under Biden:


Guess What Happened

Of course, that is not quite what the story is.

According to the New York Post:

Graphic bodycam footage released Tuesday revealed the chaos that unfolded when plainclothes Chicago cops fired nearly 100 gunshots during a traffic stop last month, killing one young man and leaving another injured.

By the way, the other injured was the police officer!

Dexter Reed, 26, was killed during a March 21 traffic stop in Humboldt Park after officers in an unmarked cop car pulled him over for allegedly failing to wear a seatbelt.

The chaotic footage shows Reed rolling down the window of his SUV and then raising it before refusing to exit his vehicle as five officers scream commands and draw their weapons.

Preliminary evidence showed Reed had fired first at one officer during the shootout on West Ferdinand Street. Four other officers returned fire, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability said in a statement.

“Available preliminary evidence also confirms that officers returned fire approximately 96 times over a period of 41 seconds, including after Mr. Reed exited his vehicle and fell to the ground,” COPA said.

Just a little FYI, when someone starts shooting, the police unload their weapons. Each cop has between 17 and 19 rounds (some more with extended clips). There were five cops there. If each unloads a clip, that’s between 89 and 95 rounds. So, 96 rounds being fired is surprising or against police policy. Especially if one cop has already been shot.

The videos released show multiple perspectives, including from the officer who was shot, but there isn’t clear footage of Reed shooting at police.

A gun was later recovered from the passenger seat of his vehicle.

Fuck around and find out.


I Bet It’s Racist Too

According to the Daily Mail:

They might be an essential piece of everyday clothing, but scientists now say that even a simple pair of jeans could be bad for the environment. 

Wearing a pair of fast fashion jeans just once creates 2.5kg of CO2, the equivalent of driving a petrol car 6.4 miles. 

Scientists from the Guangdong University of Technology analysed the life cycle of a pair of Levi’s jeans from growing the cotton to their eventual disposal. 

There’s a shock. Scientists from China think an American classic is bad.

They found that some jeans were worn only seven times – earning them the classifiation of ‘fast fashion’ – and produced 11 times more CO2 than jeans wore more often. 

Dr Ya Zhou, the study’s lead author says: ‘The humble wardrobe staple – a pair of jeans – has a significant impact on the environment.’

I wonder what “Dr.” Zhou thinks of the tons of pollution pumped into the air by China every hour. Has he ever done a study about that?

To see how fast fashion affects the environment, the researchers analysed the lifecycle of a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans from raw cotton to their disposal by incineration. 

During the product’s lifetime, the researchers discovered that fast fashion jeans had a carbon footprint 95-99 per cent larger than traditional fashion jeans, which are worn 120 times on average.

The biggest difference between the two styles of consumption is that clothes sold for fast fashion are transported faster and are worn less often before being thrown out.  

Dr Zhou told MailOnline: ‘Changing fashion trends induce people to purchase clothing frequently and use them short-lived to keep following the latest trends.

‘Such the overconsumption has led to a significant increase in resource and energy consumption in the clothing industry by accelerating the entire clothing supply chain, including the production, logistics, consumption and disposal processes, thereby exacerbating the clothing industry’s impact on climate change.’

Question: Who wears a pair of jeans only six times??

Here comes the bullshit:

The researchers estimate that a pair of jeans produced for the traditional fashion market produces 0.22 kg of CO2.

This is higher than previous estimates since the researchers believe jeans are worn less often and washed more frequently than had been thought.

However, of that total carbon footprint, 48 per cent is caused by the washing, drying and ironing of jeans after purchase.

I agree with this. Jeans are not supposed to be washed more than once a month. It is actually recommended that jeans be put in a freezer for washing.

Who the hell irons jeans?

Meanwhile, the researchers estimate that jeans sold in fast fashion produce 11 times more emissions. 

Since they are worn only seven times on average, these jeans produce 2.5 kg CO2e per wear, despite needing very little energy to wash and dry over their lifetime. 

Unlike traditional fashion, the vast majority of the emissions in fast fashion come from the production of the jeans and fibre, making up 70 per cent of the total emissions.

The remaining emissions are largely created by the transportation of the jeans from factories to consumers, making up 21 per cent of total emissions.

Dr Zhou explains: ‘To achieve a quick response (to fashion trends) of the global supply chain, fast fashion model prefers transportation modes with shorter logistical times, such as cross-border transportation by air rather than by sea.’

Because fast fashion’s transport is much more energy intensive, their transport produced a staggering 59 times more CO2. 

What’s funny about this article is that these are all estimates. There has been no science put into this.

Second, it assumes you are not going to wear jeans more than 11 times.

Finally the assumption is you wash your jeans after every wearing. This is not only not recommended, it is just dumb. Jeans do not absorb sweat will, so it takes a long time before they smell. Again, Levi Strauss recommends washing them once a month by washing them in cold water. They used to recommend putting them in a freezer of several hours, taking them out and letting them dry.


Just No

According to the New York Post:

What started as a humble canvas tote soon launched an expansive collection of handbags in CJ Robinson’s closet.

The 28-year-old New Yorker is now the proud owner of upwards of 30 handbags and is part of a growing class of men taking after fashion-forward A-list hunks who flaunt designer bags.

Aussie actor Jacob Elordi, a fashion “It” boy in his own right, has been lauded for his impressive collection of Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta and Fendi, while Harry Styles, Pharrell and A$AP Rocky have been spotted with various designer bags. Even athletes, like Travis Kelce, LeBron James and David Beckham, tout ultra-luxe totes.

“They’re something that I can carry around, I can still feel masculine, but it’s something that I can use and be fashionable at the same time,” Robinson, who works at Brandon Blackwood, told The Post.

For him, a bag is both fashionable and functional, looking chic while still holding the “million things” he tosses inside.

Jalen Noble, a New Jersey-based content creator, needs to carry his two phones, keys, wallet, eye drops and chapstick — and even men’s pockets aren’t large enough. So, he opts for a luxe leather bag.

“I noticed that when I would just wear pants with two pockets in them and that’s it, my pockets would look bulky,” Noble, 30, told The Post, adding that he needed a satchel “for convenience because I can carry so many things.”

“Some people might call them a bag, a satchel … or anything else that people want to label it, but to me, it’s just a crossbody purse. I love them.”

You know what you can carry a lot of stuff in but look less gay? A backpack.

All these people are Left wingers. The is part of the continuous femininization of masculinity. The best men are feminine. No, thank you. I like being a man. My wife likes me being a man. She would never allow me to carry a purse. She’s be embarrassed about it.


Gee, I Wonder Why This Is?

According to the New York Post:

Accelerated aging — when someone’s biological age is greater than their chronological age — could increase the risk of cancer tumors.

That’s according to new research presented this week at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

“Historically, both cancer and aging have been viewed primarily as concerns for older populations,” Ruiyi Tian, MPH, a graduate student at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and one of the study researchers, told Fox News Digital.

“The realization that cancer, and now aging, are becoming significant issues for younger demographics over the past decades was unexpected.”

In the study, diagnoses in patients younger than 55 years old were considered early-onset cancers.

The researchers analyzed data from 148,724 people using the UK Biobank database. 

They estimated each person’s biological age using nine biomarkers in the blood — then compared that to their chronological age.

Those with a higher biological age had a 42% increased risk of early-onset lung cancer, were 22% more prone to early-onset gastrointestinal cancer, and had a 36% higher risk for early-onset uterine cancer.

The researchers also determined that people born after 1965 were 17% more likely to experience accelerated aging than those born in earlier decades.

“The principal findings highlight that accelerated aging is increasingly prevalent among successive birth cohorts, potentially serving as a crucial risk factor or mediator for various environmental and lifestyle-related risk factors leading to early-onset cancer,” Tian said in an email to Fox News Digital.

“This discovery challenges us to reconsider the underlying causes of the increasing incidence of early-onset cancers among newer generations,” he added.

The hope is that these findings will lead to interventions to slow biological aging as a “new avenue for cancer prevention,” the researchers noted, combined with screening efforts tailored to younger individuals.

“It is vital for recent generations to become more health-conscious and consider the implications of accelerated aging,” Tian said.



Episode 879 – It Ain’t the Moon That’s Full of Gas!

Sheila Jackson-Lee has apparently become an astrophysicist.

A terrorist plot has been thwarted, but expect more to come.

And the Pope finally does the right thing. Better late than never.

Dumbass of the Day

Is This a Surprise?

According to Fox News:

The FBI has arrested an 18-year-old in Idaho after uncovering his “truly horrific” and “violent plot” to attack churches in Coeur d’Alene this past weekend on behalf of ISIS, the Justice Department says. 

Alexander Mercurio is now facing a federal charge of attempting to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization after the FBI says he devised a plan to “incapacitate his father, restrain him using handcuffs, and steal his firearms to use for maximum casualties” in an attack he had been planning to carry out in the northern Idaho resort city on Sunday, April 7. 

“The defendant allegedly pledged loyalty to ISIS and sought to attack people attending churches in Idaho, a truly horrific plan which was detected and thwarted by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement. 

Is this really a shocking story?


It’s About Time

According to Fox News:

The Vatican has released a document criticizing gender theory, transgender surgery and surrogacy as affronts to human dignity.

Dignitas Infinita, Latin for “Infinite Dignity,” was released on Monday after more than five years in development by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF) and focuses on threats to human dignity in the modern world.

“In the light of Revelation, the Church resolutely reiterates and confirms the ontological dignity of the human person, created in the image and likeness of God and redeemed in Jesus Christ,” the document states in its beginning.

Dignitas Infinita addresses over a dozen individual issues of the modern day through the lens of scripture and church teaching, including abortion, human trafficking, poverty, euthanasia, the death penalty, and more.

Notably, the document formally reaffirms and expands on the Catholic Church’s teaching regarding gender theory – which it holds as an inadmissible ideology – asserting that attempts to alter an individual’s immutable gender are ultimately misguided attempts to play God. 

“Regarding gender theory, whose scientific coherence is the subject of considerable debate among experts, the Church recalls that human life in all its dimensions, both physical and spiritual, is a gift from God,” the document states. “This gift is to be accepted with gratitude and placed at the service of the good. Desiring a personal self-determination, as gender theory prescribes, apart from this fundamental truth that human life is a gift, amounts to a concession to the age-old temptation to make oneself God, entering into competition with the true God of love revealed to us in the Gospel.”

It’s not a new stance for the church – Pope Francis, forced to confront the rapid rise of gender ideology in recent years, has previously called it one of the world’s “most dangerous ideological colonizations.”

The document continues, “Another prominent aspect of gender theory is that it intends to deny the greatest possible difference that exists between living beings: sexual difference. This foundational difference is not only the greatest imaginable difference but is also the most beautiful and most powerful of them. In the male-female couple, this difference achieves the most marvelous of reciprocities. It thus becomes the source of that miracle that never ceases to surprise us: the arrival of new human beings in the world.”

Dignitas Infinita has been revised extensively over the past few months and was finally approved for publication by Pope Francis on March 25. Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, prefect for the DDF, presented the document at a Monday press conference in Vatican City.

The document reaffirms the Church’s teachings on abortion, and also elaborates on its long-standing ethical criticisms of surrogate pregnancies, which it says are contrary to the pro-life position.

“The Church also takes a stand against the practice of surrogacy, through which the immensely worthy child becomes a mere object,” the document states.

“First and foremost, the practice of surrogacy violates the dignity of the child. Indeed, every child possesses an intangible dignity that is clearly expressed – albeit in a unique and differentiated way – at every stage of his or her life: from the moment of conception, at birth, growing up as a boy or girl, and becoming an adult,” the dicastery wrote in the document. “Because of this unalienable dignity, the child has the right to have a fully human (and not artificially induced) origin and to receive the gift of a life that manifests both the dignity of the giver and that of the receiver.”

Surrogacy via in vitro fertilization typically requires the artificial fertilization of multiple human embryos, some of which are often then perpetually frozen or destroyed.



Episode 878 – The Day the Earth Stood Still

I have some thoughts about the eclipse yesterday.

The minimum wage in California is having predictable results.

And King Joe Biden has decided to ignore the Constitution again.

Dumbass of the Day

The Dominos Fall

According to Fox News:

Mod Pizza, which has 500 locations nationwide, closed five shops in the state at the end of March, according to local Fox affiliate KMPH.

Those shops were among the over two dozen locations that the company closed across the nation. The company did not specify a reason, but workers in Clovis, whose shop abruptly closed, told the outlet they suspected that the California closures had to do with the new law that took effect in April, 

“It just kind of seemed like the right timing, two weeks before all of the fast food locations in California got that increase that we closed,” a Mod Pizza employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told KMPH.

The legislation that went into effect in California on April 1 increases the minimum wage for restaurants that have at least 60 locations nationwide, except those that make and sell their own bread, from $16 to $20. This equates to an annual salary of $41,600.

The median fast-food worker in the U.S. earned $13.43 an hour in 2022, while those in California made an average of $16.60 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Other stores that have been closing include Round Table Pizza, Pizza Hut and Foster’s Freeze. Door Dash has stopped hiring employees because the profit boosts make ordering food to expensive and they aren’t getting business.



According to the Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden, facing poor polling numbers for a Democratic candidate with young voters, announced another student loan bailout program this week ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

His new plan comes after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked his attempt to this last year because it was illegal.

Biden’s new plan would take taxpayer money to wipe out the student loan debt of over 30 million borrowers, the White House said. The administration said that the actions were specifically designed to provide relief to black and Latino borrowers who attended community college and who are financially vulnerable because they took out debt but never had the chance to complete their degree.

The plan would provide relief to borrowers who owe more than they did at the start of repayment; borrowers who are otherwise eligible for loan forgiveness, but have not yet applied; borrowers who first entered repayment many years ago; borrowers who enrolled in low-financial-value programs; and borrowers experiencing hardship paying back their loans.

“Today, too many Americans, especially young people, are saddled with unsustainable debts in exchange for a college degree,” Biden said from an event in Wisconsin. “The ability for working and middle class folks to repay their student loans has become so burdensome that a lot can’t repay it for even decades after being in school.”

“Even when they work hard and pay their student loans, their debt increases, not diminishes,” he said. “Too many people feel the strain and stress wondering if they can get married, have their first child, start a family because even if they get by, they still have this crushing, crushing debt, and it’s not just a drag on them.”

Biden claimed that people couldn’t buy homes because they had to repay their student loans when most people can’t afford homes because of high interests that were sparked by the inflation that his American Rescue Plan caused.

“Tens of millions of people’s debt was literally about to get canceled, but then some of my Republican friends and elected officials and special interests sued us and the Supreme Court blocked us, but that didn’t–well, that didn’t stop us,” he said. “No, I mean it sincerely. We continue to find alternative paths to reduce student debt payment that are not challenging.”



Episode 877 – Don’t Forget About the Solar Eclipse Today!

The March jobs report comes out and it is bad. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A fat person does a jumping jack in New Jersey and everyone on the eastern seaboard is flipping out.

And sometimes other countries have it right. The way they treat their flags is far better than the way we treat ours. Let’s talk about it.

Dumbass of the Day

Not All Good News

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The jobs surge in March is good news for nearly everyone, except perhaps for those in the Federal Reserve who are itching to cut interest rates soon and several times this year. The strong labor market underscores the question we asked earlier this week, which is that maybe monetary conditions aren’t as tight as the Fed claims.

You certainly can’t see financial stress in March payrolls, with the Labor Department reporting 303,000 net new jobs in the month, plus revisions in two previous months that added a net 22,000 more. The unemployment rate fell a tick to 3.8%, as a separate survey showed 469,000 new entrants into the labor force. The labor participation rate climbed and at 62.7% is now above where it was a year ago. This is all good news.

It’s not all good news:

One caveat is that 71,000 of the new jobs came from government, which keeps growing. Another 81,300 came from healthcare and social assistance, which depend heavily on government transfer payments. Leisure and hospitality firms, which are still recovering from the pandemic, kicked in another 49,000. Job growth in the wealth-creating, productivity enhancing parts of the economy wasn’t as robust, but it also still showed overall health.

That means 156,000 of the 303,000 (or 52%) of jobs created were by the government. That is terrible news, especially considering the government in approaching $35 trillion of debt. That means it’s only a matter of time before the government goes bankrupt and all those people lose their jobs. But Joe Biden doesn’t concern himself with that because he will be dead before that happens.

I also want to point out that the expected number was 200,000. Take away those government jobs and that means the economy only created 147,000 jobs. The economy sucks.

I would also like these people break up those number by states. I would bet California did not create as many jobs as, say, Florida. We already know the GDP number are because of states like Florida, Texas and Ohio are highest in percent to GDP.

I have to be honest, I’m kind of iffy about these numbers in the first place. I would also like to see the the unemployment number per state.


That’s Nothing

New York and New Jersey had something that never happens. They had an earthquake. The media back east could not stop talking about it. The whole eastern seaboard was in a panic. Footage from security cameras filled the airways over the whole weekend.

The earthquake measured a 4.8 and was centered in New Jersey. It was felt all the way up to Massachusetts. All fights into and out of JFK International airport were suspended. Buildings were evacuated and an emergency broadcast was put out. Everyone was freaked out.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire had made the prediction that someone in the media would blame climate change. He was half right. According to the New York Post:

A candidate running for Senate in New Jersey was ruthlessly goaded on social media after claiming the “climate crisis” was to blame for the Friday earthquake that rocked the tri-state area.

Green Party member Christina Amira Khalil shared the controversial message just minutes after the quake, which was the strongest temblor to strike near the Big Apple in 140 years.

“I experienced my first earthquake in NJ. We never get earthquakes. The climate crisis is real. The weirdest experience ever,” Khalil wrote on X.

Granted, she is running for the Green party and has no chance to get elected, but we do have a representative (Hank Johnson) who thought Guam might tip over if we put 8000 American troops on the Island. Do you remember that?

Yeah, that guy is still in office.

Needless to say, earthquakes have nothing to do with the weather. Any high school kid should know that. Well, they should. I don’t know what they are learning in schools anymore.

I live in California. We have earthquakes every 15 minutes or so. Most we don’t feel. We don’t even talk about it until we get a magnitude 6.0. Want proof of that. We had a 4.0 earthquake in the bay area on Saturday and it wasn’t even reported in the news. There were 30 aftershocks.

This just shows how the east coast lives in a bubble.


What Country Allows This?

According to Fox News:

A man was caught on surveillance cameras cutting down and stealing an American flag at a Disabled American Veterans (DAV) chapter in Florida.

Surveillance video shared on social media by the chapter showed a man with a yellow t-shirt and jeans surveying the flag pole at the Titusville, Florida, nonprofit before proceeding to vandalize it on Tuesday evening.

Next, he is seen taking what appeared to be a knife and cutting down the flag pole strings.

Old Glory is seen billowing to the ground before the man is seen reaching down to the ground and crumpling up the flag.

Authorities said that along with vandalizing the national symbol, he damaged an outdoor grill and seating areas that veterans regularly used.

Commander John Dunn told FOX 35 that he was heartbroken when he watched the flag hit the ground and disappointed because crimes like this take away resources from veterans.

His heartbreak turned into heartfelt gratitude overnight.

“I came home quite angry last night,” he said. “But, after I saw the support on Facebook and how they found this guy within an hour. We had his name within an hour and where he was located. It spread so fast, I couldn’t imagine, wow!”



Episode 876 – Joe Learns a Lesson That is Going to Cost Us!

Joe Biden learns a basic lesson about the Strategic Oil Reserve and that means our gas prices have no option but to go up.

Utah is getting sued by the DOJ because crazy criminals have rights.

And I have another example of how peaceful the peaceful trans-cult is.

I Wonder Why He’s Doing That?

According to the Post Millennial:

The Biden administration has canceled a plan delivered in March to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

The Department of Energy’s Office of Petroleum Reserves announced on March 14 its solicitation for three million barrels of oil to be delivered in August and September to the Bayou Choctaw site in Louisiana. This site is one of four major SPR storage facilities in the country, according to Fox Business.

The DOE said that it would pull back from its recent solicitation for oil, coming amid increasing prices.

The SPR currently contains 363 million barrels of oil. This is a 43 percent decrease from January 2021 when Biden took office. Biden began tapping the reserves in late 2021 to combat skyrocketing fuel prices.

“Keeping the taxpayer’s interest at the forefront, we will not award for the Bayou Choctaw SPR site in August and September, and will continue to solicit available capacity as market conditions allow,” a DOE spokesperson said.

“As always, we monitor market dynamics to remain nimble and innovative in our successful replenishment approach to protect this critical national security asset.”

When the plans to refill Bayou Choctaw were announced, the DOE said it aimed to purchase oil at $79 per barrel or lower. Oil prices have increased to $85.71 as of Wednesday.

This is the problem with using the oil reserve as a way to control gas prices.

Karin Jean Pierre was asked about this. She gives the standard answer.

The Department of Energy is under the president and the president tells them what to do like they did when the oil was pulled from the oil reserve. This is a dodge of the question because the president has no plan to refill the reserve.


What Does This Tell You?

According to the Post Millennial:

The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the Utah Department of Corrections after a biological male inmate who identifies as a woman performed a self-castration in protest over the delay in “gender-affirming” care.

The unidentified prisoner was allegedly found to be suffering from gender dysphoria by prison doctors, though a formal diagnosis was not given until nine months later. Six months later, cross-sex hormones were prescribed. The complaint also alleges that the prison failed to accommodate the inmate’s requests for “reasonable modifications” to some of its sex-based policies.

These “reasonable modifications” included: transfer to the women’s cell block, requests to purchase female undergarments, clothes, and makeup, and requests to be pat searched by only female officers. These were all denied.

According to the DOJ, “because UDOC failed to provide her equal access to health care services and reasonable modifications for her gender dysphoria to enable her to live consistently with her gender identity (female), Complainant’s distress over the incongruence between her gender identity and assigned sex worsened, leading her to perform self-surgery to remove her own testicles in May 2023.”

The DOJ argued that UDOC “discriminated against” the inmate “on the basis of her disability,” referring to the gender dysphoria.

“By not allowing me this opportunity to live my life as a woman, who I believe I am and have lived life for many years,” the inmate wrote in an Americans with Disabilities Act request, “the prison is causing me such mental stress in the form of anxiety, depression…”


More Peaceful Trans People

According to the Post Millennial:

A 47-year-old trans-idenfied biological male has pleaded guilty to one count of interstate communication with a threat to injure after repeatedly threatening to carry out a school shooting and abuse children.

Alexia Willie, born Jason Lee Willie, was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Perry County, Illinois last year after expressing a desire to commit violence and declaring that “transgenders” were “at war” with those who speak out against the push to normalize far-left gender ideology.

According to Reduxx, in August the FBI intercepted a livestream on the social media platform MeetMe in which Willie warned that an incident similar to the Conevant School massacre in Nashville, Tennessee was in the works. The agency determined that Willie had been making threats for around five months before being apprehended.

“A person in Tennessee walked into one of your schools and shot up a bunch of your Christian daughters,” Willie told viewers, per court documents obtained by Reduxx in which Willie was referred to by “she/her” pronouns. “That’s not the last of them if you don’t shut your f*cking mouth. Shut the f*ck up out here, you understand me?”

“There’s a lot of transgenders out here that are tired of being picked on and we’re going to go into the schools and we’re going to kill their f*cking children out here, and that’s the end of it,” Willie added. “We’re at war.”

Willie also claimed to be “openly a pedophile,” and threatened to sexually abuse children.

“We’re f*cking your children and killing them,” Willie told a user who spoke up against the comments made earlier in the stream. “We’re f*cking them and hurting them and killing them and you f*ggots can’t do nothing about us.”

Willie threatened to “bomb the churches” and called black Christians “trash.”

As Reduxx reports, Willie was released less than 48 hours after being arrested on $0 bond, namely because the threats did not target individual people or schools.



According to Pink News:

Anti-trans sentiment continues to bombard the UK, US and further afield. Some of the loudest voices would have others believe that trans people are new and unnatural, that they all regret transitioning, and are destroying the pillars of society.

They claim the existence of trans people “ignores basic biology”. Some of the same people who try to deny trans rights based on “the science” also deny the fact that humans drive global climate change and spread misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. They aren’t dealing in facts, and their anti-trans rhetoric is rooted in harmful beliefs.

We’d be here all day if we had to debunk absolutely every myth and outright lie about trans people and gender-affirming healthcare, but the research is out there. It’s being shared in courts, in political debates and in articles written by those who would uphold trans rights. 

Here, PinkNews roots out the truth behind three of the most common anti-trans claims.

The myth: Being trans is a social phenomenon sweeping through younger generations 

The widely discredited “trans social contagion theory” can be traced to a 2018 paper published by Lisa Littman, a former professor at Brown University who now serves as an adviser to gender-critical group Genspect.

Littman coined the term “rapid onset gender dysphoria”, which some anti-trans proponents have used to suggest trans adolescents, particularly trans boys, aren’t trans but are simply lesbians or girls with mental health issues, who declare themselves to be trans after exposure to so-called external influence.

However, a study published in the journal Pediatrics in 2022 found that the “social contagion” isn’t supported by real-world data.

By analysing data from two CDC surveys conducted in 2017 and 2019, it found a small drop in the number of young people identifying as trans. It also found that the proportion of young people assigned female at birth who have come out as trans fell slightly.

“The sex assigned at birth ratio of TGD adolescents in the United States does not appear to favour AFAB adolescents and should not be used to argue against the provision of gender-affirming medical care for TGD adolescents,” the study concluded.

What has increased in recent decades is trans visibility. It’s a sign that society is becoming more accepting as rising number of trans people feel they can live openly and receive support, including gender-affirming care. 

But as LGBTQ+ people have seen time and time again, increased visibility often leads to increased attacks by those who don’t understand the community and wish to shove us back into the shadows.

The “social contagion” theory feeds into harmful claims that view stigmatised groups as being contaminated and capable of corrupting or grooming young people. It reeks of rhetoric used throughout history to attack many different marginalised groups including members of the LGBTQ+ community, people of colour and those with disabilities.

Trans people aren’t new. History shows trans people have existed in different cultures across the breadth of human existence

Not much science here. Notice, they don’t talk much about the study.

  • The study sites that trans identification went down from 2.4% to 1.9% from 2017 to 2019.
  • It doesn’t say anything that the percentage was less than .02% in 2000 and has been steadily going up since 2010.
  • It doesn’t mention that since the pandemic and the rise of TikTok (both occurred at the same time) it has gone up to 1 in 5 kids (that’s 20%) that identify as trans or non-binary.
  • The study was self reported through a survey. No one met the kids.
  • There was no discussion of geography. The study also doesn’t explain why more trans people are in blue cities and states than red cities and states. The trans population in South Dakota in 0%.

So this isn’t a scientific study. What’s next?

The myth: trans people regret transitioning

Detransitioning means stopping or reversing transition, which can include social or medical transition, or both. There are people who detransition, and there are a variety of reasons that can be behind such decisions, including transphobia, family pressure and non-affirming environments.

Notice that the option of trans doesn’t exist and gender affirming care harmed people are options.

Gender-critical voices often use stories of detransition to suggest young people shouldn’t be affirmed in their transition, or be allowed to access gender-affirming care.

But recent guidelines by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) says several studies show that there are “low rates of patient regret and high rates of patient satisfaction” with gender-affirming treatments and surgeries for trans people.

WPATH is an LGBTQ+ advocacy group. It is not a medical organization. The history of WPATH is horrific involving child abuse and a lot of their studies are based on the sexual habits of sex offenders. They are aligned with Alfred Kinsey and John Money.

If you went to one of their doctors for a sore throat, they would say you are trans.

Separately, a 2019 survey of 3,398 attendees of a gender-identity clinic in the UK found that just 16 – about 0.47 per cent – experienced transition-related regret. Of these, even fewer went on to detransition. 

Additionally, a North American study found that 94 per cent of children who came out as trans continue to identify as trans five years later. Approximately 1.3 per cent of young people transitioned to another identity before returning to their trans identity while 2.5 per cent later identified as cisgender and 3.5 per cent as non-binary.

A survey is not science. It is self-reporting data. Data, by the way, that can be manipulated to show what you want to be seen.

This survey also studied people who transitioned months prior. It not a long term study. I don’t care what someone thinks three months after trans-ing. What do they think 10 years after they transition? Well, we just started doing this, so we don’t have the data.

What they don’t talk about:

  • Why the suicide rate is 40% amongst trans people.
  • Why 80% of people with gender dysphoria get over it and end up just gay (DSM-5).
  • It doesn’t discuss the thousands of de-transitioners like Oli London and Chloe Cole.
  • It doesn’t discuss the confusion and depression of trans people like that of Jazz Jennings who looks like he’ll either de-transition or commit suicide.

The myth: Trans people, particularly trans women, participating in sports hurts cis women

This is just stupid. Phallon Fox broke a woman’s skull during an MMA fight. A boy injured three girls during a girls basketball game, forcing the team to forfeit. Lia Thomas was ranked 200 in men’s swimming and was ranked number one in women’s college swimming. All the women’s power lifting records are now owned by a man.



Episode 875 – Thank Goodness! Pop Music Has Been Saved!

Lizzo makes another huge announcement. Now that that is finished, maybe she can sink back into obscurity again.

The “stealing of property” is not just limited to our wallets and cars.

And Japanese have a study out that has every man on edge.

Oh, Thank God!

You might all be relieved to find out That Lizzo, the gravitationally challenged pop singer, has decided to walk back her early retirement. She released a statement yesterday on Instagram:

“When I say ‘I quit,’ I mean I quit giving any negative energy attention.

“What I’m not going to quit is the joy of my life, which is making music and connecting to people. And I know I’m not alone. In no way shape or form am I the only person experiencing that negative voice that’s louder than the positive.

“If I can just give one person the inspiration or motivation to stand up for themselves and say they quit letting negative people, negative comments win then I’ve done even more than could’ve hoped for. I’m going to keep moving forward and keep being me.”

Nope, that’s not what she said. She said she got tired of being called fat and being accused of harassment and she quit. But, like I said, money is money and those entourages that will tell Lizzo how great he is cost a lot of money.

So, rest easy people. It will all be OK.

This Is Getting Ridiculous

According to the New York Post:

A pair of alleged squatters accused of unlawfully moving into a Queens duplex are suing its rightful owners after refusing to vacate the $930,000 home.

It’s the latest logic-defying chapter in the ongoing squatter saga in the borough, which in recent weeks has seen multiple homes occupied by unwelcome invaders who claim rights to the properties under New York City’s permissive laws.

“It’s absolutely absurd,” said the owner of the latest targeted home, Juliya Fulman — who so far has racked up more than $4,000 in legal bills fighting the suit — to The Post on Sunday.

“These people literally broke into my house. It’s not fair to us as homeowners that we are not protected by the city,” said the Jamaica property owner.

Within the five boroughs, squatters need only occupy a property for 30 days before a wide range of legal protections kick in that make it difficult for the owner to evict them.

But that isn’t the only asinine squatter story. In this story, developers are now squatting to claim land. According to Fox News:

A Hawaii property owner is getting sued after finding out a half-million dollar house was accidentally built on her land. 

The legal quagmire has attracted squatters to the house, according to a neighbor who spoke to local news.

“You already make a mistake, and then you build on my land without my permission. And then now you’re suing me for it,” Reynolds told the New York Post. “I was so mad. I was so mad that day … that’s a really big mistake to make.”

In 2018, Annaleine Reynolds, known as Anne, purchased a vacant, one-acre lot in Hawaiian Paradise Park on the Big Island for around $22,500 at a county tax auction, according to court documents. Reynolds, who lives in California and works as a relationship coach, planned to eventually move and host meditative healing women’s retreats on the lot, but was shocked to find out from a real estate broker last year that a $500,000 three-bedroom house was built and sold on her property by accident, Hawaii News Now reported.

Keaau Development Partnership, LLC hired PJ’s Construction to build around a dozen homes on properties the developer bought in a subdivision of the Big Island’s Puna district, the Associated Press reported. The developer is now suing Reynolds and PJ’s Construction, among others involved in the home’s development. 

“It would set a dangerous precedent, if you could go on to someone else’s land, build anything you want, and then sue that individual for the value of it,” said James DiPasquale, an attorney for Reynolds. 

Reynolds rejected an offer from the developer for a neighboring property to resolve the dispute. She told Hawaii News Now she bought the lot for its “sacredness.” 

This type of story is very common in communist Leftist cities where property rights are demonized. This is opening the the industry of “squatter vigilantes.

In Florida, Ron DeSatis, they Republican governor that is way too effective has signed an anti-squatter law. Now, squatters who do not belong are immediately arrested. It makes you wonder why all states aren’t passing these laws.

I’m thinking if someone is illegally in your house, you should be able to shoot them. But that’s just me.


I’m Interested in This Study

According to the New York Post:

She’s sizing up some seriously big myths.

A surgeon specializing in sexual health says you cannot tell the size of a man’s penis simply by looking at his hands and feet.

Dr. Rena Malik made the declaration on the Diary of a CEO podcast on Monday, squashing the stereotype that blokes with bigger shoes are better endowed.

However, the surgeon — who practices in both Beverly Hills and Irvine, Calif. — said there is one body part that could accurately indicate the size of a man’s member.

“There’s one study — it’s a Japanese study where they looked at only Japanese men so there are some limitations — but they measured all these body parts and penile length and they found was that nose length was correlated with penile length, not hand length or foot,” Malik declared.


We Didn’t Need a Study for This

According to the Post Millennial:

A new study looking at the patterns of lyrics and music over the last 50 years have concluded that songs have gotten more simple and repetitive over time. Emotions in the songs have also become more negative and angry.  

The study, published in Scientific Reports found the English-language songs have become simpler and repetitive over the last five decades in the categories of rap, country, pop, R&B, and rock songs.  

Lead author of the study Eva Zangerle and others wrote in the paper’s conclusion, “We find that lyrics have become simpler over time regarding multiple aspects of lyrics: vocabulary richness, readability, complexity, and the number of repeated lines.” 

“Our results also confirm previous research that found that lyrics have become more negative on the one hand, and more personal on the other,” it added.  

Additionally, the authors stated, “Our analysis shows that lyrics have become angrier across all genres, with rap showing the most profound increase in anger.” Country music had the lowest increase in anger and negative emotion across time.  

The authors stated that the information gathered on the pattern in lyrics of songs could be “used to further study and monitor cultural artifacts and shifts in society.”  

Further, it added that these insights could signal “changing sentiment in societies and shifts in the use of emotionally loaded words and the sentiment expressed in the lyrics consumed by the different audiences (age, gender, country/state/region, educational background, economical status, etc.).” 

Alongside this discovery, US reading scores have dropped to the lowest levels in decades among students. Fewer and fewer people read books in comparison to the late 1900s. Both are an indicator similar to the declining complexity of song lyrics in that reading and complex literary understanding seems to be on the decline.  

The authors speculated in the study that the simplicity could be a result of more and more Americans simply music as background noise. 


Pure Incompetence

According to the Free Beacon:

California’s $20 minimum wage for fast food workers became law Monday and quickly caused chaos, with pizza chains preparing to cut hundreds of employees, ice cream and pretzel shop franchisees struggling to learn if the law applies to them, and industry leaders eyeing price hikes in the state.

California governor Gavin Newsom (D.) last week signed more carve-outs for the law, which already exempted bakeries and chains inside grocery stores, adding increased confusion over which franchisees must comply with the mandate.

The chaos over the law could deal a political blow to Newsom, who became the face of negotiating the $20 fast food wage as a “compromise” between unions and business interests. Newsom, whose approval ratings have tumbled in recent months, signed the legislation last September after a rushed and secretive process, but critics say the fallout is only beginning.

It’s still unclear whom the law applies to. The owner of an ice cream franchise, for example, has tried for months to learn from Newsom and other state officials whether she has to pay her mostly part-time, high school and college student workers $20 an hour, KCRA reported last week. The Democratic state assemblyman who wrote the law directed her to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the state’s most powerful labor groups and the driving force behind the legislation, which ultimately told her to find a legislator to pass a new bill exempting her.

“I think there’s going to be a big backlash,” the state assembly’s Republican leader James Gallagher said. “The whole thing is just making it more expensive to live in California.”

Newsom’s office declined to comment, but a spokesman has told other outlets that who’s subject to the law will ultimately be decided by the state labor commissioner’s office, a fast food council made up of political appointees, and “potentially the courts.” The legislation’s author, Democratic assemblyman Chris Holden, did not respond to a request for comment. The SEIU did not respond to a request for comment.

Starting Monday, franchises are supposed to start paying $20 hourly to their workers and if they don’t, can be taken to the state labor agency responsible for its enforcement. Yet many of these franchises do not know if the law applies to them. It’s not clear, for example, if Panera Bread is exempt from the mandate even after allegations that Governor Newsom negotiated a carve-out for chain bakeries to benefit a billionaire donor and former schoolmate who owns Panera franchises. Newsom denied the report after days of bad press and insisted that Panera didn’t qualify as an exempted bakery after all—a claim disputed by others in the industry that will likely need to be litigated in court.

Chain ice cream parlors, pretzel counters, and doughnut shops are in the same boat.

The state’s department of industrial relations, which is tasked with answering the hard questions about the law, has issued a fact sheet saying that chain ice cream shops, pretzel and doughnut bakeries, and even boba tea joints may have to comply—even though the federal government explicitly exempts such places from its definition of fast food restaurants.

Keith Miller, a California Subway franchisee and consultant to other fast food franchises, said ultimately, even if owners find technical exemptions, “I don’t think it’s a good feeling with your employees to say, ‘I don’t have to pay you $20.’”

Widespread layoffs in the industry are already underway because of the law, and fast food prices are set to rise—as fast food corporations warned investors months ago would happen. Starting this month, pizza chains will permanently fire hundreds of workers, state records show. Jobs in California’s fast food sector fell by 1.3 percent from last September—when the law passed—to January of this year, the Wall Street Journal reported, compared to an overall 0.2 percent decline in private employment. This comes as California clocks the nation’s highest unemployment rate at 5.3 percent, according to the latest federal figures, and has seen stagnating job growth compared to the rest of the country.

The legislation “will prove that the law of unintended consequences will always run amok—and get ready for amok,” said Michael Lotito, a California attorney and co-chair of the Workplace Policy Institute.

Lotito noted that the legislation was passed under SEIU pressure without any evaluation of how an unprecedented 25 percent minimum wage increase would affect food prices, labor costs, worker hours, hiring, business closures, and inflation.

“I think that when you’re in the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world … that is probably not the right thing to do,” he said.

Miller said the legislation will test whether the small franchise model is sustainable and that the state likely won’t see the full picture of who can stay in businesses until leases end. He noted that California’s past minimum wage hikes have forced owners to keep staff as lean as possible, and it’s unclear how they will manage the higher costs, now that additional price hikes may not be sustainable given already-high prices. The revenue-share model of franchises means that the fast food corporations will benefit most from higher food prices, without the pain of higher labor costs.

“You’re enriching the corporation and driving out your local business owner,” Miller said.



Episode 874 – Who’s Running Things?

The question of the week: Did Joe Biden know he was declaring a Trans Day of Visibility on Easter? This is an important question.

New York has a lot of traffic and has decided to make some scratch from it. God forbid they try to fix the problem.

And Megan Rapinoe really needs to find a happy during her retirement.

This Could Be a Problem

Joe Biden was asked during the Easter Roll at the White House how he could make Easter Sunday the official day of Trans Day of Visibility. This was his response:

Oops. This is a gaff one way or another. Some said he was answering another question. I didn’t hear another question because he was surrounded by people who were there for the event. The reporter was behind these people. So far, that statement has not been made clear. Even Snopes said the claim that Biden didn’t make the declaration is partly true.

Mike Johnson gave a rather blunt statement on Hannity that we all should be asking.

“Well, it’s his own signature on the document. That’s why we posted it. The evidence speaks for itself, as we used to say in the courtroom.

“[I]t’s highly possible that he doesn’t even know what he’s signing. [T]hat might be even more alarming.”

We already know he’s not running things. He’s being handed paper and he’s signing it.

We also know he’s not running his social media account. On Sunday, he released this statement on Twitter:

Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans Americans: I see you. You are made in the image of God, and you’re worthy of respect and dignity.

This guy is no Catholic or is just stupid. These trans people are made from the image of God but think that God made a mistake. They are trying to change what God did. Trans people are actually damning and blaspheming God.


This Is Going to Improve Business Conditions

According to The Sun:

Transit officials approved a toll fee for travelers to drive into part of Manhattan has been approved by officials.

This approval sees that New York is on track to become the first US city with congestion tolls for drivers entering its central business district, The Associated Press reported.

Officials approved a $15 fee for most of the drivers that head to the busiest part of Manhattan.

Tolls are higher for larger vehicles, and lower for late-night entries into the city, as well as for motorcycles.

Earlier this week, members of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board voted to greenlight the congestion pricing plan.

The toll plan is expected to go into effect in June.

The board only approved minor changes to a plan presented months ago.

But, it brushed off a number of requests for exceptions made by dozens of groups of drivers.

Supporters of the new tolls say it will push more people to use public transport.


She Needs a Hobby

According to Breitbart:

The 20-year-old Albert had reposted a video by a teen who faced serious mental health issues that caused him to think he might be transgender. The teen says that after he found God, he realized he was not trans and detransitioned.

But after being attacked by Rapinoe and her rabid gender ideology cohorts, Albert fell on her sword and apologized for posting the video.

“I want to sincerely apologize for my actions on social media,” Albert wrote in an Instagram story this week, according to U.S. News. “Liking and sharing posts that are offensive, insensitive, and hurtful was immature and disrespectful, which was never my intent.”

“I truly believe that everyone should feel safe and respected everywhere and on all playing fields. I know my actions have not lived up to that, and for that, I sincerely apologize. It’s an honor and a privilege to get to play this sport and on the world stage and I promise to do better,” she added.

Rapinoe had attacked Albert and pushed the false claim that “kids are literally killing themselves because of this hate.”

Indeed, more and more studies are finding that suicide threats increase after transitions and are not higher in trans-leaning teens before transition procedures.

Rapinoe, who retired from professional soccer last year, went all-in for transgender athletes after she was safely out of the game and did not have to face playing with men on her team or the teams of her opponents.

Many jumped to social media to blast Rapinoe for her hypocritical stance in favor of transgender athletes now that she is safely out of the game.


That’s Racism

According to the New York Post:

The University of California at Berkeley is under fire for allegedly banning white residents from using a community farm on Saturdays in a move one critic slammed as “systemic racism.”

The university told The Post it is investigating claims that the “Gill Tract Community Farm” in nearby Albany offered its space on Saturday exclusively to “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color,” after a complaint with the US Department of Education by the Mountain States Legal Foundation.

“UC-Berkeley thinks that racial segregation is progressive now, but it’s no different than segregation of the past,” said William Trachman, general counsel for the group.

“Preventing Caucasians from accessing Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources Farm on Saturdays is a clear violation of Title VI, which bars educational institutions from engaging in or allowing race discrimination,” added Trachman, a UC-Berkeley alumnus himself.

He said the feds should open a sweeping audit of every UC-Berkeley program to ferret out what he claimed was “systemic racism.”

Launched in 2013, the farm is a partnership between UC-Berkeley and the surrounding neighborhoods. Students and faculty conduct urban farming research and grow crops to prepare healthy meals as part of the “food justice” movement, according to the farm’s website.

The complaint includes an email from a farm program manager telling someone, “Saturdays are exclusively BIPOC. Exceptions have only been made for events that are BIPOC-centered and with plenty of advance notice and planning.”

“I trust you stand in solidarity with upholding boundaries around that safe and sacred space,” the farm manager said.

A UC-Berkeley rep said it had not be aware of the discrimination complaint until contacted by The Post, which provided a copy of it.

“The anonymous texts attached to the complaint have no specific information about time or place. And, as you can see, the Gill Tract’s website and calendar make no mention whatsoever of any program or activity of the sort described in the complaint,” said UC-Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof.

“Having said that, the university takes complaints like this extremely seriously and I can assure you that on Monday I will contact the appropriate people on campus in an effort to determine what the facts are,” he said.

The challenge to alleged UC-Berkeley’s segregated farming practice comes after the US Supreme Court ruled last June that colleges’ race-conscious or “affirmative action” admissions policies were unconstitutional and had to be scrapped.